Why build ICO Website with ICO Script can be profitable for the business?


ICO Market was a great success for the years 2017 and 2018. According to CoinDesk, Initial Coin Offerings have raised more money in the first three months of 2018 than the whole of 2017. This data has promised the growth of ICO’s in the upcoming years as well. For the present year 2019, around 350 Initial Coin Offerings were created it seems. The ICO analytics site stated Initial Coin Offerings have raised a total fund of $118 million in the first quarter of 2019. ICO crypto market is still alive and will long life without any doubts.

How is Initial Coin Offerings for now?

One thing should be remembered. Regulations have come for good. Not all the ICO’s are bad. With the regulations, scam ICO’s are eliminated instantly. No matter how the arguments are, Initial Coin Offerings can be a beneficial strategy if used in the right way. Data from ICO Bench showed that, although the total amount of amount raised by ICO Software has decreased, the success rate of Initial Coin Offerings is still upscaling.

There is a couple of major happy news for ICO Investors for now. 

  • BitTorrent INC has managed to sell more than $7 million in tokens which have proved that Initial Coin Offerings are the best fundraising strategy till the date. Moreover, all these tokens were sold in just 13 minutes by raising approximately $7.2 million. 
  • 85% of the total funds which are raised so far in the previous month has a high rating of above 3.5 compared to 68% of April. 

It is expected that the ICO industry will experience an upstream with the positive investor sentiment. One such example is the entry of cloud computing service giant Microsoft Azure, the premier cloud computing service. It has recently listed Stratis, which is one of the ICO Platforms in its product section. Stratis platform offers a web-based application that enables ICO projects to manage the token distribution. It facilitates a secure and flexible payment system to purchase ICO Tokens easily. Doubtlessly, it can make a more professional ICO market. 

Thus, few countries have declared ICO to be legal and accepted. Here are a few:

  • The United States
  • The United Kingdom
  • The European Union
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • Cayman Islands
  • Mauritius
  • Malta
  • Baltic Nations

What to expect in the ICO Market for the future?

So far the large part of funds is raised by startups through Initial Coin Offerings. ICO’s are having a limitless opportunity of use in social ventures undeniably. Most of the experts in crypto space have predicted that the amount of the capital raised by the ICO’s will triple in the upcoming years. Though SEC has declared all the ICO’s as undeclared securities, the truth is not all the Initial Coin Offerings are insecure. The truth is no one knows the rapid development of ICO’s which can happen every single day. 

While looking at the future of Initial Coin Offerings, the ICO industry will continue to grow and the regulation will be tightened. By combining both these, the ICO launch service provider who brings in ICO Script will focus on enhanced quality. 

There are plenty of regulations imposed on all the levels of industries. The upcoming token/coin creations must satisfy the current definitions of securities and stocks. Once they are done, we can expect a good number of ICO launches in the upcoming days. Thus in the immediate future, a number of ICO’s will follow the laws to reduce the risks. Since lack of regulations can cause trust issues, high-level scams, bad projects, etc.

Here are the Regulatory measures which can enhance the ICO projects:

Assessment Matrix:
Governments should come forward and maintain the Assessment Matrix for Initial Coin                      Offerings which figures out the areas where
  • ICO’s need to be compliant
  • Legal Standards are to be specified
  • Several Tokens are to be implemented
  • Defining the different token types
Integrating with Jurisdictions:

Governments should join in hands with Jurisdiction to blend the right AML, Investor and customer protection. This can, in turn, enhance investors to have a baseline standard of protection. 

To summarise everything, here is what ICO’s can be in the future:

  • SEC has been monitoring the growth of ICO’s in recent years and found that the growth rate of Initial Coin Offerings is perfect and has motivated more investors to get into the flood of ICO space.
  • Yet another interesting feature of ICO’s is they are invested collectively. This is a way to raise money. Hence the ICO market can expect a lot of new investors for their industry.

The only way through which ICO’s can be a dominant fundraising strategy is by following the SEC Guidelines and rules which can help potential investors. 

It is good to get started with ICO Website!

With this successful future, it is great to have an ICO website designed for your users. A successful ICO carries a value which is a significant factor for success. An ICO Website remains to be the face of yours. Therefore, developing a website that satisfies the unique requirements of users is mandatory. A well-established ICO website built with ICO website Script can help you with gaining a good number of users

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