How to Create an ICO? Launch An ICO Successfully In 2024?

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We are presenting you with an exclusive guide that will assist you in understanding the basic steps needed to launch your own ICO project. Moreover, we will walk you through the process of planning your project, creating your ICO website, writing your whitepaper, and creating your crypto token based on popular blockchains like Ethereum, Tron, and Binance smart chain network. In recent times, the popularity of cryptocurrency has been increasing day by day. Most of the giant sectors such as Banking, Finance, and Healthcare have already started adopting this technology.

Everything is being made possible and a painless task with Blockchain. It includes creating your crypto token, Getting started with cryptocurrency business, and Cryptocurrency Crowdfunding services like Initial Coin Offering, Security Token Offering, etc. Hence, this article gives you the complete inception of launching the popular crowdfunding platform called ICO. You can learn every single step you need to do while launching your ICO. 

Let us begin with…

What is an Initial Coin Offering?

Let me first explain to you what an initial coin offering is. To put it in simple words, an ICO is a fundraising strategy through which startups and other industries raise funds for their projects by selling their ICO Tokens. Hence, the initial thing you should know before launching an Initial Coin Offering is to analyze the need for ICO for your business. Regardless of the type of sector, this strategy is applicable across various industries, startups, ICO Marketing companies, etc. It can be an online or an offline project, ICO supports everything. 

Let me explain to you some live examples. The first industry that tops the list of raising a good amount of funds is Network/ Communication. According to the ICO Watchlist, around $4,640,447,641 has been raised for about 2.67% of projects to date. Next comes the undeniable Blockchain platform. For 5.51% of projects, the total amount of money raised accounts for $1,688,474,628. In the future, these numbers will start rising without any doubt. Thirdly, the Financial sector has raised around $428,055,006. Around 12.9% of ICO projects were involved in this.

Not to miss, the Health sector has also adopted Initial Coin Offering in its early days. The Health domain adopted 3.77% of ICO projects which raised around $276,868,999 in the industry. Additionally, other industries such as the Energy/Utility, and Manufacturing sectors have also adopted ICOs and have raised millions in seconds.



Now, decide whether your business needs an ICO. Make sure your project is valuable and imperative to do something with Initial Coin Offerings. Otherwise, investors won’t be interested in buying your ICO tokens. Moreover, a new cryptocurrency coin will be responsible for adding value to your business. It would be feasible and reliable if your industry belongs to any of these categories. You can also be the person on the list to raise the funds for your project!

How Does ICO Work?

You have probably heard of an Initial Public Offering (IPO). This type of public offering is one where the shares of the company are sold to the investors. Therefore, the private company becomes public here. One popular example of an IPO is Facebook’s Initial Public Offering. On 1st February 2010, Facebook filed for an IPO with the SEC. At that time, they had 845 million users with 2 million likes and comments every day. Once the IPO was over, Mark retained 22% of ownership shares and 57% of voting shares. Before the IPO, the motto was to raise $5 billion. But they managed to raise 4104 billion. This remains to be the most famous history with Initial Public Offerings.

On comparing IPO Vs ICO, 3 differences occur. Initially, ICOs are decentralized with no authority. Secondly, In IPOs, investors get a good amount of shares in return for the investment. Finally, ICOs are unregulated. Okay, the working of ICO mainly depends on Blockchain Smart Contracts on the technical end. Regardless of Blockchain networks such as Ethereum, NXT, HyperLedger, or others, you can choose any platform. Let me explain to you in detail in the latter part of the article.

How to Launch Your own ICO?

Here we list some essential steps that you need to follow to create a successful ICO platform for raising funds.

1. Research the Market and Gain a Clear Idea

The first step to know how to launch an ICO is to research completely. Now you would get to know the reason why Initial Coin Offering is needed for your business. Initially, you should do complete Market research on the ICO industry. Check for live prices and how they are performing. Moreover, there are around 1500 cryptocurrencies that are in existence. Additionally, you can refer to popular Initial Coin Offering News sites such as CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, etc to get a clear perception.

Also look for the Initial Coin Offering Wiki, which also gives a relevant explanation. Make a strategy that would outperform and make your cryptocurrency stand out from others. If your token survives these waves, your ICO could also be the most successful ICO of all time!

