Crypto Token Creation – The Complete Guide for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Crypto Token Creation - The Complete Guide for Startups and Entrepreneurs

In today’s digital world, everything is completely digitized with the help of advanced innovative technologies. One such innovative technology is blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is a type of complex technology that is used in several industries as security software.  On the other hand, cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens are gaining immense popularity among investors across the globe. It is due to its beneficial factors and the positive impacts in the marketplace.

Thus, cryptos and crypto tokens have emerged as one of the most successful technologies ever. As of now, many global companies and corporations accept crypto tokens and cryptos as their payment. So it’s no longer possible to avoid or ignore digital currencies. But cryptos and crypto tokens are far from perfect. Even the world’s most prominent digital currency, Bitcoin and Ethereum have their flaws.

Currently, there is an upsurge in the usage of Crypto tokens. Many users and investors are trading crypto tokens from the reputed exchanges. Also, some are buying ICO tokens in the ICO token sales platform. This attracted many startups and enterprises to approach crypto token development. If you are a startup willing to create a crypto token but you aren’t aware of Crypto token creation. Then this innovative article is for you…

This article navigates to the complete guide on crypto token development with all the essential parameters. Now, let us begin with…

What is a Crypto Token?

Crypto token is a kind of digital asset that has different features and functionalities than altcoins and bitcoins. Here altcoins refer to cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin and crypto token is a representation of utility or asset. Crypto token also represents a specific fungible and tradable asset over an ICO that is completely developed on the blockchain network. These crypto tokens are often used by startups and entrepreneurs to raise the funds on crowdfunding platforms. Like ICO, IEO, and STO. 

However, the crypto tokens operate on the top blockchain network. It acts as a tool or medium for the creation & execution of decentralized apps, smart contracts, and the tokens which are used to facilitate secure transactions. Crypto tokens are usually created and sold through the standard initial coin offering (ICO) process that involves crowdfunding mechanisms.

These crypto tokens often serve as the transaction units on the blockchains that are created using the Ethereum network. It is a kind of open-source blockchain network and permissionless. So it allows users to create their own tokens on the ethereum blockchain. Such blockchain networks also work on the concept of smart contracts development and Crypto token creation. Here the self-executing code is completely used to perform and manage the different transactions that are occurring on the blockchain.

Now, let us see…

Best and Popular Crypto Tokens in the Marketplace

Here we list some of the best and trending crypto tokens that are revolutionizing the crypto market.

  1. Tether 
  2. Chain link
  3. USD coin
  4. Yearn finance
  5. Binance USD
  6. Compound
  7. Maker 
  8. Hedge trade
  9. Celsius 
  10. Wrapped bitcoin
  11. Uni swap
  12. Huobi token 
  13. Basic attention token and much more

These are the prominent crypto tokens and each has different features and functionalities. These crypto tokens are successful in the market because these tokens are completely developed with the help of a professional crypto token development company. Thus, choose the right crypto token development company for creating your own token.

Types of Crypto Tokens

As we previously mentioned that tether, yearn finance, etc are popular crypto tokens. But the innovation of crypto tokens did not stop. Many different types of crypto tokens were introduced in the market to support different applications. The creation and growth of Ethereum and TRON blockchain gave birth to the new crypto tokens. Depending on the application and functions, different types of crypto tokens are existing in the market. Such as 

  • Utility token
  • Security token
  • Asset token
  • Currency tokens
  • Loyalty tokens

Now, let us see the above types of crypto tokens in detai

I) Utility Tokens

Utility tokens are completely designed and developed to use in a particular blockchain ecosystem. The major use of a utility token is as a payment option for buying within the platform. Utility tokens will be first released by a company to provide its users with a mechanism to pay for a new product or service. For instance, many popular crypto exchange platforms issued their own crypto token to their users for trade to reduce the trading fees.

As of now, many firms are using ethereum and Tron blockchain to create utility tokens. These two blockchains have a major standard like ERC20 for ethereum and TRC20 for Tron. Also, these two utility token types are famous in the crypto marketplace. Thus, many startups and entrepreneurs prefer ERC20 token development and TRC20 token development. These kinds of crypto tokens are probably developed on the advanced blockchain networks. It will be beneficial if you buy utility tokens during the ICO token sales. Then the tokens will be significantly at a lower price than the market rate.

II) Security Tokens

Security tokens represent the fractional ownership of any real-time asset. These tokens are completely developed under the SEC Guidelines and the country’s regulations. However, security tokens offer higher liquidity, regulatory compliance, good transparency, and much more. Like utility tokens, these tokens can be also traded on an exchange platform

Security tokens are usually developed by pegging any securities of the token issuer. Some security tokens can also be equity tokens. Security tokens are completely backed by tradable assets. These tokens act like a stock or share of the company and it is given to the buyer once the STO ends. By purchasing security tokens, you get some rights along with sharing in the company stocks.

