IEO Launchpad – An Ultimate Guide on Effective Crowdfunding Platform

IEO Launchpad - An Exclusive Guide for Startups and Enterprises

Crowdfunding platforms are becoming more popular in recent years. These platforms help to raise funds quickly in a short period. As we can see cryptocurrencies are ruling the trading platforms and many industries. Cryptos and tokens have also revolutionized the process of fundraising. What is the significant and essential thing in our daily life? Everyone’s answer will be money. Likewise, cryptocurrencies and tokens play a vital role in many industries and also in generating money.

When it comes to crypto crowdfunding platforms, there are three major platforms. Such as ICO, IEO launchpad, and STO. At this current time, many people prefer IEO development rather than the other two crowdfunding platforms. But before the launch of IEO, everyone preferred ICO to raise their funds. ICO is the crowdfunding website and also the token sales will take place. But some investors don’t have trust in ICO and also it has some drawbacks.

But it doesn’t stop them from raising their funds. To overcome the drawbacks of ICO, many crypto exchanges launched the IEO launchpad to earn additional income. Startups and entrepreneurs started to use the IEO launchpad from popular exchanges to sell their recently released tokens securely. Are you planning to launch an IEO launchpad? Then this blog is for you. In this blog, let us discuss what is an IEO launchpad with its benefits, features, top IEO launchpads, and more.

What is IEO Launchpad?

IEO stands for Initial Exchange Offering, which entered the market as a new crypto fundraising platform for startups & entrepreneurs. It is similar to ICO websites but has some major differences. The difference is, that the holding company will handle ICO websites on its own platform. Whereas in IEO, the owner of the exchange will handle the IEO launchpad. 

IEO is the token sale platform where all the newly developed tokens will be sold to various users. If you want to participate in IEO, then you must be a user of the exchange. But if you want to make a sale on your new token to raise your funds. Then your IEO blockchain project will be completely checked and analyzed by the separate experienced team of exchange. It is due to avoid fake projects and token scams. Once your project is completely verified. Then you can easily participate in IEO and raise the funds effectively. But here you need to pay some fees for exchange owners for making a token sale. So they will be responsible for marketing your project for token sales.

Also, to list your token in the exchange you need to pay an additional amount. So both the exchange owners and the one who is presenting the project will benefit. Also, there is no contribution to smart contracts. Instead, they have to create an account in the exchange. Some experts in the crypto community say that IEO is the evolution of ICO. This made many startups and entrepreneurs prefer IEO development rather than ICO. Launching a successful IEO launchpad will help you to get more profits. Now, your question will be…

How to Launch a Successful IEO?

If you have a plan for selling your newly released tokens via an IEO. Then you have made the right choice. With IEO, you need to create your own token to attract more investment. So that you can quickly raise your funds. Also, the marketing process will be completely handled by the exchange itself. Only the exchanges who are having the IEO launchpad can offer a reliable platform for new token sales. There are some steps to launch your own IEO crowdfunding platform.

The process of launching a successful IEO will be the same as the ICO. here we list some of the mandatory requirements to launch your own IEO.

  • The realistic business model
  • Tokens
  • Integration of advanced technologies
  • The strong technical team backing the project
  • Updated with the latest integration
  • Security tools
  • Initial Investor’s buzz
  • Minimal viable product  

All these things can be described in your project whitepaper. These are the paramount documents considered by the exchanges for approving an IEO. your blockchain project whitepaper should be impressive enough. Also, check whether it clearly explains everything that an investor must know before buying your token. 

Unique Features of IEO Launchpad 

If you are planning to integrate the IEO launchpad into your exchange, then it must have peculiar features. Here we list some of the top-notch features in the IEO launchpad.

