5 Best ICO Projects that you Need to Look at in 2023

Top 5 ICO projects

Over the past few years, blockchain technology has become more popular and many industries are moving to incorporate blockchain in their business verticals. Finance, banking, agriculture, education, and cryptocurrency are the widespread applications of blockchain technology. 

Among the above-mentioned business verticals, the crypto industry is the most-trending one in the current marketplace. Many popular business ideas in the crypto ecosystem have been adopted by the startups and entrepreneurs like crypto exchange development, crypto crowdfunding development, crypto token creation, NFT marketplace development, etc. 

For initiating a new business, every individual will go with crowdfunding. Traditional crowdfunding is known as IPO which is followed by startups for the past few years. It is carried out by selling shares of a company. In a similar way, crypto crowdfunding is done by selling crypto tokens. Recently, crypto crowdfunding has become more popular as it has more advantages than traditional ones. 

Crypto crowdfunding prevails in various types as initial coin offering(ICO), security token offering(STO), initial exchange offering(IEO), initial DEX offering(IDO), etc. Among these methods, initial coin offering is more popular. In this article, we will discuss initial coin offerings, the best crypto ICO projects in the crypto marketplace, their benefits, etc.

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What is an ICO?

Initial coin offering is the most-prevalent crypto crowdfunding method in the crypto ecosystem. In layman’s terms, ICO is a crypto version of the traditional crowdfunding IPO. Any startup that wishes to launch a crypto project will choose ICO for raising funds for their business. 

Here, a startup will create its own crypto token and run a token sale campaign. By selling their crypto tokens, they collect funds from their investors in return. All the details of an ICO project will be instructed in a whitepaper. By developing your own ICO platform, you can raise your required range of funds in a hassle-free manner. 

Currently, there are many ICO projects available in the crypto marketplace. If you’re an idea to launch your own ICO or find the best crypto ICO in the crypto space. You’re in the right place. Here, I shall list the 5 best ICO projects in 2022. Come, let’s have a visit.

Top 5 ICO Projects in 2023: A Closer Look


Image Source: Maxxer

Maxxer is an ICO project that has been released in the crypto space with its own crypto token named $MXXR. Maxxer is the first regulated community-based decentralized crypto exchange that focuses on social trading. Its main motto is to make trading and crypto investments easier and more understandable.

This project enhances many new functionalities and features to make the exchange a classic one. The core feature of Maxxer is social trading. It allows the traders to know the activities of all other users. You can pick the best trader and follow their strategies. 

Maxxer also avails gamification as well as social trading to make it more entertaining. By trading on this exchange, you can get more rewards. By trading their own $MXXR token, you and the exchange both can benefit.

My Freedom coin

Image Source: My Freedom coin

MFC(My Freedom coin) is a new initial coin offering project that exists with a floor price. Here, all the funds raised using this project will be contributed to the appreciation of the token. MFT is a crashproof crypto token that minimizes negative volatility for its holders in the crypto market. 

This token is built on the Binance smart chain and it is a Defi platform that comes as a wholesome package that includes an exchange, wallet, and also a bank. It allows the users to exchange, and store cryptos and also allows users to take BUSD loans with MFC as collateral.

This MFC project comes as an app in both ios and android platforms. So, as a DeFi exchange project, this token is getting preferred by most investors and it lists as one of the best crypto ICO projects in the crypto space.


Image Source: Tetrix

Tetrix token also known as XTR token is a global data-driven platform. This token is also developed using the TRC20 token standard of the Tron blockchain. Tetrix token is a crypto token that is fully compatible with the metaverse augmented ecosystem. 

It allows you to send and receive cryptos within the metaverse ecosystem. 

Tetrix token enables secured safe and quick transfers. This token offers high scalability and throughput hence the users can feel the fine experience in trading these tokens. Tetrix also has a plan of introducing one DEX wallet.


 Image Source: FightOut

It is the best ICO project which is currently running in the crypto space. The native token of this project is $FGHT and the presale is going on. Its 10% of the total supply is fixed for its liquidity. To avoid buying tokens at a high price, you can buy them during the pre-sale itself. 

This token is developed on the Ethereum blockchain. All the details of the FightOut ICO project will be available in its whitepaper. By reading and analyzing the whitepaper, you can know about the FightOut token and its characteristics. You can get these $FGHT tokens using USDT, Eth, or using Transat. 


Image Source: VisaMetaFi

It is a decentralized peer-to-peer crypto payment source that can be accessed across various blockchain networks and also includes online merchants. Those blockchains include DeFi, Web3, Metaverse, DAO, MetaFi, etc. The users can use MetaFi visa cards for making payments in both the virtual and real world.

Stablecoins can be transferred to any part of the world using this VisaMetaFi project. The core advantage of this project is that there is no need to exchange fiat for crypto and buy VisaMetaFI tokens. It is one of the best ICO projects that have been launched and run successfully in the crypto space. This Visa token is built on the BNB chain and it can be purchased easily using BUSD tokens. 

On seeing these ICO projects, you might be interested to develop your own ICO platform. While discussing the ICO development methods, it can be developed in two ways i.e development from scratch or else using the script. Creating an ICO from scratch is a complicated process that might get delayed to catch your dream.

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