How to Create Mintable ERC20 Token For Crypto Business?

Mintable ERC20 token development

A crypto token is a digital asset that holds some value on a blockchain network. Tokens can be developed only with an existing blockchain platform like Ethereum, BNB Chain, Tron, Waves, Solana, Polygon, etc. Most of the crypto tokens are developed in the Ethereum blockchain because of their popularity. When it comes to Ethereum, different token standards are available for crypto token creation. However, the most widely used token standard is ERC20.

The ERC20 is a fungible token standard where tokens created can be swapped and their values can be cut down. The ERC20 standard comes with many mindblowing features by improvising the traits such as safety, security, clear communication, transparent data, and more. With the ERC20 standard, there comes a unique feature “Mintable” and it is widely preferred by startups nowadays.

In this article, let us discuss mintable ERC20 tokens, how to create mintable ERC20 tokens, their benefits, and other essential aspects. Let us quickly start this article with…

What is a Mintable ERC20 Token?

Mintable ERC20 tokens are non-fixed supply tokens using which the number of tokens can be increased at any time. Most of the ERC20 standard tokens will have a fixed total supply. The total count of tokens once fixed during the token creation process cannot be increased if needed. But if you enable the mintable function in the ERC20 token, the creator of an ERC20 token has the authority to mint as many tokens as they want.

The main motto behind the inclusion of this mintable feature in ERC20 tokens is to aid startups in enhancing their supply in case of any need in the future. The supply of tokens once increased with the Minting feature will come to an end and cannot be executed again. Hence, the minting feature is for one-time access only. Even, the Cost to Create an ERC20 Token along with the mintable functionality is very low. So, mintable ERC20 token creation is highly suggested for upcoming startups.

Best Mintable ERC20 Tokens in the Crypto Marketplace

As of now, there are many mintable ERC20 tokens popular in the crypto space but only a few have reached greater heights. Here we list some of the finest mintable ERC20 tokens.

Status (SNT) 

Status is a messaging network that is used to create decentralized applications over the Ethereum blockchain. This would help to develop interfaces in mobile applications. In other words, we can say it is a decentralized utility token. This mintable ERC20 token is used to manage all pop-up notifications and user-generated content on the network. 

Dai (DAI)

DAI is the USD-backed stablecoin that is mostly used in the MakerDAO system. In this system, the users can lock their assets in the contract and the name of the exchange of DAI tokens. If the token is locked in the Collateralized Debt Position which is shortly known as CDP, then the new DAI token will be minted easily by the MakerDAO contract.


Decentraland is a kind of virtual platform and it is completely developed on the Ethereum network. Here users can trade cryptos among themselves in a risk-free manner. Decentraland has two different types of tokens for its global users such as MANA and LAND. Among these two tokens, MANA is a mintable ERC20 token.

Now, you might have some idea about mintable ERC20 tokens. How does a multi-chain crypto wallet work? But many people are confused about minting and mining the tokens are the same. But that is not the fact here. The following covers the truth.

Differences between Mineable and Mintable ERC20 Tokens

Mineable crypto tokens are created from the initial stage. To create mineable crypto tokens, you might require a huge amount of energy and money. The mineable tokens will also help in other important activities, such as transferring information from one block to another and protecting the blockchain network.

Mintable tokens are not the same as mineable tokens. It is a kind of buzzing confusion in the crypto space and here is the difference between them. In the mintable token, you can make the creation process easy by calling its smart contract function. You can enable and create mintable ERC20 tokens whenever you want. You can create numerous mintable ERC20 tokens using the smart contract function without spending a lot of energy.

With this, you might be cleared of the confusion that prevails between the two. With this, we shall proceed with the mintable ERC20 token development process.

How to Create Mintable ERC20 Tokens?

For creating a first-class mintable ERC20 token, the mentioned steps have to be followed keenly.

  • First, you have to fix the token requirements and start working on them.
  • Choose ERC20 as your token standard for creating mintable ERC20 token creation.
  • Develop a unique smart contract and customize your token parameters like token name, symbol, design, etc.
  • Include a mintable feature along with the smart contract to increase the token supply if needed.
  • Test the code multiple times to fix the bugs and hassles that come in between.
  • Once testing is over, your mintable ERC20 token will be ready for deployment.

By following these steps, you can create mintable ERC20 tokens without any hassles. But as a new startup, you might not have that expertise in developing mintable ERC20 tokens on your own. 

On the safer side, you can approach a reputed Mintable ERC20 token development company in the crypto space for immense results. Before choosing the best company, we shall discuss the advantages of developing these tokens.

Business Benefits of Creating Mintable ERC20 Tokens

Various benefits come along with mintable ERC20 token development. 

  • The supply of tokens can be increased at a sudden rate by enabling the mintable feature with your ERC20 token.
  • By creating a mintable ERC20 token, you can attract the crypto audience quickly and raise your required funds 
  • You can use your mintable ERC20 tokens for different purposes such as credit, discounts, or coupons
  • Any crypto-related platforms can be accessed with these tokens like crypto crowdfunding, staking, trading, etc.

On considering all these benefits, you might be interested in developing your token. As said earlier, to create a Mintable ERC20 token in an ideal manner, you can approach a reputed crypto token development company. There are tons of crypto token development companies prevailing in the crypto space. Here.

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