How to make ICO turn out as a fast buck in 2021?


Nowadays Initial Coin Offering is the biggest trend in the crypto space. The conception to presale crypto coins or tokens of a project has evolved as a crazy successful financial instrument to raise funds for business!

If you look at the latest statistics for the ICO platform, Trading and Investment alone account for 39.4% of the market!! As an additional bonus, in March 2019, 71 ICO’s has been published!

Here is the graph which shows the number of ICOs published in the past twelve months.

ICO Bench


With such emendations happening every single day, one thing which remains stable is the regulations imposed on ICO! Though people argue about scams associated with this platform, these regulations have brought great impact indeed! Moreover, this can reduce scams happening!!

The time is not far if you are planning to create an initial coin offering! This article is a complete guide to ICO, you will be taught right from basics for the beginners and how to make ICO in a successful manner.

What is the initial coin offering (ICO)?

If you are a beginner, you need to know the basics before getting in-depth. If you look at traditional companies, there are multiple ways to raise the funds for their business development and expansion of the organization. One way through which funds can be raised is through Initial Public Offering (IPO). This was the popular strategy in the previous years. With this technique, IPO companies can earn funds from individual investors by selling shares of the company.

In the same way, Initial Coin Offering is similar to IPO. ICO services are done with the motto of fundraising strategy, which is looking to create a new cryptocurrency coin, token, app, website, etc. Therefore the interested investors can buy coins with fiat cryptocurrency or digital coins. The company holding ICO uses the investor funds to accomplish its goal, launching its product, or starting its currency.

How is the initial coin offering for 2021?

2017 was the year of the initial coin offering process with considerable changes that happened in the world of cryptocurrencies. The collective total raised by ICOs increased last year, with 413 offerings raising $10.06 billion in 2017 versus 1,012 offerings raising $11.59 billion in 2018. So coming to the year 2021, it has reached launching profits for these four months which is undoubtedly true!! With the regulations imposed, investors can get into ICO instantly.



How to make ICO?

Before launching Initial Coin Offering with any organization, make sure you are safe out of risks and scams. Here are a few signs that are a clear indication that ICO is fake, and you should stay away from them!!

Getting Rid of ICO Scams
  • Keep an eye on their Websites
  • Stolen Whitepaper
  • Lack of Authorization
  • Development Team that doesn’t exist
  • Unrealistic Promises

If you feel you are out of danger, go ahead to make your own ICO. However, get to know other factors such as budget since it may also be a reason to be considered.

Pre-Requisites before making ICO platform

If you are a startup planning to start ICO, you should know the necessities before getting into it! 

Here are the pre-requisites you need to consider for a successful ICO launch platform.

  • Idea

Just similar to any startup, everything starts from an idea that can bring forth desirable results!!

  • Assembling the required Team

The founder of the organization should bring forth the required team with high-end expertise. We at Icoclone, have a talented pool of developers who make your ideas turned into feature-rich solutions!!

  • Product Planning

With a diverse set of teams, plan the required roadway to lay a deep foundation for your project!

  • Developing Whitepaper

Having all your project characteristics done right from everything is noted in Whitepaper which is one of the ICO tools. Added, write down the problem, solution, technology used, etc to make your investor come up with a clear picture!

Do some people come with a query of how much does a white paper cost? Anyway, this could totally depend on the type and complexity of the project!!

  • Releasing Roadmap

So, how you are going to work? What are the stages involved? Make these queries solved by releasing the roadway you are planning to work through such that your investor can find you as a reliable person!

  • Seeking Legal Counsel

Have a clear idea about rules, regulations, jurisdictions before launching any product. This can keep you out of risks!

Once you are done with this, Yes, you are ready to kick-start ICO Development solutions

Launching ICO in 2021

If you have the query of how to create an ICO these steps would be the ready-made answer!!

In order to get into the process of ICO, the initial step is knowing the value of the project! Tokens should match the value of the product that the company is developing to bring to market.

  • As said earlier in this ICO guide, get to know Initial Coin Offering scams so that you would be out of risks! Apart from Scams, know the countries which have made ICO software a legalized one!! Countries such as Singapore, Hong-kong, Switzerland have made ICO a legal one!
  • Creating an ICO initially demands to create of a Token! If you look at the ICOwatchlist data 81.7% of projects use the Ethereum platform which is public and open-source. Token distribution can be done on platforms such as Stratis, Hyperledger, BitShares, etc.
  • In the previous section of the ICO process flow, you would well-know about Whitepaper! Make your whitepaper composing the complete project sections including motto of the project, business analysis, legal issues, marketing, description of your team, investors, and advisors of your project.
  • A new ICO launch will involve the launch of the website. An ICO website is one with a fully-composed wealth of information. Your investor can judge you from the site you make!! This should contain the primary information such as objectives, goals, the roadway for the upcoming years, and to mention the interests of investors!
  • Now you have done with the website for the ICO process. The next step is Marketing. Ensure your online presence in every possible media which includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn. Other popular blockchain ICO platforms include Reddit, BitcoinTalk which will also bring trusted investors to your business!
  • Now everyone would be aware of you and would be interested in partnering with you for business!! But the crucial step is here!! Yes, the Customer Support you render! Traders and Investors would be extremely happy and believe you to be a trustworthy startup or person! So make sure you engage your end users every time in their queries!

