STO Issuance Platforms: Crypto Fundraising Business Model in the Future!


Security tokens have gained crucial importance in recent years. These tokens are financial securities such as stocks or bonds. They are in the form of digital assets which means that these tokens are subjected to regulatory norms and derive its value from a tradeable external asset. This blog is intended to provide you with the process of developing STO issuance platforms.

Why develop your own STO issuance Platforms? 

Most of the startups are looking to get funded through Security Token Offering (STO). A security token is one that is subjected to federal security regulations and can be derived its value from an external, tradeable asset. The security token offering platform is the place where the token sale event takes place. 

As most of the utility tokens are required to access only a certain set of services, these security tokens are required to represent the assets with the rights of ownership. This means that the security holders are entitled to profit shares, equity, dividends, etc. 

There are basically three types of security tokens:

Equity Token
Equity Tokens are one type of STO that represents the ownership of a company. They guarantee crucial equity-like rights for the investors and the issuers. 
Asset-backed Token
Asset-backed tokens increase the potential initial raise for fund operators and other parties who issue securities. Example real estate.
Debt Token 
Debt tokens is yet another type of security token that represents a debt.  

Moreover, they come up with a great set of benefits. Here are a few:

  • Enhanced Market Efficiency
  • Lower Assurance Fees
  • Fractionalization of assets

And much more!

In addition to this, security tokens are considered to be appealing to most of startups, for the following set of reasons:

Easier Entry to the markets

The security token offering provides flexibility. With this flexibility, smaller companies can raise funds through the private capital market at lower up-front costs. Therefore, the best STO platform will come up with a hassle-free entry.

Accessibility to institutional capital

With the regulated nature of Security Token Offering, security tokens act as a gateway for traditional capital into the blockchain domain. The funding through STOs can be done in an international way.  

STO Launch Platform to uprise funds for your business:

To launch a successful Security Token Offering Platform with the help of STO Script, you should carry out the following set of steps:


Initially, you need to come up with an idea. Make sure your idea is unique to engage and attract a huge set of investors. 

At this stage, you need to select the target country which accepts Security token offerings by checking with the regulatory requirements.


Start introducing your STO tokens to the crypto market. You need to design an attractive and engaging website to list Security token offerings. You need to design the required Whitepaper, token structure, milestones, etc.


During the STO phase, here are the steps you need to follow to launch the STO platforms:

  • Crowd Sale
  • Community Support Services
Post STO

To ensure a successful security token offering with STO Software, you need to build a product that supports them. You can get in touch with us for a unique blockchain development for your STO platform.

It is important to support the customers once your product is delivered to them.

Features of our STO issuance Platforms:

You can create your own STO issuance platforms with our STO Script which we deliver at an affordable cost.

Security Token development

We create ERC 20 Tokens for most of the startups in the industry. These tokens are developed in compliance with SEC regulations and the country’s regulations. Regardless of the complexity involved, we develop all types of STO tokens for your platform.

Smart Contracts with Tokens development

We create smart contracts in our STO Software. We implement security as an important strategy for your Security Token Offering. Here are some of the mechanisms we correlate for our Security Token Development:

  • HTTPS Authentication
  • Data Encryption
  • DDoS
  • SSRF
  • Jail Login
  • CSRF
  • HTTP Parameter Pollution Protection
  • Escrow System
Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

We integrate multiple payment gateways for both fiat currency as well as for cryptocurrencies. You can pay using USD, INR, EURO in a Security Token Issuance Platform. 

Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration

You can save all your STO tokens in your Cryptocurrency wallets. It is comprised of high-end security features such as Cold Wallet Security, Multi-signature, Multi-security, etc.

Looking for a Security token offering services? 

We have a rich set of experience in developing the STO platform with legal requirements and providing a security token offering services for your unique business needs. You can get in touch with us to create your own STO launch platform with a compliant token to raise funds for your business.

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