Why IEO Development has been the hot talk of the town?

People who wish to initiate their new business widely prefer crypto crowdfunding as it is highly secure and decentralized. The core reason for people’s choice of crypto crowdfunding is the presence of blockchain behind it. It doesn’t involve any middlemen or third parties in your entire fundraising process.

Speaking of the crypto crowdfunding methods, initial exchange offering stands top among the others because of the features and benefits they offer. IEO had its inception in January 2019 introduced with Binance launchpad. IEO was taken into hands for the project named BitTorrent tokens in the Binance exchange. More than $133 million in funds were raised by means of an IEO. The major reason is that IEO builds trust more than other crowdfunding methods. Because of this, there is a greater prevalence of the initial exchange offering in people’s minds. Now, you might be curious to know about the IEO and its development process.

This article might guide you with some information regarding the initial exchange offerings. Let’s take a quick dive.

What is an Initial Exchange Offering?

An IEO is a well-known crypto crowdfunding module that is a launchpad for raising funds. A startup that wishes to develop or expand its business might create a crypto token and approach a reputed exchange for raising funds. Those exchanges will collect funds on behalf of the startup. The crypto tokens created for initial exchange offering are utility tokens that are of fungible type. 

IEO is one of the easiest ways to raise funds so it was preferred by most startups for collecting funds. Instead of focusing on separate arenas, all blockchains, wallets, and funds come together. Hence, it offers greater reliability for the startup under one roof. The startup doesn’t have to promote its project and search for its investors globally. All those responsibilities will be led in the hands of an exchange. For raising funds, the exchange owner will get some commission from the startups. 

What Makes IEO Distinct from ICO?

Both ICO and IEO are crypto crowdfunding platforms with some differences in their tail. You might get a clear view of IEO vs ICO.

IEO vs ICOHere mentioned are some of the major differences between IEO vs ICO. As IEO stands better than ICO, people prefer initial exchanges offering services for their business.

Why Enable the IEO Module in your Exchange?

As mentioned earlier, IEO is a module or a feature of some popular exchanges that offer initial exchange offering services for startups or entrepreneurs who are struggling to raise funds. Let me illustrate with an example, as you might about the popular exchange “Binance ” which introduced its IEO launchpad in 2019. MATIC, Celar network, BitTorrent, and Fetch AI are some of the popular IEO projects that have raised funds by means of Binance’s IEO launchpad. The average ROI of Binance IEO was nearly 580%. 

Not only Binance launchpad but also OKEx, Bittrex, and Huobi are some of the popular IEO platforms in the crypto marketplace.  Through those IEO launchpads, both exchanges and startups have highly benefited and reaped great profits. If you’re a budding exchange willing to expand your services, you can include the IEO launchpad as an add-on feature with your Exchange. 

By including the IEO module in your exchange, you can attract many potential investors who will automatically add to your user base. With the increased user count, the reach and reputation of your crypto exchange will definitely increase. In that regard, it is highly suggestible to add an initial exchange offering platform to your business.

On considering these aspiring benefits, you might come to the idea of developing and including the IEO module in your exchange. Now, what might be the procedure to develop your IEO platform? The following are mentioned below.

How to Develop an IEO Module for Your Exchange?

Basically, an initial exchange offering platform can be developed in two distinct methods. One is developing on your own or approaching professional guidance. If you’re a well-grown exchange that possesses a seasoned team of developers with your team, you can develop your IEO platform on your own and include it with your exchange.

On the other hand, if you’re a budding exchange that is trying to incorporate the valuable features one by one by your exchange, you might not have that many experienced developers with you. A feature-rich IEO launchpad can be developed if you have professional experts by your side. In that regard, you can approach an esteemed IEO development company to create a rich IEO module. 

Benefits of Choosing our Initial Exchange Offering Development Services

Here, I shall list some of the benefits of approaching an IEO development company for your creating your IEO module. 

  • First, a great professional touch will be found in your module as we have an experienced team of developers in our hands.
  • Your IEO module development can be executed in a cost-efficient manner.
  • Multi-blockchain support is available. We can develop your IEO module on any reputed blockchain platform you prefer to develop for your business.
  • IEO development without technical expertise might take a long time to develop. But that is not the case if you approach a reputed IEO development service provider. They’ll make quick deployment and deliver your expected product in time.
  • High exposure, liquidity, future synergy, and token distribution are the fruits you can harvest by developing your IEO module with the initial coin offering development company.

Among all other IEO development companies prevailing in the crypto space.

Why Should You Choose Icoclone for IEO Development?

Icoclone is the first-class IEO development company in the crypto space. We have more than 7+ years of experience in developing IEO modules for prominent exchanges. We possess a team of well-seasoned blockchain developers who are capable of changing your IEO module development dream into reality. Icoclone has a support team that gathers your requirements and the features you wish to incorporate into your IEO module and develops accordingly.

You can create and receive your final product on time without any delay. Not only IEO development but also excels in offering ICO script, STO script, crypto token development, crypto wallet development, non-fungible token development, etc. We also offer 24/7 customer support for our beloved clients across the globe. So, contact Icoclone immediately develop your IEO module, and get profit in your crypto business!

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