It’s good moment to start a ICO?

One of the most important factors to consider when launching a new website is timing. In these years, the crypto world might create some tremendous achievement regarding the ICO in general. The report based on survey September 2017 almost surpassed the total value of the initial coin offering.

We can say that even with the crypto fall at the beginning of 2017, the new trend in cryptocurrencies has helped ICOs by increasing the number of investors and lowering the friction in this way of crowdfunding.                                                  

ICOs are thriving up – and the number of STOs increases

2018 was an essential year for cryptocurrencies due to regulations. Half a year ago we wrote, that the legal issues might be one of the largest ICO challenges. Now the legal landscape is much more steady and predictable. We’re already past the most hectic moment, and we know a lot more about how to adjust to the law. Security Token Offerings are on the rise, as a way to comply with the new regulations.   

The best time to develop and launch ICO

ICO launch platform

Ultimately, the perfect time to launch an ICO depends on your groundwork and your preparation completed till date.  But taking it into perspective the right time of year and the fine tuning of your ICO to get the best results.  

If you are looking for help with your project, choose the best development service to launch a successful ICO.  

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