10 Top Blockchain Platforms to Create ICO Tokens

blochchain platform for ico token creation

With the growing space of digital finance, the word “fundraising” creates a demand in every sector. This is not exceptional in the Crypto sector either. This led to the debut of ICO – Initial Coin Offering, the most popular fundraising method. According to Industry analysts of 2018, ICOs tend to raise their standard as a Multi-trillion dollar business idea in upcoming years. This ICO fundraising is done by creating ICO tokens that can be designed with specific utility within the project’s ecosystem. But this token creation needs careful consideration in choosing the right blockchains for it. So, there are top blockchain platforms that are suitable for ICO token development in the market. 

On that note, If you are a startup planning to create an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) platform, one of the vital decisions you will make is choosing the best blockchain platform for your ICO project. The choice of blockchain is essential as it not only defines the functionality of your token but also influences its safety, scalability, and prevailing success. But before going with that, let me start with the basics. So, this blog will offer valuable insights on the best blockchain platforms that suit your ICO token creation. But before that, let me start with the basics of, 

What is ICO Token Creation? 

An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) token Creation is the process of creating a digital asset issued on a blockchain, often as part of a fundraising initiative for a new ICO project. This ICO token usually represents a unit of value or utility within the project’s ecosystem. ICO tokens are typically created using smart contracts, which are self-executing agreements coded on blockchain platforms like Ethereum.

ICO tokens play a pivotal role by offering investors an opportunity to purchase a share in a project’s potential success. Investors acquire these tokens using established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum during the ICO period. The tokens may carry various functionalities such as governance rights, access to project services, or future profits.

Also, ICO blockchain platforms facilitate the issuance and distribution of these ICO tokens, allowing companies to raise capital by selling their proprietary digital assets. Additionally, this crypto fundraising relies on the widespread adoption and acceptance of these tokens, allowing project creators to secure capital directly from a global pool of investors. 

As said before, to run a successful token sale, creating an ICO token on the top blockchain platform is a must. But before knowing the list, you should be aware of the significance of selecting the best blockchain platforms for ICO tokens. 

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How to Choose Top Blockchain Platforms for ICO Token Creation?

For an ICO token to launch in your fundraising project, consideration of the right blockchain platform is a must. So, the must-have characteristics of a blockchain to create an ICO token are 

Compatibility – knowing the compatibility of a Token standard is crucial to ensure that your ICO token aligns with the particular project and technologies you decide to use. 

Security Concerns – When creating an ICO token, security comes first. Choose the blockchain platform that offers robust security options to stand against various vulnerabilities. 

Scalability – This is also considered to be a crucial factor in selecting the right blockchain for ICO token creation. The token creation should align with your ICO blockchain platform. 

Transaction Speed – Selecting the right blockchain should offer you the maximum transaction speed in your ICO project. Make sure the blockchain meets this point. 

Regulatory Compliance – The blockchain you select should comply with the regulatory standards. Because each blockchain may have a different measure based on its use cases, model of functioning, etc. 

Costs – Generally launching an ICO blockchain platform involves some investment. So, choosing the right blockchain should satisfy your budget requirements and project investments. Hence evaluate the overall cost of your ICO project. 

Governance and Decentralization – Since decentralization takes over every sector, picking the blockchain that adheres to a decentralized nature is an additional value for your ICO token. 

On the whole, these are some criteria you should consider before picking up the Top blockchains for your ICO token creation. If you are not confident about that, then you can seek help from the best ICO token development company to guide you in selecting the best blockchain that is right for your business use case. 

Now, let me disclose the 10 Top blockchain platforms that are suitable for the ICO token creation.

Top Blockchain Platforms for ICO Token Creation


Ethereum is the foremost blockchain that got everyone’s attention in the market. Also, this is one of the top blockchain platforms in the market and is said to be the pioneer of the ICO (initial coin offering) Fundraising method. This blockchain is known for its reputation and decentralized nature when compared to other platforms. With lower transaction costs compared to traditional fundraising methods, ICOs on the Ethereum blockchain can attract a broader range of investors. 

Token Standards – Ethereum offers two prominent standards ~ ERC20 and ERC721. 

Among them, ERC20 is the renowned Token Standard that is very much suitable for ICO fundraising. This is all due to its comprehensive ecosystem, vibrant developer community, and compatibility. These standards simplify token creation, ensuring compatibility with different wallets and exchanges, and facilitating liquidity and accessibility for investors.

Highlights – Solid foundation to ensure token credibility. 

BNB chain

BNB Chain is the next popular blockchain in the crypto space, which has attracted many investors for funding options. This BNB chain is another top blockchain platform and is popular for its low transaction fees and high scalability, ensuring cost-effective and efficient token creation. With faster block times compared to other blockchains, BSC accelerates transaction processing, providing a seamless user experience. So, this BNB chain platform is considered to be the best choice next to the ETH blockchain.

