How much Does it Cost to Create a Crypto Token?

cost to create crypto token

Crypto tokens showed their existence after the existence of open-source blockchain platforms. Presently, digital currencies and crypto tokens are the hot talks of the blockchain town. As we know, Blockchain is a complex and emerging technology, and Most of the global industries and companies have already started to adopt this technology for various use-cases. Such as banking, healthcare, finance, insurance, supply management, and other industries.

You can make everything secure and transparent by using advanced blockchain technology. Apart from these, this technology is mostly used for creating a crypto token, creating a crypto token wallet, trading platform, and for developing a crypto crowdfunding platform. As for now, there are three crypto crowdfunding platforms. Such as Initial Coin Offering(ICO), Security Token Offering(STO), & Initial Exchange Offering(IEO).  

At this current time, the prominence of crypto tokens is surging day by day. Because these tokens have special functionalities when compared to digital coins. So people are showing their interest in trading crypto tokens. Also, the usage of crypto tokens is rapidly increasing on the flip side. That’s why many crypto startups and entrepreneurs are willing to create a crypto token. But when it comes to the cost of crypto token development, they are getting confused by rumors. If you are one among them with lots of confusion in the cost of creating crypto tokens. Then this article will help you to know the exact cost of crypto token creation.

But before knowing the cost of developing a crypto token, let us see some important topics…

About Crypto Tokens

A Crypto token is a digital token that has distinct functions when compared to altcoins and bitcoins. In general, crypto tokens are a representation of utility and security assets. Also, it represents a particular tradable asset over a crypto crowding platform. In the blockchain space, two terms will strongly confuse you i.e, crypto coins and crypto tokens. But both are kind of digital currencies only. Here, crypto coins are completely used for the transaction in the exchange and developed on a separate blockchain. But tokens are mostly used for making payments, for voting on proposals, and created under the existing blockchain.

Startups and other companies create blockchain-powered crypto tokens to raise funds on token sales platforms Like ICO, IEO, and STO. However, the crypto tokens act as a tool for the creation & execution of Dapps, smart contracts, and for performing secure transactions. Crypto tokens are usually created and sold through the standard initial coin offering (ICO) process, IEO process, or STO platform that involves crowdfunding mechanisms.

Currently, some crypto tokens are prevailing in the global blockchain market. Here we list some of the best crypto tokens that are prominent in the world of crypto tokens.

  1. Chain link
  2. Yearn finance
  3. Binance USD
  4. Compound
  5. Maker 
  6. Wrapped bitcoin
  7. Uni swap
  8. Huobi token 
  9. Basic attention token and much more

These are the crypto tokens that are ruling the entire crypto market. Each of these crypto tokens has various features. Currently, different types of crypto tokens are showing their presence in the market with unique functions. They are

  1. Utility token
  2. Security token
  3. Currency token or Stablecoin
  4. Loyalty tokens   

These are the crypto token types that you can prefer for creating a crypto token to raise your funds.

Crypto Token Development Platforms to Create a Crypto Token

In general, for any blockchain project, there will be a platform for the development process. Likewise, for creating a secure crypto-token, there are two major token development platforms. Such as Ethereum and Tron but there are also other prominent token development platforms in the market for creating a token. You might ask – how to create a Crypto token?. To create a token, you need to consider the following factors. 

  • Token development platform and token standard
  • Token name
  • Token symbol
  • Number of tokens for sales
  • Token decimal places
  • Code of contract
  • Verify the source code

The most promising and functional blockchain for creating a crypto token is Ethereum and Tron. In recent times, these two are the most preferred crypto token development platform by crypto startups. Because both the blockchains are open-source platforms via public blockchain. Anyone with Ethereum or Tron blockchain can create a secure and highly functional crypto token easily.

