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If people consider cryptocurrencies to be the future of the digital economy, then initial coin offerings could be the future of fundraising which couldn’t be denied! Though people argue that ICO is dead, the truth is they are changing actually!

Researches state at least half of the Indian startups have skipped venture capitals to increase their funds through initial coin offering despite the factors such as regulation, and ambiguity!

So, the ICO development agency has been the most popular trend in recent days! If you aren’t aware of creating and launching ICO, this guide will help you!

Before getting into the topic, let us have a clear perception of what benefits you will avail of leveraging ICO Launch Services

Benefits that you will avail!

  • ICO platform can save your time

In this present world when everyone is running out of time, software that delivers services within a limited time is encouraged all over!

  • Quick & Cost-Effective solution

Composed of feature-packed solutions ranging from cheap software to easy deployment! However, your internet is going to be the key player here! Moreover, there is no tedious process evolving around as well!

  • Global Market

Initial coin offering is feasible all over the global market with high-end crypto enthusiasts across the globe! You can reach it from any part of the world!!

  • Discounts/Bonuses

If there anyone who doesn’t love discounts and other benefits? Probably not! The major foredeal of initial coin offering services is that it comes with discounted prices for customers!

Prerequisites to create ICO tokens

Tokens are the assets that can be bought by crypto coins. If you are planning to create your own Ethereum token, you need to remember the following couple of steps!

  • Robust Idea: Whatever project it may be! The initial thing is to come up with a strong project idea! The idea should be in such a way that it influences people to a higher extent!
  • Know the purpose of your launch: On the other hand, you should actually know why you need to initiate an ICO development company. Without a clear perception, you can’t be successful! You should know what is the purpose of your tokens since tokens are used both for payment as well as token systems.

What are all the successful ICO of recent times?

When it comes to the ICO launch platform there are plenty of coins emerging every single day! But the truth only a few have succeeded.

Well, here is the list of such coins:

  • Ethereum: This is the most popular crypto coin of all time! Crypto Traders would probably know that Etherum as the digital currency and a foundation for decentralized applications that makes use of smart contracts!
  • Filecoin: Filecoin is one of the decentralized storage ICO platforms which had hit the market by collecting $257 million in contributions. Scalability and price is the couple of the main reasons why one should opt for Filecoin.
  • NEO: NEO is a Chinese open-source blockchain project which had come across several names in its history! NEO went to the next level by utilizing strategies such as smart contracts, decentralization, etc!
  • Spectrecoin: Though this coin is not up to a current standard compared to the top two, it has been featured with a factor that can be sent and received around the world with complete anonymity.
  • Stratis: Stratis is yet another ICO launch services digital currency that hasn’t made any big deal into the world. This platform is compatible with multiple programming languages such that it can create and design applications easily!
  • Nxt: This was one of the earliest ICO service providers which have also succeeded in the most! This platform was completely designed to cater to the financial services sector.

So, how is the ICO development agency now?

As discussed before, the ICO platform is actually emendating and is not dead! One of the latest news on ICO software Thailand has launched an ICO portal recently!

Security and Exchange Commission(SEC) of Thailand has approved the country’s first portal for ICO services.

The purpose behind this is to screen tokens, perform due diligence, ensure project consistency with its whitepaper, and verify the know-your-customer process.

Though SEC has approved, it hasn’t confirmed yet! However, the director of Fintech Department at SEC has reported that “Thailand’s first authorized ICO portal is being concluded for official approval with the appropriate government agencies such as the Commerce Ministry, etc. The first ICO deal will be open for the public offering in the near future under the digital asset royal decree.”

Where can I get my ICO developed?

If this is your question, there are a handful number of ICO developers all across the globe. But the thing is to identify the right ICO software development company such that your business can thrive into higher levels of profits!

ICOCLONE the best ICO development company India has delivered over 100+ projects to the clients across the globe! With 40+ experts onboard we have catered to the unique requirements and expectations from the clientele!

You can have a look at our ICO development company which we offer:

  • White Label ICO services.
  • Readymade ICO services.
  • Digital Wallet development.
  • ICO website creation.

And much more!

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