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Startups are always on the lookout for good opportunities to get funded through an initial coin offering (ICO).

In the simplest business term, an ICO is the easiest and effective fund-raising method in which a company releases its own digital assets in terms of a token. ICO is the greatest online hot business to collect investors for startup ideas. It’s an amazing source for startups to sell their own cryptocurrencies in the name of their digital tokens.

Better Deal to start your ICO Launch Platform:

icoclone.com – where the place startups can get 100% customized solution to start their ICO business platform and reliable solution for your token sales development and smart contract management system to automate sales processes. we are one of the best ICO development companies in India, specializes in releasing blockchain business development software solutions, having expertise in writing ethereum smart contracts based on ERC20 standards for the ICO projects, tokens development, own coin development like bitcoin & altcoin.

We’re one of the few trusted sources to build an ICO website for your business. To deliver a turnkey ICO business software solution to set up, run, and manage ICOs. You can focus on your project without wasting precious resources reinventing the wheel.

Top-notch features in our ICO platform:

  • Token Development ( Token API Development ) 

We create your own ethereum token for the startups which attract a good number of investors. These tokens are developed in compliance with the SEC guidelines and the country’s regulations. In addition to this, these tokens are created in accordance with the client’s business requirements.

If you have a requirement of developing ICO on the ethereum platform, we assist you in making the dreams come true.  

  • Smart contracts with Tokens Development

While creating Smart contracts for the ICO Token platform, we make security as #1 priority. We implement security mechanisms like HTTPS Authentication, Data Encryption, DDoS, SSRF, etc to ensure they are safe and reliable.

Our Smart Contracts are intended to provide instant buy and sell token transactions without any delays. 

  • Shaping a legal model suitable for each business development

We look for legal compliance in your desired country. Since each country has its own jurisdictions, we check for the required one and launch your ICO business in accordance with them. 

  • Multiple Payment Integration as customer’s demand

Be it a fiat currency or cryptocurrency, we integrate multiple payment gateways as per the client’s requirements. It can support fiat currencies like USD, EURO, INR as well as for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. With this feature, your traders can instantly buy ICO tokens in a hassle-free manner. 

  • Automated Token Sales Engine

We render an automated token sales engine which calculates and generates the desired sales for every single token in the platform. Hence, as the proprietor, you can simply verify the number of tokens that are sold so far and frame the strategies in accordance with them.

  • Design rich ICO business platform to sell new cryptocurrencies

We come up with a simple yet intuitive ICO launch platform that is feature-packed and attracts numerous investors in the market. With its specialty, there are higher chances that you can raise the desired set of funds required for your project.

  • Bug-free and secured blockchain code development.

All our ICO script and software which we render for your platform are completely bug-free and can be customized as per your requirements. Moreover, we provide lifetime free support in case you experience any issues and resolve them completely. 

  • Wallet Integration 

We integrate Cryptocurrency wallets into the ICO platform which are multi-signature, multi-security, etc.

  • Token Exchanging

To bring high-profits to you, we start listing your tokens on exchanges and help the traders in exchanging the tokens. 

Find your new startup ideas or take your effective entrepreneurial ideas. We have received thousands of enquirers’ daily browsing software for ICO business. We will take care of pre-sale and post-sale ICO business platform design & development activities.

If you require one, you can get in touch with us for a premier outcome.

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