Comparison Between TRC10 and TRC20 Tokens in the Real-world

TRC10 vs TRC20 token

In this digital era, many technologies are evolving around us and they never fail to develop innovative products. Currently, a decentralized network is the most preferable one for the blockchain business. Because it has more privacy and high security. Crypto tokens are also among them that have high security and privacy and are built under any prominent token development platform. One such prominent token development platform is Tron which is one of the most searched terms by startups and entrepreneurs. 

Tron is kind of a stable blockchain that is specially introduced to develop decentralized applications. Smart contracts, and crypto tokens. If you are aware of Ethereum, then Tron is very similar to the Ethereum blockchain. But Tron is also a powerful blockchain like Ethereum. Tron blockchain was first invented by Justin Sun in September 2017.  In the crypto space, most people feel tedious to adopt blockchain technology for their business. So Tron aims to eliminate this hurdle by allowing blockchain developers to share resources in the creation of crypto tokens, Dapps, and Smart Contracts. 

One of the major perks of the TRON blockchain is, that it avoids the need for a third party. Besides these, the Tron blockchain can handle more than 2000 transactions per second on any kind of platform. But other blockchain networks like Bitcoin & Ethereum can handle only 6 TPS and 25 TPS(Transaction per second). TRON has its crypto token named TRX in the crypto marketplace. There are two types of Tron token standards such as TRC10 tokens and TRC20 tokens. 

Many people aren’t aware of TRC10 and TRC20 tokens and their differences. So in this article, let us see the difference between the TRC10 and TRC20 tokens with their importance in the real world. Let us begin with…

What is Tron Token?

Tron token is a prominent token type that is completely developed on the Tron blockchain network. The important thing is, that you can not mine Tron tokens. But one can buy Tron-based tokens on any crypto trading platform. The most interesting fact is, that the Tron token was first launched as an ICO on the Ethereum platform. But unexpectedly, the Tron token issuers raised funds of about $70 million and achieved their goal. Currently, some Tron tokens are prevailing in the crypto marketplace. Such as

  • NOLE
  • WINK
  • SEED
  • TERC
  • NoleWater
  • IGG
  • LVH
  • BTT
  • TRUC

These Tron tokens are created in the Tron network so it can facilitate faster, more secure, and more efficient transactions. Besides these, it provides complete freedom for developers to create and issue Tron tokens on their network. However, the functions of Tron tokens do not differ from Ethereum and Bitcoin. The current price of the Tron token(TRX) in the market equals $0.03. It has two types of tokens such as TRC10 and TRC20 Tron tokens. 

So now, let us see…

What is TRC10 Token?

TRC10 token is completely created by its network. This token is widely available on the TRON mainnet. This token does not depend on the TRON virtual machine. TRC10 tokens are compatible with all the major crypto wallets available in the crypto market. Thus, investors and traders can easily use these tokens. 

Did you know that most of the Tron-based tokens present in the marketplace are TRC10 tokens?. Yes, most of them are TRC10 standard-based tokens. Another Interesting factor is, this type of token is a favorite ICO token. This Tron token standard is already used in complex and big projects like BitTorrent Token (BTT). Also, it permits the biggest decentralized file-sharing protocol with more than 100 million users.

TRC10 tokens are free to use in most cases. Thus, traders preferred TRC10 tokens for trading in the exchange platforms. By seeing this, many startups and enterprises approached the TRC10 token development service provider to create TRC10 tokens. 

What is TRC20 Token?

TRC20 token is recognized as an Ethereum killer in the blockchain space. Moreover, TRC20 is the technical standard of the Tron blockchain and it is based on the implementation of smart contracts when using the Tron to issue or create TRC20 tokens. TRC20 token is becoming one of the primary focuses of crypto enthusiasts. This Tron token standard helps users to facilitate secure and instant transactions trouble-free. A Tron blockchain with a smart contract is needed to create TRC20 token.

TRC20 tokens will be helpful in the creation of crypto tokens with the help of the Tron Virtual Machine. The TRC20 token can implement extra logic that is absent in the TRC10 tokens. Besides these, TRC20 tokens have a high energy level & bandwidth capacity compared to TRC10 tokens. Thus, many people are approaching the best TRON token development company to create TRC20 tokens.

Now, let us see…

Difference Between TRC10 Token and TRC20 Token

Look out for the below innovative table to know the exact difference between the features of TRC10 tokens and TRC20 tokens.

Features TRC10 Token TRC20 Token
Developers learning curve Easy  Medium 
Customization of interface No  Yes 
Smart contract Accessibility Yes  Yes 
API Accessibility Yes  No
Lost Token Protection No  No
GUI for ICO Yes  No
Deposit From Contract Address No  No
Can contracts control which tokens are sent? No  No 
Can token holders revoke operators sending tokens on their behalf? No  No 
The learning curve of the Token structure It is easy because TRC10 has a common token structure Medium, because here you need to learn structure before sending to contract address
Tracking  Easy  Need a third-party platform to track
In Development TVM support is in the hands of developers Compatible with ERC20
Token name management The name can be duplicated  The name can be duplicated
Decimal  Not supported  Up to 18
Tron scan observable Yes  Yes 
Transaction fee -1000 times lower than TRC20 -1000 times higher than TRC10
Transfer  You can use API to transfer but costs bandwidth points, transfer in bandwidth costs both the bandwidth points and energy Energy and bandwidth points
Deposit Can use API to deposit, but costs bandwidth points, a deposit in the smart contract costs both bandwidth points and energy  Energy and bandwidth points
Resources  Since it is new, it has low resources The high amount of resources

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