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White label ICO Software

If an individual or an entrepreneur wishes to initiate a new business, he/she will go with crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a fundraising phenomenon where any person can raise funds for their business with the help of the company’s shares. On the flip side, there prevails another mode of fundraising called crypto crowdfunding.

In crypto crowdfunding, funds are raised with the aid of cryptocurrencies. Using crypto crowdfunding, hefty profits can be made and funds can be raised promptly. Also, Various types of crypto crowdfunding are prevailing in the crypto ecosystem like ICO, STO, IEO, etc. Among these methods, ICO is more popular. Using ICO, funds are raised from the investors with the help of utility tokens.

While speaking of the ICO development methodologies, ICO can be developed in two ways viz. development from scratch or a script. Developing an ICO platform from scratch is a complicated process and it entails more time, resources, and money. However, to avoid those consequences, it is better to go with the white-label ICO script. 

In this article, we shall discuss the White label ICO platform development, how to get them, etc.

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What is a White Label ICO Platform?

Moreover, choosing a white-label ICO script is the best way to develop an ICO platform. One can launch an ICO instantly with an extraordinary ICO script. ICO software is a tailor-made script that is readily available for ICO website deployment. This product is pre-designed, developed, tested, and available for immediate deployment.

Hence, developing an ICO with a white-label script is highly efficient and cost-effective. The ICO script is completely customizable as per your requirements. Moreover, you can decide on your logo, design, brand, technology, and functionalities, and implement them in the white-label dashboard platform. To start an ICO instantly, you can buy an ICO script from the best-in-class solution provider i.e. Icoclone to get started quickly.  

White Label ICO Software

Now, you might be interested to know the workings of a white-label ICO software. Those are.

How Does the White Label ICO Script Work?

As said earlier, most of the exemplary features will come built with the white-label ICO script. Now, we shall discuss how the working of an ICO script might differ for the admin and user dashboard.

For Admin Dashboard

  • Draft a whitepaper and attach it to the ICO dashboard.
  • Integrate all the newly created crypto tokens with it.
  • Following this, the token sale can be executed.
  • Check the KYC and all details of the investors who are suited for the ICO project.
  • Proper reports of the tokens sold and funds raised should be maintained properly.
  • After completing the token sale, the ICO tokens can be listed on some popular exchanges like Binance, Kraken, etc.

Now, we shall discuss the working of ICO software for the user dashboard. So if you wish to know the workings of a user dashboard. Then, you can follow these steps.

For User Dashboard

  • First, the investor should log in and register on your ICO website.
  • Also, Know Your Customer (KYC) has to be filled.
  • Include some crypto tokens in the crypto wallet and integrate the crypto wallet address.
  • Funds can be invested in the ICO project and the crypto tokens received in return can be stored in the crypto wallet.
  • Those crypto tokens can be stored or sold as per your requirements.

This is the complete working of an ICO script. Hence, many people are interested in choosing white-label ICO software considering the perks they offer. 

Why is White Label ICO Software the Best Choice?

The mandatory reasons that play a vital role in choosing the Whitelabel ICO software are the benefits they offer. They are,

Faster Deployment

If you are developing a new platform from scratch, it will take a longer time than we expect. However, that is not the case in the white-label ICO script. Right from ideation to the deployment of the product, everything can be done at a quicker rate.

High-end Reliability

As the software is already built by a top-notch solution provider, you can get high reliability. We people at Icoclone develop white-label ICO software based on the client’s unique business requirements.


Since the product is already developed completely, you just need to customize them. Hence, the process is cost-effective when compared to development from scratch. 


The major benefit of building an ICO platform with a white-label script is that customers are not confronted with the name and logo of an external party. You can pick your unique logo and promote them accordingly.

Highly Beneficial if they Lack Technical Expertise

This would be highly profitable to clients who don’t have much technical knowledge about ICO development. This ICO software will be very helpful for newbies who wish to initiate an ICO website promptly.

Eliminates Risk

White-label ICO software reduces the commercial risk allows you to enter the crypto market as soon as possible and ensures high security.

Scale your Revenue

Maximizing profits is quite easy with a white-label ICO platform. It doesn’t take much time to develop the ICO website using white-label software so you can deploy your ICO website quickly and make hefty returns.

Considering these benefits, many entrepreneurs have started creating their ICO websites using pre-made ICO scripts. With this, we shall discuss the cost of a white-label ICO script.

What is the Cost of White Label ICO Software?

After analyzing the features and benefits of a pre-made ICO script, many entrepreneurs are creating their ICO website with the aid of a script. But, most of them think that the ready-made ICO script is expensive. However, it is not a fact that ready-made ICO software costs less when compared to development from scratch. 

While speaking of the white-label ICO script cost, we cannot predict its exact cost. It might change based on the customizations you’ve to do. However, we can tell you the approximate range of the ICO script cost which might start from $8000. This range may alter based on your business requirements and the customizations you’ve made.

Now, we shall wrap up the article with

Why Choose ICOCLONE for White Label ICO Platform Development?

We, Icoclone are a renowned white label ICO script provider in the crypto ecosystem. We offer first-class White Label ICO Software that has all the exemplary features incorporated within it. Many clients have launched their ICO platforms successfully with the help of our white-label ICO software.

We not only excel in offering white-label ICO scripts but also STO scripts. Crypto token development, NFT development, and crypto token wallet development are also our primary services. We have a reputed and skilled team of developers for designing and developing the ICO website efficiently using white-label ICO script. So, if you wish to launch your ICO website and earn hefty returns at a quicker pace, contact Icoclone immediately.

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