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In this blockchain era, many believe that cryptocurrency and tokens might be the next frontier in the world of finance. In recent years, token-based crowdfunding platforms gained an immense amount of prominence among investors. This is due to the beneficial factors and other vital factors of crowdfunding platforms. As of now, three different crowdfunding models are revolutionizing the marketplace. Such as ICO, IEO, and STO. 

Among these three fundraising models, ICO ranks top. Because many startups and entrepreneurs prefer ICO launch services rather than IEO and STO. ICO is the finest fundraising mechanism for cryptocurrency startups. This crowdfunding mechanism has assisted many budding startups & entrepreneurs to raise their funds in a hassle-free way. If you are such a person looking to launch your ICO website, then you have landed at the right place.

This blog discusses the best way to find the ideal ICO Launch Services offering company for your project. Before seeing this, let us have a small overview of ICO with its pros. So, let us begin this exciting blog with…

Overview of ICO

ICO is the Initial Coin Offering, one of the hottest fundraising mechanisms for startups and entrepreneurs evolving around the blockchain space. It is a kind of token sales platform. Here mainly startups will require a considerable amount of funds for starting their business and securing a place for them in the market. Also, here investors are responsible for paying the digital assets in terms of any crypto or fiat currencies. Some citizens will say that an ICO is very similar to an IPO(Initial Public Offering). But ICOs don’t have any assets to back them and they are considered traditional securities. There will be many people who will be a participant in the crowdfunding to raise funds for developing their business. A successful ICO should undergo the whole process until the token gets listed in any exchange. Besides, there are many crowdfunding platforms available in the marketplace. But ICO has many benefits for people to get involved in it.

Advantages of ICO

  • Anyone can raise their funds efficiently with the proper white paper project.
  • Anyone can launch an ICO website by choosing the best ICO launch services. Also, one does not need to be well-financed to start an ICO business
  • The cost of launching the ICO website will be less
  • The entire installation process is easy compared to other fundraising mechanisms
  • High liquidity in a short time
  • Investors can have full control of their funds
  • It contains multiple fundraising programs like airdrops, private sales, and more. Thus, it allows your users to get free tokens
  • No government intervention

Now, let us see…

Popular ICO Launch Services in the Marketplace

ICO launch services help you to start a new ICO business in a crypto marketplace. Before selecting the ICO launch services provider, you need to figure out the wide range of popular ICO launch services in the marketplace. Here we list some of the prominent services offered by ICO service providers.

1.ERC-20 Token Development

ERC-20 tokens gained an immense amount of popularity among the investors. This token is completely developed using the powerful Ethereum blockchain. ERC20 tokens are generally used for buying and selling assets in the exchange platforms. Thus, you can trade these tokens with cryptocurrencies. These tokens are developed in the existing Ethereum blockchain. Thus, the new blockchain is not necessary. For developing an ERC20 token, there is a set of regulations for Ethereum token developers. Thus, only after satisfying those regulations, developers can deploy an Ethereum ERC20 token. There are different types of Ethereum tokens which may vary with a standard. Such as ERC721, ERC998, ERC223, and more.

2. Smart Contract Development

The next popular ICO launch service is Smart Contracts creation. Smart Contracts play a vital role in the token creation for your ICO business. It is a set of digital codes that is in-built into the blockchain network. It stores all the negotiations and conditions in the terms of the agreement. By using this ICO launch service, you can reduce the cost. Also, you can eliminate third parties and other intermediates. Smart contract development is mostly used in token crowdfunding platforms and trading websites.

3.ICO Landing Page

Some ICO service providers offer a premium ICO Landing Page with the help of well-experienced ICO developers. It helps investors and users to perform Token Sales on the platform. Make sure the ICO landing page is intuitive and user-friendly. 

4. Payment Gateway Development

It is one of the prominent ICO launch services. Most users and investors prefer multiple crypto payment gateway for transactions. So your ICO Platform should support both Crypto payments as well as fiat payment gateways for a user-friendly system.