  • Multiple fiat and cryptocurrency support
  • KYC/AML solutions
  • Multilingual support
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Triggered mails
  • User-friendly interface
  • Custom purchase bonus
  • Referral program
  • Real-time statistics

Integrating these features into your IEO launchpad will help you to grab more crypto investors. Now, let us see…

Top 5 Popular IEO Launchpads in the Marketplace 

Here we list the extensive list of the top exchanges that have the best IEO launchpad.

Binance Launchpad  

Binance is the leading crypto exchange and has an IEO launchpad which is named as a binance launchpad. It is a crowdfunding platform to raise funds in a quick and hassle-free manner. It is completely a specialized token distribution platform of crypto tokens. Also, conducted more than 11 successful crypto-token swaps and airdrops.

Binance Launchpad

(Image source: Binance)

The first IEO was conducted by Binance in 2017 and regarded as a big mover and trendsetter. Being the leading exchange, many people preferred the Binance launchpad for raising their funds. They have an expert team to analyze whether the project is real or fake. After the analysis, they allow the token sales in their IEO launchpad.

Bittrex International IEO

Bittrex is a US-based and popular exchange platform. They have effective features for trading. They have an IEO launchpad named Bittrex International IEO. This launchpad is completely developed for international users with Bittrex’s advanced technology.

Bittrex(Image source: Bittrex)

They announced their first IEO launchpad for the RAID project in February 2019. But the IEO was canceled for some changes in the business status of the RAID project. This first project did not stop the second attempt by Bittrex. According to the company report, the Bittrex IEO for Veriblock sold out in 10.4 seconds on April 2. 

BitMax Launchpad

Bitmax is the finest global digital asset trading platform across the world. This exchange has an IEO module, bitmax launchpad. It works the same as the IEO feature and it is a crowdfunding platform to sell the newly launched crypto tokens.


(Image source: BitMax)

Their first IEO project is the DOS network but they didn’t get much support from the community and other investors. The first step is always troublesome. So they are aiming to launch one IEO per week.

Huobi Prime

Huobi is a popular Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange. But now this exchange has offices in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and the United States. They launched the IEO launchpad named Huobi Prime in March 2019. 

Huobi prime(Image source: Huobi Prime)

Huobi is the next popular exchange after Binance. because it offers a successful IEO launchpad with a high network project. They completed their first token sales event within a few seconds. After the successful event, it immediately raised the price of tokens by about 250%. They recognized themselves as a Direct Premium Offering(DPO) platform. 

Kucoin Spotlight

Kucoin is a well-known exchange platform and was first founded in 2017. It supports more than 400 digital currencies and has more than 300 crypto trading pairs. In March 2019, the Kucoin exchange developed an IEO and was named as a kucoin spotlight.

Kucoin(Image source: Kucoin)

They lost their position due to the decreased trading volume. So they launched IEO, to get their fortunes back. On April 3, the first IEO for the Mutivac project was sold out within a few seconds. This attracted many crypto traders and investors from 59 countries. They have a native token called KCS.

These are the popular IEO launchpads in the marketplace. Now, let us look at…

Advantages of IEO Launchpad

  • If you are a startup and planning to raise the funds. Then there is no need to put additional effort into raising the funds. Everything will be taken care of during the exchange you participated in.
  • IEO is the best crowdfunding strategy for startups and enterprises to raise their funds. 
  • Here Investors don’t send the funds to smart contracts. Instead, they send it to their respective accounts.
  • The regulatory level makes the platform trustworthy in terms of protecting investors from fraudulent activities and cyberbullying.
  • Once the token sales are over. The tokens are immediately listed in the crypto exchange for trading
  • There is no possibility of scammed tokens. Also, a more secure platform compared to other crowdfunding models.
  • It requires only KYC/AML from the users and avoids exploitation. 

Additionally, some crypto communities say that crypto exchanges are very much interested in launching IEO projects. Because it will help them to grab more crypto investors and deposits. If you are planning to develop an IEO launchpad with cutting-edge features. Then all you need to do is connect with the best IEO development company in the market. One such best company is Icoclone.

Why Choose Icoclone For IEO Development?

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