White label ICO Platform Software To Initiate Your Crowdfunding Business!


White label ICO platform software are the best ways to get started with the ICO blockchain services. Initial Coin Offerings were the reason for the startups to raise their funds in 2017, and the strategy still follows.

Most of the entrepreneurs are now looking for these solutions to instantly get started with their own crowdfunding business. This blog provides you with the importance of best White label services to develop an ICO platform.

White label ICO platform software: Turn your crowdfunding dreams true


White label services are instant ways to start an ICO Launch platform. This is a ready-made product that is readily available. The product is designed, developed and tested for every module and hence white-label platforms are cost-effective and instantly deployed.

The product can be completely customized as per the client’s requirements. One can have their own logo, own design, own brand, own technology, own functionalities, and implement them in the white label dashboard platform.

To make an ICO instantly, one can buy a White label ICO software from the best-in-class solution provider to get started quickly.  

Benefits of choosing a White label ICO platform software:

  • Faster Deployment

If you are developing new software from scratch, it will take a longer time than we expect. Right from ideation, designing, developing, to the deployment of the product, everything is done from scratch. 

  • High-end Reliability

As the software is already built by a top-notch solution provider, you can enjoy high reliability. We people at Icoclone develop ICO platforms that are created in accordance with the client’s unique business requirements.

  • Cost-Effective

Since the product is already developed completely, clients just need to customize them. Hence, the process is cost-effective when compared to development from scratch. But in the case of developing from scratch requires a huge set of funds. 

  • Branding

The major benefit of building an ICO platform with White label services is that customers are not confronted with the name and logo of an external party. You should initially know how to create an ICO, you can go with White label services to have your own brand of ICO platform.

  • Highly beneficial if they lack technical expertise

This would be highly profitable to the clients who don’t have much knowledge about the domain and development. Since the product is already developed by a set of a talented set of experts and rich expertise company.

  • Eliminates risk

White labeling reduces the commercial risk and allows you to test the market with a proven solution and experience. You can maximize your profits since you are in charge of bundle supporting. 

  • Scale your revenue

Maximizing profits is quite easy with white label web development services. When reselling the vendor’s offerings under your name, it’s your choice to charge as much as you want and thus can make the most of them.

Icoclone’s White label ICO platform software:

We people at Icoclone deliver white label solutions with all set of desired features. All the products are developed in accordance with the client’s requirements. Here are the following mandatory modules in our White label ICO platform software:

  • ICO Airdrop

We provide ICO Airdrop to enhance the flow of your tokens to the global audience and traders.

  • ICO Bounty program

To provide you with a huge set of benefits, we render ICO Bounty programs to your audience.

  • Token Development

As a top-notch ICO development company, we create an ICO Token which comes with extensive development and testing methods.  

  • Top-notch white paper drafting 

We draft simple and intuitive White paper for the ICO project which attracts your investors efficiently. 

  • Blockchain Integration

Regardless of the type of Blockchain platform such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, Stellar or your own Blockchain, we integrate it for you!

  • Smart Contract Development

We make Smart Contracts which are completely secure and loaded with security mechanisms while doing an ICO.

  • ICO Website creation

Be it an ICO or STO development, we make attractive and content-rich websites to bring-in a plethora of investors to your website.  

  • ICO Wallet setup

To assist your users with worry-free transactions, we set up ICO wallets to instantly send and receive the digital assets.

  • Coin Creation

One of the most important processes to create an ICO is the Token Creation or cryptocurrency. 

  • ICO Listing

We assist you in listing ICO tokens on top and best Crypto exchanges. This can help you in making a good amount of profits. 

  • ICO Fundraising Dashboard

To start an ICO for your business, we render you with high-end ICO fundraising dashboard.  

  • ERC Tokens development

We create an ICO with Ethereum as the major requirement for development. 

  • Payment Gateway Integration

To facilitate different modes of payments for both fiats as well as for cryptocurrencies. 

All these features can be 100% customized with our ICO Script which can be added, deleted or altered completely. 

How much does White label ICO platform software cost?

The cost of launching an ICO usually depends on the type of unique business requirements you have. The tailor-made product can be completely customized in accordance with the client’s expectations.

Regardless of the complexity, we provide ICO solutions which are accepted across industries Healthcare, Agriculture, Supply Chain Management, Finance, Banking, etc. Be it an entry-level, mid-level or enterprise-level verticals, we render high-end solutions. 

The pool of enthusiasts periodically grasp new technologies in the market and execute in their potential products. With around a great success ratio, they offer cutting-edge Blockchain by-products and eventually driving in a huge set of benefits. 

If you have any urgent requirements, you can get in touch with us and buy an ICO White label platform software right away to start your crowdfunding business in a hassle-free manner!  

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