Smart Contract Development – A Complete Guide for Startups and Enterprises

Smart Contract Development - A complete guide for startups and Entreprises

Smart contract development plays an essential role in all emerging blockchain projects. So the usage of smart contracts in the blockchain network is increasing day by day. We often discuss digital currencies and token in the blockchain space. In the current time, many business class people started to build their projects using blockchain technology. It reduces your work and increases trust during the time of transactions. While we discuss blockchain, we never forget to discuss smart contracts. 

It is primarily used to eliminate third parties in the transaction. One of the best things about Blockchain is the decentralization factor. Smart Contract is one of the factors which are making the technology a more reliable one. The Smart contract development offers various benefits to a wide range of industries to enhance their businesses. 

If you want to achieve such benefits and make your business profitable, then this blog is for you. This blog explores all that you need to know about smart contract development for your business. Let us begin with…

What are Smart Contracts?

The smart contract was first founded by Nick Szabo in 1994. He is a great computer scientist and one of the best cryptographers.  The smart contract is far similar to the contracts in the physical world. But the smart contract is completely operated through the computer software program. Also, that is entirely stored within a blockchain. Smart contracts store all the rules of negotiations and conditions in terms of the agreement. But all the terms and conditions are completely in digital format. Then it automatically verifies and executes the agreed terms when the conditions are met. 

Smart contracts act as a tool for many blockchain businesses. Also, helps them with efficient, seamless, and cost-effective transactions within a short period. Also, without any breaches between them. It avoids the third parties during the transaction. So the parties can transact directly without any intervention. Also, only the users who are agreeing with the terms and conditions can process the transaction. It is the core concept of smart contracts. 

Smart contract applications are generally considered as the killer applications of digital currencies. Because they have high potential in replacing any kind of traditional contract. There is also another concept called ethereum smart contract. These ethereum smart contracts are used for developing the ERC20 tokens and other decentralized applications.

Now, let us look at…

How does Smart Contract Work?

Smart contract development is mostly implemented in decentralized platforms. Meanwhile, in a centralized platform, there will be intermediate and they monitor your transactions. If you are sharing your projects on a centralized platform then you should pay a fee for the third party. But by using smart contract development we can avoid such intermediates or third parties. 

We can trust the smart contracts because it is completely distributed and immutable. A smart contract is operated inside the blockchain. So the information and data are stored in a distributed manner. If you really want to understand how a smart contract works, let us see with a simple example. If you want to sell a property like a house or a place. Then you definitely need a genuine buyer with a broker. We know that the process of selling any kind of property is slightly difficult and hard. The process of paperwork and documentation consumes more time. Also, while selling a property there is a possibility of fraudulent activities.

As for now, most people sell their traditional properties with the help of real estate agents. Those agents take care of all the activities related to selling your property. Such as paperwork, negotiations, agreement, and documentation. Also, they act as a mediator for both the buyer and seller throughout the selling process. The real estate agencies offer an escrow service while transferring funds between the parties. Once the deal is completely done, both the parties should pay the fees to real estate agencies as a commission charge. So it leads to cost an enormous amount of money. Also, comes with the risk factors at the seller’s end. This is the time where a smart contract comes to play!

When you use a smart contract development, it reduces the burden of the paperwork and documentation. As we know, smart contracts are codes that contain specific terms and conditions. When the specific terms and conditions are agreed upon by both parties. Then it automatically executes the transactions between them. The smart contract development also replaces the escrow services. With a smart contract, the users can store their money and property information over a distributed ledger. Also, smart contracts do not involve any third party so there is no need to worry about the chances of risk.

Now, let us dive into…

How to Develop a Successful Smart Contract for your Business

If you want to develop a perfect and secured smart contract for your business. Then you need to consider some essential factors for successful smart contract development.

1) Check whether it suits for your business

We know that smart contracts are completely built-in blockchain technology. Currently, most people use digital currencies as their payments. If you use cryptocurrencies and your business is related to any blockchain-based platforms. Then no doubt you can go ahead with smart contract development.