5.ICO Dashboard

ICO dashboard is one of the trendy ICO launch services in the marketplace. The ICO dashboard is an automated platform. It helps you in launching your ICO website. Here, you can get automated marketing techniques. It is a complete package designed to fulfill all your business needs. Some desirable features are enabled in the ICO dashboard. Such as notification facility, creation of the wallet, and more. It also helps you in rectifying errors related to the ICO website. It gives all the vital information to the users in an understandable way. Thus, the ICO dashboards play a significant role in launching a successful ICO.  

6. Referral System

To Grab and attract an additional set of users on your platform, you can integrate the Referral System for both the users and investors. Like a two-tier or three-tier referral bonus system for investors.

7.ICO Wallet Development

ICO wallet helps to store, receive, and transfer your digital tokens securely without any hassle. It also monitors your wallet balance in the ICO platform. Without an ICO wallet, your users can not receive or store their digital tokens. Thus, it is one of the essential ICO launch services in the marketplace.

These are the prominent ICO launch services in the marketplace. If you are looking to create an exemplary ICO website. Then you need to choose the best ICO launch services offering company. 

How to Find the Finest ICO Launch Services Offering Company?

Launching an ICO is a kind of a complicated task. In this case, you need to go with the superfine ICO launch service offering company. Here we list some of the criteria for finding ICO launch services.

1. Quality of Service and Customer support

The initial criteria to be considered while choosing the best ICO launch service offering company are the quality of service and customer support they render. You need to make sure that the product has the best quality. Also, it must be sufficient to integrate advanced features. You might face any issues after the deployment. So, a team of experts should always be available to resolve them instantly. Also, check whether they provide 24/7 customer support. 

2. Implementation of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has reached greater heights worldwide. When it comes to ICO Projects, it is crucial to implement advanced Blockchain technologies in it. If you are choosing a company for the best ICO launch services. Then you need to consider experts who have in-depth experience in Blockchain Technology and its functionalities.

3. Effective Work Commitment

Your chosen development company must have a great passion for being part of blockchain technology influencers across the world. Also, the company should have an effective work commitment to your ICO project. 

4. High-level Security Mechanisms

Security systems play a vital role in any digital platform. Integrating high-end protective features will avoid cyberattacks and other fallacious activities. Also, it helps to deliver the most secure token sales platform. Thus, check whether the company integrates the high-end security mechanism in the ICO platform.

5. Support for all Stages of ICO Development

ICO website gets deployed usually in three stages, such as Pre-ICO, Post-ICO, and ICO Launch. Make sure your ICO launch service provider supports all three stages.

6. Check out the Laws

The development company must have complete knowledge of the legal laws related to the ICO launch services. Also, the company must know the significant country’s jurisdictions. The US was the first country to legalize ICO launch services. Also, the US government has built laws to control the flow of ICO tokens to reduce ICO project scams. However, China has completely banned the sale of ICO tokens. But there is no ban on any ICO launch services. So check the laws of the country before choosing the ICO launch services offering company.

7. Check Feedback & Reviews

To hire the best ICO launch services offering company for your business. You need to check for the previous feedback and reviews of that company. Checking feedback will give hands-on choosing the best ICO launch services offering company. Thus, make sure that they have a good history of reviews and feedback from reputed clients. Contacting their clients and reviewers through the phone or email is optional.

8. Control Privacy Policy & Security Concerns

Finally, lay out the privacy policies and other security concerns for your ICO Project. Because the regulations in ICO differ in every single country. 

These factors can help you to filter and find out the top-notch ICO launch services offering companies to launch your ICO website. Now, you might have a question in your mind like…

Which is the Best ICO Launch Services offering Company?

When it comes to the best ICO launch service company, Icoclone ranks in the first position. Icoclone is an unsurpassed ICO development company and we have years of experience in the blockchain industry. As the name suggests, we excel in offering all sorts of ICO launch services with impeccable outcomes. Thus, We provide full-fledged end-to-end ICO launch services & other suggestions to launch a successful ICO. Also, we are experts in offering ICO scripts and software with integrated progressive features. Our ICO launch services have helped many budding startups and entrepreneurs to succeed in the blockchain industry. We have the well-experienced and best ICO developers in 2020. Thus, they work constantly and efficiently to develop and deliver projects to clientele within the given time frame. 

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