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whitelabel crypto wallet development

The increasing usage of cryptocurrencies has been demanding secure and feature-rich crypto wallets. In the rising crypto space, wallets play an essential role in many crypto businesses. Considering its growth and significance, cryptoprenuers like you are now interested in crypto wallet development. However, creating a crypto wallet needs technical guidance from experts. Hence it is wise to approach a reputed crypto wallet development company. 

Here, you have two options to develop your crypto wallet. One is developing from scratch. And another one is developing using white label crypto wallet software. Developing from scratch requires a lot of time and resources. Because each of the processes starts from the ground level. On the other hand, white label crypto wallet development requires less time and resources. You can also customize this software as per your business requirements.

So now, you may think about how to choose a crypto wallet development company. To do this, you should ensure certain things. That includes the experience of the company, proficiency of the experts, usage of recent tools and technology stake, and history of successful projects. In these regards, ICOCLONE fulfills your needs as a prominent white label Cryptocurrency Wallet Development company.

As an investor, are you curious to know more in detail? Don’t worry. This blog will explore all about our white label cryptocurrency wallet. And you will gain thorough knowledge when you finish this blog. So, let us start with…

A Brief View about White Label Crypto Wallet Development 

White Label crypto wallet is a pre-build software that comes with all essential elements for developing a stunning crypto wallet easily. As it is a ready-to-launch solution, it does not need huge efforts like development from scratch. Also, you can create a crypto wallet in a short time. Hence, you can save your time and money with our white label cryptocurrency wallet solution. 

Moreover, our white label crypto wallet script supports end-to-end customization. This helps you make your wallet offer more services along with the usual wallet functions of sending, receiving, and payment processing. It does not matter whether you want to develop a custodial or non-custodial wallet. Our white label crypto wallet development gives you the privilege to choose the required services. Hence you can challenge your competitors with our ready-to-deploy crypto wallet solution. 

Overall, our white label software is a complete solution to meet all your needs. However, it is completely your choice to decide the wallet’s nature, features, and functionalities. Now let me give you more insights about our white label crypto wallet development. 

How to Create a Crypto Wallet using our White Label Crypto Wallet Software? 

Creating a crypto wallet is not a tedious process if you connect with ICOCLONE – A top-notch white label crypto wallet development company. We follow a standard development procedure for all our crypto wallet development services. As an investor, you can get complete benefits with our white label cryptocurrency wallet development. Now, let us catch the step-by-step procedure here.

Idea Gathering

In this stage, we collect information from you regarding white label crypto wallet development. This includes your business ideology, wallet services, wallet type (custodial or non-custodial), accessibility (mobile app, Web, and browser extension), feature set, and more.


We plan for technical and financial necessities at this stage. We analyze the types of blockchain, currency support, security protocols, and revenue models and create a plan for corresponding requirements.


This is the step to setting up the design aspects of your crypto wallet. Our developers design the wallet theme, logo, and interface considering your thoughts.


Based on the requirements and planning, our developers customize the white label crypto wallet script. In this stage, our developers take care of all integrations that are finalized in the above procedures.


In this stage, our test engineers do a complete audit of the wallet’s performance, security, and efficiency. They sort out the flaws if any in your crypto wallet platform before deployment. Now the crypto wallet is ready to be deployed.

Thus, we at ICOCLONE complete white label crypto wallet development meeting all your expectations. Additionally, the mind-blowing set of features gives you the confidence to face market competition. Let us have a look at the…

Features of our White Label Crypto Wallet Software 

With stunning features, you can easily attract customers and create value for your wallet business. Hence, our white label crypto wallet script has come with remarkable features to take your business to the next level. 

Key Features 

  • Multi-blockchain compatibility
  • Easy to buy and sell
  • Multi-platform support
  • Interactive user interface
  • Informational admin panel
  • Multi-currency support
  • Easy assets management
  • QR code scanner

Security Features

  • Push notifications
  • Multiple authentications
  • Key management server
  • Automated session Logout
  • High-grade encryption
  • Anti Phishing protocols
  • Browser detection security
  • Wallet Backup

With the above-stated core and security features, our white label crypto wallet script helps you create a competitive crypto wallet. Besides, you can add additional features to enhance your wallet features further. These top-notch features increase the chances of gaining more benefits than your competitors. Let us now look at the… 

Advantages of our White Label Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

When it comes to business benefits it does not end with satisfying your users alone. Our white label crypto wallet development offers you plenty of business benefits. They are,

Cost Efficient

The white label Crypto Wallet software already comes with preloaded features. Hence, you only need to add the required features to your wallet. Thus it limits your expenses and you can complete the entire crypto wallet development cost-effectively. 


With customization features, you can define your wallet features as per your wish. For instance, if you wish to give your users complex but unique features in a simple way, you can customize your wallet accordingly.


The white label crypto wallet development offers you top-class security standards as stated earlier. In addition to that, we have a separate procedure to test your wallet’s security. So that, you can keep the wallet data and funds securely.

Instant Launch

The ready-to-launch wallet software simplifies the way of launch your wallet. Hence you can enter the crypto industry quickly with our white label cryptocurrency wallet development.

Support Upgrades

Our white label crypto wallet software is future-ready to keep your wallet up to date in this emerging crypto industry. Because innovative wallet services and features only keep the users engaged with your wallet.   

Backup Options

Crypto wallets are meant to store the private keys of the crypto assets securely. If your wallet supports backup options, the user can recover the lost data in case of any theft or loss. Thus Our white label crypto wallet development helps you maintain your wallet’s reliability among users. 

Profit Potential

Our white label cryptocurrency wallet supports swapping and buying crypto assets within the wallet platform. As a result, the number of transactions will be more and you can earn a decent profit from fees for depositing and swapping.   

Thus our white label cryptocurrency wallet development offers you a handful of benefits. So connect with ICOCLONE, to achieve your corporate goals that are majorly dependent on cost efficiency. So let us broaden our look at the…

Cost of Our White Label Crypto Wallet Software

The cost of crypto wallet development varies for certain factors. That includes wallet type, services offered, need of tools, technology, and the number of developers. As an investor, you must consider these factors. However, our white label crypto wallet script is a cost-efficient solution.

So when you create your crypto wallet with our white label wallet software, the approximate crypto wallet development cost would be around $12000 to $15000

The above-stated cost is based on the development procedure we followed in ICOCLONE. But, it will vary based on the additional features you choose. Moreover, our professional developers could save your capital a little by using the resources efficiently. Apart from the cost, there is a lot more to connect with us for white label cryptocurrency wallet development.

Why Choose Us?

ICOCLONE is a prominent crypto wallet development company leading the crypto space. We provide excellent white-label crypto wallet development services that helped many startups become successful in their crypto wallet business. Our successful portfolio demonstrates our dedication, skill set, and most precisely our happy clients. Right now, the crypto wallet market is at a high peak in terms of revenue which is expected to reach US$ 1,505.9 million in 2023. So to enroll in the crypto wallet business, our white-label cryptocurrency wallet development will be highly helpful. Get connected with us to make your dream crypto wallet business come true.

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