How to find the best ICO launch services for a blockchain project!


Initial Coin Offering is the best fundraising mechanism for cryptocurrency startups. This mechanism has assisted most of the startups to raise their funds in a hassle-free way. If you are one such startup looking to launch ICO, you have landed at the right place.

This blog discusses the best way to find the top-notch ICO Launch Services for your project to make it a successful one.

How to find the best ICO Launch Services?

Launching an ICO is not an easy task. In this case, you need to go with the superfine solution provider for the ICO launch

Here are the criteria’s that should be taken into account:

  • Best service and quality support

The initial criteria to be considered while hiring the best ICO Development Company is the quality service and customer support they render. You need to make sure that, the product should have a good quality to integrate features. 

In addition to this, customer support is also a strategy to be considered. As you may face any issues after the deployment, a team of customer support should always be available to resolve them instantly. 

  • Implementation of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has evolved to higher heights. When it comes to ICO Projects, it is important to implement Blockchain in it. While hiring a company for ICO launch services, you need to consider experts who have rich experience in Blockchain Technology.

  • Effective work commitment

Your solution providers must have a great passion for being part of cryptocurrency technology influencers across the globe. Your team should have a great work commitment to the project. 

  • Best Security Mechanisms

While taking risks on blockchain technology, very important about to look out security, they practiced themselves in delivering the most secure token sales platform. We people at ICOCLONE, give importance to security to launch ICO for your project. 

  • Dedicated Resource

While taking the ICO project, they ask you to allocate for a dedicated resource or not. You need to choose the required resources based on the expertise, the previous projects handled, the diligence in work, etc.

  • Past Feedbacks & Reviews

In order to hire the best solution provider for your business, you need to check for the past feedbacks and reviews. Make sure they have a very good history of reviews and feedback from the previous clients.

These factors can help you to filter and sort out the top-notch ICO Development Company for your ICO Launch.

What ICO services can be provided for you to build an ICO business?

Before selecting the solution provider, you need to figure out the wide range of ICO launch services which they support. Here are some of the services offered by ICO solution providers:

1) Token creation ( depends upon coin standard )

ICO Tokens to be created. They are different types of tokens which may vary with a standard such as ERC20.

2) Smart contract creation

The next ICO services to be considered is the Smart Contracts. Smart Contracts play a major role on the trading website. Hence, to launch ICO smart contracts have to be created.

3) ICO landing page for token sales

You should come up with a top-notch ICO Landing Page to perform Token Sales on the platform. Make sure it is intuitive and user-friendly. 

4) Support for 3 stages of ICO development

ICO gets deployed usually with three stages. Pre-ICO, Post-ICO and ICO Launch. Make sure your solution provider supports all the three.

5) Support for crypto payment gateway & fiat payment gateway

Your ICO Platform should support both Cryptocurrency payment as well as fiat payments for a user-friendly system.

6) Token owner dashboard, Token sales dashboard

Your solution provider should deliver you both an Owner as well as the Sales Dashboard to manage them effectively. 

7) Referral System (two-tier, three-tier)

To bring in an additional set of users on the platform, you can integrate Referal System both for the Owner and sale dashboard.

8) Crypto Wallet setup

Integrate Cryptocurrency Wallet on the ICO Platform to instantly store and retrieve the funds whenever needed.

9) Control privacy policy, security concerns

Finally, layout the privacy policies for your ICO Project since regulations with ICO differs in every single country. 

Where to get cost-effective ICO services done?

ICOCLONE has the best ICO development experts and they work constantly and efficient on more than one project and develop the best application and also we provide full-fledged end to end service & suggestions.

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