The Ultimate Guide to Tron Token Development: Everything You Need to Know!

Over the years, Blockchain is one of the most secure technologies that is used in many applications. With blockchain technology, Crypto coins and tokens are created and they have turned into a great investment option. In that sense, the Tron blockchain had made a great impact on everyone. After Ethereum, the blockchain that has given crypto investors and startups the ability to do many crypto-related activities. The Tron blockchain was introduced by Justin Sun in 2014 with the aim to give reliable, speedy transactions with low gas fees. 

The crypto tokens that are created on the Tron blockchain are Tron tokens. Tron tokens cannot be mined but they can be created with token standards like TRC20 and TRC721. The Tron tokens are developed by many startups and entrepreneurs for their crypto business. To reap huge profits, Tron tokens are created by entrepreneurs based on their business needs. 

Till now, many startups are confused about Tron token development. The process of developing Tron tokens is easy and not that much complex. In this blog, we shall see the Tron token development, benefits, features, and cost for developing token development in detail. 

Top Tron Tokens in the crypto market

In the Tron blockchain, various new tokens are created with unique features. Among them, the popular Tron tokens are

BitTorrent (BTT) Token – The BitTorrent token is a popular trc20 standardized utility token developed on the Tron blockchain. This token widely supports all DeFi platforms and Dapps. This is also responsible for all BTT transactions. BTT token supports Decentralized applications like Dlive, Torrent speed, and BitTorrent file system. 

SEED token – The Seed token is one of the most popular tokens of the Tron network. SEED is a Sesame seed token that had created a bot to exchange Tron tokens through telegram. The seed token is considered to be the highest liquified token of the Tron blockchain. It is a pegged token where the values backed are non-negotiable. 

IGG Token – The IGG token is the second most liquified token of the Tron network that is created with the TRC20 token standard. This is a gaming token that made a great impact on the crypto market.

Other than these tokens, many other Tron tokens like JustT, USD coin, Poppy, and Tether (USD) have made an impact on startups. These Tron tokens are created with the TRC token standards. The functionalities of the tokens will be based on the token standards. Now we can see the various token standards of the Tron blockchain in detail.

Tron Token Standards

Token Standards are a set of rules or regulations or guidelines followed to create tokens. Similar to other blockchains’ token standards, Tron has its own token standards. Tron blockchain also has trc20, and trc721 Tron token standards. The primary differentiation of the TRC20 and TRC721 token standards is given in the table:

These above-mentioned are the popular Tron token standards. The Tron tokens possess some unique features that are not provided by any other blockchains. Due to their features, they are differentiated from other blockchains. Next, we can see elaborately the features of developing Tron tokens. 

Salient Features of Tron Token Development

The major features of Tron tokens are listed below, 

  • Smart Contract Integration 

Tron tokens are mainly created for their smart contract integration feature. Due to the smart contract, the transactions are done with high security and they are decentralized. No third party or middlemen are involved in the transactions. Hence, the chances for fraudulent actions are zero. 

  • Transparent in Nature 

As it is decentralized, the transactions of the Tron tokens are transparent. So, the trust in creating Tron tokens is high among everyone. 

  • Security Features 

The tokens are created and provided to the users with high-secured features. 

  • Compatibility 

These Tron tokens are cross-compatible and inter-operatable with other blockchains like Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon. 

  • Supports Multiple Platforms 

The Tron tokens can be accessed on multiple platforms like DeFi platforms, centralized exchanges, and more. 

These are the specialized features of Tron token development. Due to these features, Tron tokens are seeking the attention of everyone for various crypto-related purposes. Tron tokens are highly preferred because of their additional features that are not provided by other blockchains. So, Let’s see about the benefits of Tron token creation.

Benefits of Tron Token Creation

Tron tokens have now become a great alternative to Ethereum. As Tron blockchain and tokens made a huge impact, crypto-enthusiastic startups and entrepreneurs tend to create their own Tron tokens. The major benefits of creating a Tron token include:

  • Low Transaction Fees – The Tron tokens can be traded with lower transaction fees than other blockchains. The transaction fee of a Tron token in a decentralized platform is just $0.000005. 
  • High Transaction Speed – The Tron blockchain offers high transaction speed compared to any other blockchain. For this high transaction rate, startups tend to create Tron tokens. Bitcoin supports 5 to 6 transactions per second and Ethereum supports 25 transactions. But, Tron tokens support up to 2,000 transactions per second. Due to its higher transaction speed, it had overtaken many other blockchains. 
  • Market Value – After Ethereum, Tron is one of the popular blockchains. Hence, the market value for Tron tokens is high. By developing Tron tokens, the value increases day by day. Due to this nature, Tron tokens are created by many startups and newbies. 
  • 24*7 Availability – Tron tokens can be traded at any time. Global buyers can trade Tron tokens at any time. This boosts the increase in Tron token liquidity in global markets. 

So, these are the major benefits of developing Tron tokens. The above-mentioned are additional beneficial factors that are provided by Tron tokens. Due to these reasons, it is widely created by startups and entrepreneurs for their crypto business. Here, as a startup, do you think about developing your own Tron tokens for your crypto business? Then, you will be curious to know its development process.

Steps to Consider for Tron Token Development

Step 1: As a startup, first be clear about your crypto business goal. Draft your ideologies for the future. 

Step 2: Here comes the development process. Create your secure smart contract to create Tron tokens. Also, program the smart contract as per your crypto business needs. 

Step 3: Once the smart contract is created, fix the parameters for creating your Tron tokens. The parameters include the token name, logo, design type, decimal value, total supply, and other details

Step 4: After deciding the details of the token, if you need any additional features for your token you can also add them and develop accordingly.

Step 5: Tokens are pre-tested for rectifying technical mistakes or problems. 

Step 6: Finally, the Tron tokens are ready for deployment.

These are the simple steps to be followed to develop your Tron tokens. The development process needs high technical knowledge to launch your Tron tokens successfully. To create the tokens without any mistakes or errors, it is better to approach a Tron token development company. The development company that has a pool of technical experts will help you to launch your tokens in a hassle-free manner. So, it is advisable to pick a reputed company that offers blockchain-related services for your token development. Speaking of the cost it can be varied as per your business needs and requirements. Now we can see the cost for Tron token creation in detail. 

Cost for Developing Tron Token

As a potential startup, you must be aware of your expenses for the crypto business. In that sense, if you want to develop your Tron tokens effectively, you should know about the cost. The cost varies as per your token development needs. Other than these, the major factors that determine the Tron token development are, 

  • Token Complexity in Development 
  • Customization 
  • Token Parameters 
  • Supply of Tokens 

These are the factors that influence the cost of token development. But, the approximate cost to develop the Tron token starts from $5000. So, choose the best development company to develop your potential Tron tokens. 

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