Top 10 BEP20 Tokens List to Consider in 2024

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BEP20 tokens belong to the popular blockchain Binance’s BNB Chain. Like its parent blockchain, these tokens are also popular among crypto investors. Most people believe that this is due to Binance’s reputation and brand awareness. However, the popularity and demand for these tokens are due to their characteristics and business benefits. Therefore, many startups are interested in knowing the top BEP20 tokens list.

If you are one among them, then this blog will be your ultimate guide. Here you can learn the fundamentals of the BEP20 token and its development procedure.  Particularly, the best BEP20 tokens list would be beneficial to meet your startup desire. Let us begin with the basics…

What are BEP20 Tokens?

BEP20 token is the utility token that belongs to the BNB Chain. As a utility token, this token has similar functionality to Ethereum’s ERC20 tokens. However, this token leads the way in terms of faster transactions at lower costs. The technical advantage of BNB Chain also plays an essential role here. Considering all these merits, potential investors are searching for the top BEP20 tokens list.

Generally, BEP20 tokens are easy to create and integrate with your business. The prominent characteristics enable the token to serve its role efficiently. Let us explore them completely to gain a better understanding. The businesses integrated with these tokens reveal great outcomes for many startups. As a result, many startups are now searching for the best BEP20 tokens list to create their own Binance utility token. Here we have a closer look at…

Top 10 BEP20 Tokens List

The following are the best BEP20 tokens leading the cryptocurrency markets. They are

 Binance USD (BUSD)

BUSD is a stablecoin having equal value to the US dollar. These tokens are not volatile hugely like other crypto coins and have higher price stability. All these reveal the credibility of this token. And you need not worry when you create the best BEP20 tokens similarly. Furthermore, with incredible usage and recorded market cap ($35.15 Billion), BUSD stands at the top of the best BEP20 tokens list.

PancakeSwap (CAKE)

We all know the popular decentralized crypto exchange PanacakeSwap. The native token of the platform CAKE also belongs to the BNB Chain. CAKE token serves a variety of purposes like utility and governance. Hence, the native exchange has no shortfall of liquidity. Meanwhile, these tokens also possess a market cap of $539.79 Million. Also, their future projections attract many startups to create similar tokens. 

Cream Finance (CREAM)

CREAM is the native token of one of the popular decentralized lending platforms Cream Finance. These tokens are used for collateral, rewards, governance, and more platform services. Also, the CREAM token records a $12 million market cap. This is a good stance to rank them in the best BEP20 tokens list.

Bakery Token (BAKE)

The BAKE token is the native token of a decentralized exchange BakerySwap. The BAKE tokens are majorly used for the platform transactions. Such as paying transaction fees, liquidity providing, yield farming, and rewards for liquidity providing. The market cap ($ 47.89 Million) of this token confirms the credibility of this token.

Trust Wallet Token (TWT)

TXT Token is the native token of the Trust Wallet. These tokens are used to incentivize the users for wallet usage. This token enables users for premium services and additional features. Also, this BEP20 token is payable for in-app purchases or Trust Wallet events. Considering its market cap ($603.60 Million) you might be interested in creating one from the top BEP20 tokens list.

WazirX (WRX)

WazirX is a popular crypto exchange from India having more than 10 million users worldwide. The native token of this crypto exchange is the WRX token. Like other utility tokens, this token also serves native platform operations. Also, it records a market cap of $46 million. The growing user base of the WazirX exchange ensures a solid future for the WRX token.  

TOKO Crypto Coin (TOKO)

TOKO is the native token of the Indonesia-based trading platform. It holds a market cap of $41.33 million. These tokens serve for DeFi applications, TOKO platform service, gaming, NFT marketplaces, and savings programs. These tokens can also be used for liquidity providing rewards. TOKO token business ideology is ideal among the top BEP20 tokens list providing more applicability.

Alpha Token (ALPHA)

ALPHA tokens belong to the decentralized platform Alpha Finance built on the BNB Chain. These tokens are used in the platform’s services like transactions, governance, liquidity, and more. With a market cap of $66.79K, this token also provides fee discounts for native platform transactions. 


SAFEMOON is the token from the cryptocurrency and blockchain company – SafeMoon LLC. Being a deflationary token, this token also rewards token holders with a transaction fee advantage. Selling of this token involves a 10% fee for transactions. Half of the fee is shared with token holders and the remaining is used for platform liquidity. With a market cap of $2.7 million, Safemoon comes under the top BEP20 tokens list.   

Swipe (SXP) 

SXP is the token that belongs to the platform that provides card payment infrastructure for cryptocurrencies. The ecosystem provides a range of crypto-financial services that include card payments, crypto-to-fiat payments, and more. All these services are processed through its native token SXP.  With a market cap of $20 million, SXP trading is available in 50+ crypto exchanges.

Many investors consider these Top 10 BEP20 tokens list for creating their own Binance utility tokens. The growing market share, popularity, and wider use cases keep them renowned in the crypto space. This list would help define your token roles and services. Creating the best BEP20 tokens with user-demanding features enables you to reap more business advantages. Let us have a closer look at…

Advantages of Creating Tokens Similar to the Top BEP20 Tokens List?

Below are the top advantages of creating a token similar to the best BEP20 tokens list for your business,

  • Faster transactions come with lower fees.
  • Build with high-grade security measures. 
  • This token has global acceptance and supports popular exchanges and wallets.
  • Interoperable with other blockchain utility tokens like ERC20 tokens.
  • A specific smart contract makes token transactions faster and more reliable.
  • Creating and utilizing them for business is simple, efficient, and cost-effective.

With these prime benefits, the best BEP20 tokens can help you achieve your business goals easily. However, to develop the best token, technical and professional guidance becomes essential. A reputed crypto token development company – ICOCLONE can help you with this. We follow a quality-centered development procedure to create your binance token and ensure it is ranked in the top BEP20 tokens list. Therefore your token would be feature-rich, technically robust, and suitable for diverse business operations. To get more clarity, let me share…

Why pick Icoclone for BEP20 Token Development?

ICOCLONE is a leading crypto token development company to creates BEP20 tokens. Our skilled developers have an in-depth understanding of the BNB Chain. And utilize their technical fluency to create the best BEP20 tokens suitable for your business services. Also, they customize your token to be compatible with various crypto wallets. Hence your token will easily reach a better position similar to the Top BEP20 tokens list discussed earlier. Additionally, our real-time assistance keeps your token adhered to recent trends. So overall, ICOCLONE would be your perfect partner to give life to your BEP20 token development dreams.

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