2) Consider the Limitations of smart contracts

There are some important things to consider that are off-limits at this current time.

  • Smart contracts can be only applied that are completely executed within the digital world. The whole blockchain ecosystem is entirely decentralized and is not legally regulated. Thus, any involvement outside of the internet can not be bound by this smart contract development.
  • Smart contracts can operate only on a factual basis. Because they rely on objective facts. But not on the subjective judgments of parties.

3) Have a Good plan

From previous points, you will have an idea of what you can and cannot do with smart contract development. So you can plan according to that. You can create a smart contract for some important factors. Such as to verify transactions, transfer payment for a service, or perform a cryptocurrency exchange, and the list goes on. To achieve this, you need to have a perfect plan. Also, you can research the current market to understand how smart contract development can be lucrative for you.

4) Hire an experienced team of developer

It is extremely important who is going to develop a smart contract for your business. Smart contracts are completely based on blockchain. So developers need to have some knowledge about blockchain development. Hiring in-depth experienced developers from the leading smart contract development company will help you to make a successful smart contract for your business. Because those developers will know all of the nuances of smart contract development.

5) Test it

Blockchain researchers from the UK and Singapore revealed that there are more than 34,200 smart contracts vulnerable to hacker attacks. So after your smart contract is built, testing will play an essential part to make sure that there are no exploits. Any bug or errors in smart contract development can lead to the loss of your resources. Also, you might lose reputation. Audits and QA tests can help you to develop a successful smart contract. Also, it will add a lot of value to your blockchain business. 

Now, let us figure out…

Use Cases of Smart contract Development across Various Industries

In this current time, many industries started to implement smart contract development and blockchain technology. Here we list some of the industries that use smart contract development with advanced blockchain networks.

  1. Banking & finance
  2. Logistics 
  3. Supply chain
  4. Health care
  5. Food safety
  6. Real-estate
  7. Identity management
  8. Fundraising 
  9. Government
  10. voting
  11. Internet of things(IoT) and more

Highlights of Smart Contract Development

  1. Smart contracts architecture comes with a proper plan and bug-free overflow
  2. Smart contracts auditing will help you to free from bugs. Also, with the reliability and breaches.
  3. It is user-friendly with desired features and it is adaptable for any kind of industry
  4. Optimization of smart contract development will help in saving ethereum gas
  5. Ethereum smart contracts can be also used to develop Dapps which would help with a seamless business with high performance.

Benefits of Smart Contract Development

Applying smart contract development in our day to day lives can change the pace of our business. because it includes several benefits over the traditional contracts. Here we list some of the important advantages of smart contract development.

  1. More trust
  2. Distributed and immutable
  3. Paper-free
  4. Avoidance of fraudulent activities
  5. Record keeping 
  6. No point of failure
  7. Accuracy 
  8. Buyers and sellers can have a direct connection
  9. No need for third parties
  10. Transparency is high
  11. Storage and backup
  12. Enhanced high-level security
  13. Cost efficiency
  14. Clear communication
  15. Increased Speed
  16. Promised outcomes

Future of Smart contracts

In recent years, smart contracts are widely used in many industries. Various international organizations and beginners in the market started to adopt smart contracts for their blockchain business. Research says that the smart contracts market is expected to hit $300 Million value by the end of 2023. Also, with an annual growth rate of up to 32%. The revolution in innovations and advances in technology are rapidly growing better each day. 

However, there will be a vast demand for smart contract development in the upcoming years. Only some people are aware of blockchain technology and smart contracts. In the future, definitely many industries will go with smart contract development to reduce time and to increase trust. Even many games might be developed using smart contract development. 

If you are looking to build your business with more efficient, accurate, secure, and seamless. Then the smart contract is only the fitting solution for your business. But all you need to do is hire an experienced team of smart contract developers from the best smart contract development company. One such best company in the market is Icoclone.

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