Security tokens are completely different from utility tokens. Because they are limited by some federal laws and rules of stock trading. Security tokens can also be accessed outside of the platform on which they are developed. The value of security tokens may upsurge or fall according to the performance of the project. 

III) Asset Tokens

Asset-backed crypto tokens are said as asset tokens. Asset tokens are one of the ideal Blockchain applications. These tokens help to facilitate the cost-effective, secure, and instant trading of real-world assets. In basic words, asset tokens are completely backed by real-time assets. such as gold, silver, real estate, and bonds are called asset tokens. These tokens have the value of the backed real-time assets and can be used for buying and selling other digital assets. Thus, it improves the trading of real-world assets on major digital platforms. 

However, security tokens offer secure, reliable, and minimal cost of trading for traditional assets with the help of Blockchain Technology. The owner of the asset token owns a piece of a real-time asset that is tangible and has ownership rights. Asset-backed crypto tokens are basically classified into four different types. Such as

  • Debt token
  • Commodity token
  • Real-estate token
  • Non-fungible hard assets
  • Non-fungible soft assets  

IV) Currency Tokens

A currency token acts as the fiat currency and used for payment and purchases. For example, bitcoin is a type of digital currency that can be used for buying and selling digital assets with merchants who accept the bitcoins. Currency tokens can also be used for exchanging other digital currencies and fiat currencies. Also, it can be sent to other users through a crypto token wallet.

V) Loyalty Tokens

A loyalty token is a kind of special token that is completely developed to act as a reputation token for a specific blockchain application. Loyalty tokens will help you to improve and provide a better experience for the users on your platform. These tokens are given as rewards or free to someone as a credit. A loyalty token does not have any real value.

I hope you have understood the concept and types of crypto tokens that are existing in the market. If you have any idea on a crypto token creation, then you need to have a crypto token wallet app for your tokens. Thus, you must approach the best crypto token wallet app development service. 

Crypto Token Wallet App Development

The Crypto token wallet app is a type of crypto wallet that is basically used to store, receive, and transfer crypto tokens. Our crypto token wallet app can be easily accessed without any kind of difficulty. Token wallet app functions with the help of the internet. Also, we can say that all the crypto token transactions are at your fingertips. Crypto token wallet app development can be categorized into different types based on the platform of the crypto token wallet app and the crypto token support.

  • IOS & Android Mobile Token Wallet App Development

We develop a crypto token wallet app for both iOS-based and android based mobile devices. We provide the finest mobile wallet app development service which has an attractive user-friendly interface. Also, our crypto token mobile wallet app is completely secured, and easy to use.

  • Multiple Crypto Token Wallet App Development

As of now, there are many crypto tokens available in the market. Using our token wallet app development service,  you can create a mobile app that supports multiple crypto tokens. We have great experience in offering multiple crypto token mobile wallet app development services.

Now, let us see…

Desirable Features of Crypto Token Development

Here we list the essential features that you must enable while creating a crypto token.

  1. ERC2O contract generation
  2. Crypto token wallet app for android, ios, Web, and Mac
  3. Setting Initial Supply
  4. Setting No of Issues
  5. Setting Fractions
  6. Deploy Contracts
  7. Generate Tokens
  8. Validate Contract
  9. Token swaps
  10. High-level safety & security mechanisms

Benefits of Creating a Crypto Token 

There are endless perks when you create your own token on either ethereum blockchain or Tron blockchain. Here we list some of the benefits of crypto token development.

  1. Middleman free transaction
  2. Anonymity 
  3. Globalized instant and secure transaction 
  4. Our token wallet app supports Android, IOS, Mac, & Windows.
  5. Customizable interface
  6. P2P Decentralized network
  7. Supports Multiple Crypto tokens
  8. Limitless data
  9. Cost-effective transactions
  10. Easily trackable options and more

These are the essential advantages of crypto token creation. 

Why choose Icoclone For Crypto Token Creation?

Icoclone, the best and leading Crypto token development company in the crypto space. Being an early bird in the industry, we excel in offering all types of crypto token development services with impeccable outcomes. Our reliable token development services include crypto token creation, stablecoin development, ERC20 token development, TRC20 token development, security token development, and much more. Apart from these, we are also masters in offering feature-rich ICO launch services at the best market price. 

If you are looking to create a unique crypto token using advanced blockchain at a reasonable price. Then we are here to guide you right from scratch to deployment. 

If you have any queries on Crypto token creation, then contact us right now!

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