Ethereum is the distributed ledger network and many crypto tokens are currently running in the blockchain. Also, it is the second most traded crypto coin & has a large trade volume in the crypto marketplace. By using the Ethereum blockchain, one can create and deploy an ethereum-based crypto-token in a risk-free manner by undergoing some essential factors. If you want to create an ethereum-based crypto-token, you need to choose the Ethereum token standard that suits your business needs. Presently, there are many ERC token standards. Such as

  1. ERC20 
  2. ERC721
  3. ERC865
  4. ERC223
  5. ERC1400
  6. ERC827
  7. ERC877 and much more

Each ERC token standard has different functions and protocols. But the most preferable token standard for creating Ethereum-based crypto tokens are ERC20 and ERC721.

Similarly, Tron is an open-source blockchain platform, and tokens that are built on top of the Tron blockchain are known as Tron tokens. The only difference between the Tron vs Ethereum is their functions, protocols, and their token standards. Like ethereum, the Tron also has different TRC token standards. Such as TRC10 and TRC20, so you can develop Tron-based crypto tokens on either TRC10 or TRC20 token standards.

But for developing a crypto token, choose the top-notch crypto token development company in the blockchain market. One such superfine token development company is Icoclone 

Crypto Token Wallet App Development

The Crypto token wallet app is a mobile token wallet application that is basically used to store, receive, and transfer all types of crypto tokens. This kind of token wallet app functions only with the help of the internet facility. So all the crypto token transactions are made at your fingertips. Crypto token wallet app development can be categorized into two different types. Such as

  • IOS & Android Mobile Wallet App Development

Icoclone will help you to develop a crypto token wallet app for both IOS and Android mobile devices. We provide the secure crypto token mobile wallet app development service which has an admiring user-friendly interface. Our token mobile wallet app is completely protected with high-end security functions and simple to use.

  • Multiple Crypto Token Mobile Wallet App Development

In today’s crypto market, a vast number of crypto tokens are in existence for trading. So by using our wallet app development service,  you can launch a token wallet mobile app that supports multiple crypto tokens. Icoclone has great experience in offering multiple token wallet app development services with premium features.

Now, let us see…

Must-have Features For Crypto Token Development

Here we list some of the important features that you must integrate while developing a crypto token.

  1. Crypto token mobile wallet app for android and ios
  2. Setting Initial Supply
  3. Setting No of Issues
  4. Setting Fractions
  5. Deploy Contracts
  6. Generate Tokens
  7. Validate Contract
  8. Token swaps
  9. High-level safety & security mechanisms

Enabling these features will help you to launch a successful crypto token.

Now, let us see our main topic…

What is the Cost to Create a Crypto Token(Ethereum or Tron)?

Whatever the project may be, the first thing that strikes in a startup or entrepreneur’s mind will be the development cost. If you have an interest in creating a crypto token on any blockchain, then the cost of crypto token development plays a vital role. Some of the paramount factors will determine the shape of the crypto token development cost. Such as 

  1. The token development platform that you have chosen
  2. Features of your crypto token
  3. The design of the token
  4. Number of crypto tokens to be developed
  5. The complexity of the project 
  6. Size and location of the crypto token development team 
  7. Distribution 
  8. Ongoing support and maintenance

These essential factors will shape the cost of creating a crypto token. But we can not predict the exact cost of crypto token creation. But approximately the cost to create a crypto token will range from $8k – $10k along with the crypto token wallet mobile app for android and IOS. In case, if you need a premium ICO dashboard script along with a crypto token and token wallet app(Android and IOS). Then the cost of crypto token development will range from $12k – $14k. However, the cost of crypto token creation might vary as per your business requirements and urgent needs.

Why Pick Icoclone For Developing a Crypto Token?

Icoclone is a world-class crypto token development company in the global blockchain market. We have a vast number of years of experience in offering all sorts of token development services with impeccable outcomes. Our premium token development services are crypto token creation, Stablecoin development, ERC20 token development, TRC20 token development, and security token development. Being a pioneer in the field of blockchain, we excel in developing and delivering ICO script software and STO script software with ideal features. Icoclone has a group of skilled and experienced developers for creating a secure crypto token based on your business needs. 

If you are a person looking to develop a crypto token with an ideal ICO dashboard at an affordable cost. Then connecting with the Icoclone will be the finest solution for your business.

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