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After the advent of blockchain technology, various industries have gained more benefits through it and the crypto industry is also one among them. Over the past few years, the crypto industry is revolutionizing the finance world by introducing various new concepts. Among them, the popular idea of raising funds is known as crypto crowdfunding. 

Crypto crowdfunding is the most prominent concept for raising funds via cryptocurrencies. It is an effective revenue-generating platform for newly emerging startups and entrepreneurs. Crypto crowdfunding can be categorized into various types like ICO, STO, IEO, etc. 

Among these methods, ICO is the most ideal and simplest form of raising capital. A vast amount of funds has been raised through ICO till now. Most of the crypto tokens prevailing in the crypto marketplace were released with the help of ICO. 

This is just a glimpse of an ICO. In this article, we would discuss ICO in detail and the important steps to be considered for launching an ICO.

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What is an ICO?

Initial coin offering (ICO) is one of the most popular and easiest methods of crypto crowdfunding to raise funds effectively at a rapid pace. During an ICO, the fundraising startup will create a new crypto token. The potential investors will be issued with the crypto tokens in return for their investment. Using ICO, the fundraising startup can raise more funds from numerous investors. The main advantage of an ICO is, it doesn’t include third-party intervention. 

An ICO is considered successful when the desired capital is raised within a short span of time. So, it should be done with much care. The core benefits of building an ICO website are,

  • Decentralization
  • High liquidity
  • Transparency
  • Third-party Elimination
  • Eliminates Risk

While talking about the ICO launch, the development process is not child’s play. Certain factors should be considered for building an ICO website in an effective way. 

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Crucial Steps Considered to Build an ICO

An ICO website can be built using two ways viz., development from scratch or script. Building an ICO website from scratch is a long process and it takes much of your time & money. If any technical error occurs, then your whole ICO website will get spoiled. On the alternative side, you can go with an ICO script for launching an ICO promptly. ICO script is a prefabricated software that has all the technical features already incorporated within it. You can customize your desired features using the ICO script. By considering these awesome features, many startups have launched their ICO using an ICO script. So, it is highly recommended to pick the ICO script method for your ICO website launch.

Having an ICO script alone is not enough, some crucial steps have to be followed for building your ICO. The steps are as follows,

Have an Exclusive Idea

The first key factor to be considered for building an ICO is to have an extraordinary idea. Your idea should be out of the box and unparalleled. By deeply analyzing the current market, you can get an extraordinary idea. Through that, you can attract more potential investors to drop money into your project. If you wish to make more profits, then your ICO project must get succeeded and your crypto tokens should make a remarkable position in the crypto marketplace. Hence, your idea should be an unbeatable one.

Competitor Analysis 

It is also a core factor that plays a vital role in launching an ICO. You should analyze your competitors and their marketing strategies to reach more than them. An ICO campaign is conducted only for the purpose of collecting funds. If the competitors offer better services than yours, then investors will put money into their projects. So, analyze your competitors often to make your ICO more successful.

Launch in Legalized Countries

Most of the countries have accepted cryptocurrencies and legalized them. Some of the countries are making talks on legalizing cryptos. It is well and good to launch an ICO in a crypto-legalized country because you can utilize the cryptocurrencies in different cases i.e for making payments, purchases, etc. Here, we would like to list some of the crypto-friendly nations for launching your own ICO.

  • Switzerland
  • The United States
  • The United kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Denmark
  • El-Salvador
  • Malta
  • Estonia
  • Israel

Crypto Token Creation

Without crypto tokens, you cannot run an ICO campaign. Certain criteria have to be considered for creating a crypto token. First, choose a unique name, symbol, and decimal value of your own crypto token. There are various prominent blockchains available for crypto token creation such as Ethereum, Tron, Binance smart chain, Waves, etc. 

Each blockchain has its own token standards for fungible token creation. So, choose a fungible token standard in any blockchain. Then, decide the total supply of your token. Incorporate all the details of your crypto token in a smart contract. 

A smart contract is a computer-based code that exists on the blockchain. These are the steps to be considered for creating a crypto token. You cannot create your own crypto token at ease. So, do contact a renowned crypto token development company in the crypto space.

Whitepaper Creation

A whitepaper is a technical document that has the whole information of the ICO project. A survey says that most of investors will make their decision only after completely analyzing the whitepaper. So, a whitepaper should be completely informational. The details to be incorporated in the ICO whitepaper are,

  • A vision of the project
  • Current ICO market value
  • ICO roadmap
  • Marketing strategies
  • ICO architecture and goals
  • Developers team description
  • ICO advisory
  • Other information about the token.

You should design your whitepaper in a way to impress the investors because it helps for the success of your ICO project.

Launching an ICO website

A famous proverb implies that the face is the index of your mind. Similarly, an ICO website is the index of your project. So, your ICO website should be impressive and informative. An exemplary ICO website should include your company’s team description, a roadmap of your ICO project, milestones you’ve crossed, etc. Your roadmap should be represented in a meaningful way with future goals. You should build an ICO website with certain extraordinary features to make it as unique one. They are,

  • ICO project description
  • Roadmap
  • A small video representing the project
  • Subscription form
  • Details of the team
  • Terms and conditions
  • Whitepaper
  • Links to podcasts, articles, and blogs
  • Partners and investors information
  • Contact information
  • Customer reviews

If your ICO website is designed by including these features, your website will be more attractive. All these features will be priorly available in premium ICO script and you can launch your ICO website in an effortless manner.

ICO promotion and marketing

If your ICO website is ready to launch, then you should promote them on various sites for reaching your targeted audience. ICO promotion can be carried out by following various marketing strategies like email marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. You should be always available to answer the queries raised among the people.

ICO launch

This is the last and final step (i.e.) launching your ICO. You should follow all the above-mentioned steps to launch your ICO in an effective manner. After the completion of the ICO, you can list your tokens in popular exchanges like Binance, Kraken, etc.

By including all those steps, you can build your ICO website in a tremendous way. Before that, you should choose an ICO script service provider for launching your ICO. One of the ideal solutions is Icoclone.

To sum up

Currently, the crypto market is filled with a lot of amateur developers. So, you should be aware while choosing the script provider. But, one of the top-most and most renowned ICO script providers in the crypto ecosystem is Icoclone. Icoclone has a well-versed team of blockchain developers and we provide a high-feature incorporated ICO script in the crypto space. We have delivered numerous ICO scripts for our global clients. You can easily add or customize your desired features using our ICO script. So, do contact Icoclone to build your ICO at a quicker pace.

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