2. Figure Out the Targeted Audience & Competitors

To do so, the next step is to figure out the target audience and where you have planned to launch your Ico. This phase has plenty of things to do with regulations in the country. Also, I have explained in brief the regulations in the upcoming sections. Once you have decided on your target audience, the next thing is to identify your competitors. Remember, you are competing for the Investor’s money. Hence, there can be dozens of ICOs that would have already been footprinted. Thus, make a clear roadmap of strategies and features you are going to use in your Initial Coin Offering to attract investors.

3. Figure out the Regulations of the Country where you have planned to Launch the ICO

Initial Coin Offerings are the most regulated part of the cryptocurrency list. The reason is there is a huge volume of ICOs shut down with the collected funds. Thus, they are exposed to the world in terms of scams. Still, in most countries, ICOs are accepted to be friendly and favored. 

In the United States, citizens are required to disclose any income and wealth earned with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Though the country hasn’t announced the legal phase of ICOs, the interpretation is based on the Howey Test. On the other hand, countries such as Switzerland, and Malta have made everything legal with Initial Coin Offerings. The jurisdictions in both these countries are embracing Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies as well as ICO.

Therefore, it is always best to research the Regulations of Initial Coin Offerings in various countries and have an eye on future regulations as well. So, if you Hire expert Lawyers who know about cryptocurrencies in the country, there are higher chances of knowing about regulations in the country you have planned to launch your ICO.

4. Drafting the Whitepaper

To know how to start an ICO, the next crucial step is to write an Initial Coin Offering Whitepaper. A Whitepaper is a research guide that provides complete information about the project. Around 76% of people utilize Whitepaper for their decision-making process. So, here are a couple of major things involved in the ICO Whitepaper.

Whitepapers act as a tool used by developers to lure and convince potential investors. A well-organized Whitepaper will help the developers with a clear roadmap and drive accordingly. Hence, to obtain the main objective, Whitepapers are expected to paint a good scenario for the watching audience. They are the means of generating fundraising publicity. Once the Whitepaper is released to the public, there are chances of getting notified among your potential investors. Thus, it becomes general publicity for fund-raising easily.

An effective & best ICO Whitepaper will include details such as:

  • The vision of the project
  • Current ICO Market
  • The Regulations
  • The Roadmap for Development
  • Phases of ICO Development
  • Legal Disclaimers
  • The Cost Involved
  • The Team involved with expertise
  • About the Company  

5. Forming the Expert Set of Team

It is crucial to have a pool of rich expert developers who can develop top-notch ICO solutions.  To launch a successful ICO, it is important to have a killer team. For instance, if you want to raise $14,000 for your project, you and your team should have an equal amount of capability and expertise. Moreover, raising $14,000 is not an easy task. You should remain perfect and produce an impeccable product to achieve this target. Before you start hiring or creating the team, remember to grab the people whom you have planned to do ICO. The ICO development team doesn’t just include Developers alone. Here is the set of people who should be available in your ICO development Team

  • Founder/Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Technology Officer/ Co-Founder
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Blockchain & ICO Developers
  • ICO Marketing Specialists
  • Financial Advisors

6. Creating a Crypto Token

To know how to create an Initial Coin Offering, you should also know about the technical end. So it is time to move to the Technical side. You have your idea, you have a Whitepaper with a clear explanation of your project, and you have a killer set of an expert team, now it is time for crypto token creation. Technical Architecture plays a great role in developing a successful ICO. Different structures work for different ICOs. For instance, in the year 2013, NXT, the popular Blockchain Platform managed to raise $16,800 worth of Bitcoin just with the BitcoinTalk Forum alone.

7. Launch an ICO Website

If you are not sure about launching your own ICO website, then here we have given our opinions to help you with ICO Website Development. To grab your potential investors, it is a must to design an intuitive yet informative ICO website. Here is the checklist of the things you have to consider for launching your own ICO platform.