So, this is how to setup/ launch an initial coin offering for a business!

What makes an ICO successful for your business?

Now you would have launched your Initial Coin Offering with ICO service providers. These are potential foredeals your project would experience if you have launched ICO.

  • Most of the ICO’s price is modest in the market, allowing even small investors to participate in sales. If you look at traditional Initial Public Offerings, small investors have a chance to invest little money and in the event that the underlying project does well, the investor reaps tremendous returns in the future.
  • Initial Coin Offerings follow the limited supply-demand principle, this allows their cryptocurrencies to gain value in the future! The initial investors could leverage the economic prominence of principle increasing their chances of profiting exponentially.
  • Early contributors in ICO token market will have more liquidity in the early stages. This can be a potential advantage for your business!!
  • The returns from investing in ICOs can be 1000%, with the gains from the hits outweighing the losses of the misses. What more is needed?

So people and investors surrounded by queries such as how to get into an ICO? Will it bring profits? It has been resolved we hope!!

Future of ICO

An investor approached us with these questions:

  • How to start an ICO- Got the answer
  • How much does ICO cost- Got the answer
  • How ICO launch will bring profits – Got the answer
  • Launched Initial Coin Offering, What is the future of ICO? Can you answer??

Yes, we have an answer for you!! As an investor, here is some happy news for you:

  • From the desk of World of Venture Capital: deal selection, deal structuring and due diligence by an experienced lead investor, a proven legal framework for balancing investors’ and founders’ interests and active portfolio management
  • From the desk of World of Blockchain: transparency, security, scalability, fast and easy transactions of shares, increased liquidity, and more inclusivity (i.e. an opening to new investor groups).
  • You would have noticed the drastic growth of ICO in the years 2017 and 2018! This can be expected in future years as well!
  • Since regulations have already come into existence, the scammers are expected to go down the line!!

Added, here are a few views of experts in the ICO crypto world!!

  • Jason Remillard, the President of Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc.

ICO’s are a great way to get interested in your project, reward your potential early customers, and in some cases – raise cash!

  • Jeff Tennery, CEO and co-founder, Moonlighting

ICO’s are also democratizing early-stage investing, allowing a wider pool of investors to participate. Token offerings shift power and control to the blockchain rather than one or two influential investors

  • Kain Warwick, Founder of Havven

ICO’s will transform capital raising for many reasons, but the most important is that they will enable projects to be funded that would have never have been funded by VCs.

Throughout the following years, government guidelines and government selection of the blockchain and its spinoffs will increment. We will come to basic understanding terms with the controllers as well as with financial specialists and organizers by means of a delightful worldwide stage.

At the point when the crowdfunding stage at first began, it likewise experienced such a large number of tricks where you gave to them and you don’t get anything back. That is the manner by which each market began, even the most confided in IPOs. Simply being in the carport, they would dispatch an IPO in the early website bubble. This is the very same cycle that each advancement experiences and this is flawlessly fine. Truth be told, it’s useful for the market.

Where to get initial coin offering development done?

As we have discussed earlier, there are a plethora of startups and companies who are instantly providing ICO launch services. But the thing is to choose the best one which suits all your expectations!!

ICOCLONE, having a bunch of expertise in the industry has talented expert minds ICO developers on board to make sure you have your high-end software in accordance with your expectations!!

What makes us stand out in the ICO market?

Our seasoned team of ICO developers put their best in efforts to ensure successful implementation. Regardless of looking for an Agile development of a single application or composed ICO suite, we ensure a positive outcome for every project.

With the pool of experienced professionals on board, we design, develop, and deliver customized ICO solutions to exactly meet your unique requirements and budget!  Our rich solutions assist you in your hectic workflow in a pristine roadway!

With feature-packed benefits, we let you manage your complete business process in an easy-going path with utmost accuracy and precision!

I hope you liked the article!!

If you still have queries such as how to do an initial coin offering? how to get into ICO? We people are all the way available to help you readily!

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