Token Standards

The prominent Token Standards in the BNB chain are BEP20 and BEP721. Of them, BEP20 is known for ICO token creation. ICO tokens created on the BEP20 standard show easier compatibility than other standards. Also, it fosters seamless integration with decentralized applications (DApps) and exchanges.

Highlights – streamlines the fundraising process with token creation.

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Solana Blockchain is a renowned platform in the crypto sector, which has recently gained traction. This blockchain offers numerous advantages for creating ICO tokens for fundraising, making it a top choice of blockchain platforms among blockchain developers. Its high throughput, low transaction costs, and rapid confirmation times ensure a seamless and efficient fundraising process. 

Token Standards

Solana supports Token Standards like SPL (Solana Program Library) that adhere to established industry norms. This ensures compatibility with various wallets, exchanges, and decentralized applications, fostering a wider ecosystem for token utilization. 

Highlights – Offers affordable fundraising experience for investors. 


Avalanche blockchain is a rising blockchain platform and its interoperability makes it stand one among the Top blockchain platforms. Creating an ICO token on this Avalanche blockchain offers multi-faceted benefits. Its high throughput roots the platform’s efficiency, providing quick and scalable transactions. Also, its sub-second finality guarantees swift and secure transactions, reducing the risk of network congestion.

Token Standards

The Avalanche blockchain has custom Token Standards, like the Avalanche Native Token (ANT) and Contract Call Token (CCT). These Token Standards offer flexibility and interoperability, allowing developers to tailor tokens to specific project needs. 

Highlights – versatility and adds community strength


Tron is an open-source and decentralized blockchain platform that has its native cryptocurrency (TRX). This network provides high output, and scalability and supports various decentralized applications. Tron’s scalability ensures that ICOs can handle a large number of transactions without congestion, ensuring a smooth fundraising process. 

Token Standards 

Tron’s support for Token Standards, particularly TRC-20 and TRC-10, ensures seamless compatibility with various decentralized applications (DApps) and exchanges, enhancing token liquidity. Among them, the TRC20 token is the most preferred one for Tron Token creation.

Highlights – Ideal for easy and simple ways of transactions. 

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Polkadot is another rising blockchain in the crypto space next to Avalanche and Solana. Its interoperable framework allows seamless communication between different blockchains, ensuring enhanced scalability and flexibility. The platform’s unique para-chain structure facilitates efficient token transfers and ensures a secure and decentralized fundraising environment. 

Token Standards

Polkadot’s Token Standards, such as the Substrate framework, provide a customizable foundation for creating ICO tokens with specific functionalities tailored to project needs.

Highlights –  a reliable foundation for an interoperable platform


NEO is the next-gen blockchain platform that leverages technology to optimize digital assets and values. The Neo blockchain’s high output and scalability further contribute to a seamless ICO experience, accommodating many transactions.

Token Standards

Neo blockchain has two multiple standards – NEP-5 and NEP-17.  These standards ensure seamless integration with the Neo ecosystem, fostering interoperability and facilitating widespread adoption.

Highlights – Can manage complex Token Structures. 


Cardano is an open-source blockchain platform that is well suited for decentralized applications in the recent trends. This Cardano blockchain offers scalability and sustainability for a reliable infrastructure for ICOs of any scale.

Token Standards

Cardano’s native token is known as CTR (Cardano Token Registry), which streamlines the token creation process, promoting interoperability and adherence to industry standards. 

Highlights – a standardized framework for token creation.


Hyperledger is an open-source blockchain framework created to advance cross-chain technologies. Its adaptable and modular structure allows the production of high-quality blockchain solutions that can be tailored to satisfy the special demands of various industries. One key benefit lies in its enhanced security features, ensuring transparent and tamper-proof transactions.

Token Standards 

Hyperledger offers Token Standards like Hyperledger Fabric, which facilitates token design and management. This standardization ensures interoperability and compatibility, making it easier for developers to create, exchange, and integrate tokens seamlessly.

Highlights – Enterprise-grade solution for ICO tokens.


Stellar blockchain is a decentralized blockchain network that aims to encourage cross-border payments and asset transfers. Stellar’s consensus algorithm ensures decentralization, fostering trust among investors. It stands out as an ideal option for creating ICO tokens for fundraising. 

Token Standards 

Leveraging Stellar’s native Token Standards, such as Stellar Asset, enables seamless customization of tokens, ensuring compliance and flexibility. 

Highlights – Simplifies the creation of customized ICO tokens. 

These are the 10 top blockchain platforms that are suitable for ICO token creation. With these brief insights on those platforms, you might be able to decide which one to choose for your ICO fundraising option. Additionally, consider the technical aspects, security options, and regulatory compliance that the platform can offer. On choosing the right blockchain platform, the next step would be creating an ICO token and platform for your fundraising. 

For that, as mentioned earlier, you can consult with a professional ICO development company in the industry to assist with the leading blockchain trends. On that note, Icoclone is a renowned ICO website developer in the industry offering market-based solutions that change your business strategies.  

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