  • The Team Section contains names, HD photos, Biographies with Expertise, and links to social networks.
  • On the other hand, having a website that lists the detailed information of the ICO Team with their designation can also be useful.
  • The next step is to draft your template of the Roadmap on your website itself. The Roadmap represents the phases the Company has crossed until now. This can be a success story for your investors.
  • The next step is to provide rich information about your Initial Coin Offering. Let your investors know how many tokens or cryptocurrencies you are going to distribute. 
  • Finally, at the bottom line of the website provide links to your social media forums such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube

While security remains to be the topmost concern in an ICO website. Once your ICO starts, the website should be well-planned and should carry complexity & scalability. Your ICO platform should withstand a website crash if, in turn, it happens. Hacking and DDoS attacks are many common threats nowadays.

There have been many instances of websites being hacked and wallet addresses being replaced. If you are running PR campaigns, take the necessary steps to get rid of phishing attacks. The ICO Website design should be user-friendly and intuitive and satisfy all the expectations of the investor. In simple words, an ICO website should contain:

  • Subscription Form
  • Presentation Video
  • A Complete Roadmap
  • An informative description of ICO
  • The Team
  • The Whitepaper
  • Use cases
  • Contact Information

Additionally, it is important to have a user-friendly ICO Dashboard. A Dashboard where users can navigate easily across pages will be beneficial. You can make use of the premium ICO website Script. In this case, to create an ICO website as expected by the users, you can prefer bug-free ICO Script software which helps to launch your own ICO platform with peculiar features

8. Market your ICO Website

So, you have done everything from your end. Let me explain to you about ICO Marketing. This strategy will be used to promote your ICO platform through ICO affiliate Marketing services. This is the crucial step to make money for your Initial Coin Offering. You can make use of both Organic and Paid ads to the fullest. Ads here refer to Google Ads, Forum Ads, Social Media Ads, etc.

The next thing you should know is to figure out the relevant time to launch an ICO. With the market’s hype, there are higher chances that investors get notified about your Initial Coin Offering and would buy it instantly. Make sure your team constantly communicates with the investors, in all the stages of ICO Development. You can choose various marketing strategies for promoting the ICO project to the investors. Those main strategies include:

  • Crypto Forums
  • ICO Newscorner
  • Slack
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • LinkedIn

9. Pre-ICO & ICO Crowdsale

Finally, you have entered the pre-ICO launch stage. To launch your ICO, you must have a pre-ICO stage. At this stage, users will be interested in your project, if your ICO Marketing is good and successful. The cost of launching an ICO in the pre-stages will always be lower to gain the audience and investors.

After your pre-ICO is over, you can go with the ICO crowd sale stage. Now comes the best and the most awaited top stage everyone is expecting. This stage gives solutions to whether your project is alive and successful. The average duration of ICO Crowdsale could be around 2-4 weeks and could even extend up to 2 months. 

Communication is the most important tool in this stage. Your specialists from all the domains of your ICO product should be available 24*7 to support your investors. This is the decisive period for your project since people want to seek answers to their immediate questions. In addition to this, having security specialists will be great. If in case your ICO Website is imposed with some attacks, they can help you instantly.

What to do After ICO?

I have seen a huge number of people who perform post-ICO marketing. This is also a good step. Apart from this, you have to start distributing your tokens. If you have raised funds more than you have expected, you can spend money on your ICO Marketing or another enhancing basis.

Now know how to make & increase the revenue and capital for your company. Just imagine that your investors need your token in exchange for Bitcoin or other Altcoins.

In such a case, you can start listing your ICO Tokens in Cryptocurrency Exchanges. By doing so, you can gain popularity in a worry-free manner. A cryptocurrency ICO list is the catalyst responsible for your popularity.

How to Take Your ICO to Exchange?

This is the most important factor that you must know for launching your ICO, this could even change your target funds to be raised. Remember, you can list your crypto token on popular cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, Localbitcoin, Poloniex, or any exchange to get an ample amount of investors to invest in an Initial Coin Offering. To get your token listed in these exchanges, here are some basic attributes you have to satisfy.

  • Name of your Coin
  • Trading Symbol
  • Logo of your Coin
  • Description of your token
  • Date of the Launch
  • Compliance fee

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We are always available to help you in raising funds for your projects and ideas! I hope this article helped with learn the basics from what’s an Initial Coin Offering to how to launch your ICO.

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