Types of Security Tokens – All You Need To Know

Types of security token

 Security tokens are newfangled virtual digital assets in this modern world. These security tokens are considered to be secure. Since they pass the Howey test and are completely developed in compliance with the country’s regulations. Security Tokens are usually extracted from real-time tradable assets. Recently, these security tokens have gained the trust of potential investors in various blockchain-based projects. 

Moreover, many potential investors and business-class people were interested in developing the security token. Users can buy security tokens only through the security token offerings. It is the safest place to buy security tokens and there is no way of fraudulent activities. Increased user traffic in STO made many startups launch an STO website using the premier STO script. Also, knowing the different types of security tokens ruling in the crypto industry is essential. 

In this blog, let us figure out the security tokens and their prevailing types in the marketplace.

 What is a Security Token?

A Security Token is completely developed by backing any real-time assets. We can also say that it is an alternate crowdfunding module of ICO. security tokens perform the same functionalities similar to traditional security. However, these tokens confirm ownership through a blockchain network. So it makes fractional ownership possible. Security tokens can be sold only in security token offerings. Here entrepreneurs, startups, or business-class people can sell their newly released security tokens against tangible assets. There are some real-time assets backed in security tokens, such as real estate, bonds, and more. 

The security token acts as a secure investment channel. Also, it protects investors’ funds from fraudulent activities and cyber-attacks. Security tokens are completely programmable and developed by blockchain developers. Tokenizing securities in these tokens helps to eliminate the third party by using the smart contracts mechanism. 

Regulations and conditions will change according to the countries. For instance, in the United States, they have Regulation A+, Regulation D, and Regulation S as the jurisdictions. Likewise, most of the crypto-friendly countries will have their own set of regulations for developing security tokens. Security tokens are also used as an additional password to protect a person’s identity. Moreover, you should also know the different types of security tokens that are prevailing in the crypto industry. Currently,

 Types of Security Token 

They are,

  • Debt token
  • Equity token
  • Asset token

Debt Token

A debt token, a type of security token, represents debt-based instruments like real estate contracts, corporate bonds, or debt cash similar to short-term loans. Two factors completely decide the price of the debt security token. Such as Risk and Dividends. 

For instance, medium risk in real estate contacts cannot be priced the same as a bond of a pre-IPO company. Moreover, the value or price of a security token after risk and dividend is key. In blockchain terms, the smart contract indicating a debt security token should include some basic operations. such as repayment terms that decide the dividend model. but also integrate the different risk factors of the underlying debt.

Benefits of Debt Tokens:

  • Fractionalization – Debt tokens bring new opportunities to a large scope of investors
  • Universality – Debt is completely considered a global-level approach. It is widely accepted that helps to operate and analyze the corresponding representations of debt.
  • Futures – Tokenizing futures contracts will open up new opportunities for many potential investors across the world. Finally, it would result in vast liquidity in the tokenized market.
  • OTC Trading – Most of the debt security token trading process takes place in OTC exchange platforms across the globe. In general, security tokens are entirely intended to streamline the process.
  • Composability – Debt token is composed quickly with the ideal representation by making the real estate leases as a security token.

Equity Token

Equity token is one of the types of security tokens. This kind of security token represents the ownership of an asset. such as company stocks. In other words, we can say that it represents the value of shares issued by a company through a blockchain network. The only major difference between equity tokens and traditional shares is the method of recording the ownership identity. A traditional stock represents databases and records by a paper certificate. In contrast, an immutable blockchain completely records equity tokens.

Equity token Development can be a new fundraising model for budding startups. A perfect situation for raising funds with Equity Tokens could be a company that sells real products or services. The issuer of this kind of token is seeking to access the large pool of institutional money. However, it has not penetrated through the crypto marketplace.

Benefits of Equity Tokens:

  • Proven – Equity Token is the most proven security token economy across the globe. This kind of security token is very similar to shares and stocks.
  • Keep Control – Possibility of providing non-voting shares. So you don’t need to give control of your company, but you allow people to invest securely.
  • Feel Secure with Regulations – If you have gone through the Equity crowdfunding model with all securities following the security rules and conditions. Then you can remain safe & secure with the launch.

Equity Tokens will become more popular in the future. Many global companies will start considering equity tokens to raise funds for ICO instead of utility tokens. Also, they will be more robust with the legal aspect. Some regulators are in favor of Equity tokens and treat them as a mode of security. 

Asset Token

An asset Token is a kind of reserved security token that represents ownership of certain real-time assets. such as Real estate, gold, and other commodities. Asset-backed crypto tokens address the issues of trust and inefficiencies. Also, issues the complexities of the transactions which involve multiple parties. 

Asset-backed Crypto Tokens can be used as virtual currencies. It has all the major characteristics of commodities. such as Gold, Silver, and Oil. Commodities such as Gold and Diamond give the asset token the factor of stability and value. Among the whole commodities, the Diamond acts as the most stable real-time asset with massive value. Asset-backed crypto tokenization has a wide range of potential for increasing access to investments and encourages people who have low income. These kinds of security tokens also help fractional and trustless participation in investments. such as real-estate ventures, ownership, and the list goes on.

Benefits of Asset Tokens:-

  • Immutable – Once the investor buys the Asset-backed crypto tokens. Then no one can erase the factor of ownership from them.
  • Accessible – Asset-backed Tokens can be accessed from anywhere across the globe at any time. You can access it 24*7 through mobile or desktop.
  • Cost-Effective – These tokens eliminate the third party or intermediate to perform the transactions. so it cut down the additional cost.
  • Transparent –  Asset tokens eliminate the inequality of information and data present during the transfer of ownership.
  • Divisible – Asset Tokens promise a massive set of liquidity. So it increases the expected value of the trade. Also, eliminates the need for minimum investments.

Future of Security Tokens:

Security Tokens are often viewed as the eligible factors that are intended to replace Utility Tokens or ICOs. Many popular countries have started accepting security tokens as legal assets from investors. we can expect crypto traders will slowly move towards Security Tokens. So far Developing Security Tokens hasn’t made any success stories since they are reaching people very slowly. By leveraging the versatility of STO Script to enhance its liquidity and traceability it. Security Tokens also have the effective potential of opening up asset-backed ownership to an immense number of people. 

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