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STO launch services

In this digital era, STO has been the most prominent fundraising strategy for crypto startups. STO stands for security token offering which is the next level of crypto token-based crowdfunding and the idea of turning a utility token into security has impacted the whole crypto marketplace. Security token offering platform has become a more reliable platform for raising the funds effectively. Besides, it gives you the best results when it comes to ROI. With this crypto crowdfunding model, anyone can give more assurance and trust to the investors. However, STO has acquired the status of security which made a positive impact on the way security tokens work in this sphere.

Most experts believe that STO is the eventual mechanism of raising funds in the blockchain industry. Moreover, crypto exchange giants like Coinbase and Binance allow their global traders to exchange security tokens in a hassle-free way. So security tokens and STO platforms are becoming popular in the crypto space. Many startups and entrepreneurs are willing to create a security token along with the premium STO dashboard. On the flip side, there is a vast demand for STO development services because crypto startups are considering it as the mainstream business. Also, many people raised funds through the STO platform and helped to attract the targeted audience.

With our premium STO Launch services, you can develop your top-notch user-friendly STO Dashboard quickly. If you aren’t aware of the STO launch service and STO dashboard, then this article would be helpful for your business. In this article, we will discuss the importance of the STO dashboard, STO launch services, how to launch an STO, and the benefits of the STO dashboard.

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Importance of STO Dashboard

STO Dashboard is the platform where the security token creators or startups can list their STO Tokens. We people at Icoclone realize the importance of the STO Dashboard and we develop a robust & effective Security Token Offering Dashboard with our ideal features. Here we list some essential factors of the STO dashboard that you need to know.

  • Integration of Smart Contract

Our premium STO investor dashboard comes with an attractive administration panel that enables one to make and deal with your smart contracts. Thus, there is no compelling reason to employ an additional ability since this activity can be effectively done utilizing the STO dashboard even by a non-proficient.

  • White list the Users

With our STO Launch Services, you can create a secure and superfine STO Dashboard. By using our STO dashboard, you can make a list of constant users and give them access to specific capacities straightforwardly from their record.

  • KYC Integration

The KYC(Know-Your-Customer) system is a kind of mandatory requirement one expects for every STO platform. However, we offer an adaptable KYC solution that will meet the specific needs of your venture.

  • Check the location and identifies the desired Users

While the Security Token Offerings have advanced necessities for the givers, particularly with regards to the nation of living arrangement, and geolocation proves to be useful to verify the venture from different issues. Besides by using a top-notch STO dashboard, you can set up the regulations of a security token deal in every nation. The geolocation of every client will be characterized when he/she makes a record. In this manner, you will just have those givers you need and contingent upon the lawful parts of your venture.

  • Various modes of Payment

We have included a foreseen choice of paying for the security tokens specifically from a financial balance. The security tokens are being saved for a specific supplier in a minute when he/she gets them with fiat money. At the point when the exchange is affirmed, the users can get the tokens. So, one can pay with fiat or crypto coins in the STO Dashboard.

  • Section Your Database

The STO dashboard enables you to effortlessly section the user’s rundown dependent on the criteria you need. This will be useful when users turn out to be too high to even think about managing them physically.

  • Automatic Token Departure

Usually for a Security token offerings will set a token confine stage. Given that, we provide our clients a choice of programmed token departure after the finish of a confining term. To pull back the security tokens, a client needs to approve his/her identity as well as pass the system of manual affirmation of the exchange which is finished by an organization’s legitimate.

  • Advanced STO Analytics

You can analyze and see all the reports on a specific period. It is additionally conceivable to envision the outcomes when contrasting them with the past period.

  • STO Website Integration

A portion of the STO dashboard highlights can be implanted into the website by methods for treating records and APIs. For example, you can choose the rate of access for each gathering of clients dependent on their treat documents. With the goal, the individuals who are prohibited from purchasing security tokens wouldn’t see such a catch on their adaptation of the site interface.

These are the essential highlights that make our STO launch services the best one in the global market. We unequivocally trust that a strong Security Token Offering (STO) dashboard is now a huge demand, so you need to pick carefully.

Our Ideal STO Launch Services

Here we list our reliable STO launch services that made many startups and entrepreneurs raise the funds efficiently.

  • Security Token Creation

Security token creation is the major process when it comes to STO development. Developing and deploying a feature-rich security token is an essential part of the STO fundraising process. In general, Security tokens are created with pegging real-time assets. The value of security tokens is completely determined based on the value of the backed real-time assets. The assets can be anything like a property, bond, precious metals, shares, etc. Many blockchain startups have raised their funds by launching a security token using our bug-free STO Script Software. 

For creating a security token, few regulations need to be followed by the token developer. You know that STO is not like ICO, there will be an intervention of the government for creating a security token. For all these processes, the initial point is an innovative business idea. So, these Security tokens are completely developed in compliance with the SEC guidelines and the regulations of the country that you are planning to launch. Three types of crypto tokens can be generated under security token creation. Such as

  • Asset-backed crypto tokens
  • Debt Tokens
  • Equity Tokens

Thus, security token creation is the major service when it comes to STO development.

  • STO Whitepaper Development

For any kind of crowdfunding project, a whitepaper has to be written for saying about your futurist project idea. Because through the attractive whitepaper, the other investors will know about the reason for your Security token development and the scope of your blockchain project. So, STO whitepaper development is also an essential part of the STO launch service. Our whitepaper service helps you to provide a proposal with a great level of authenticity and attract a wide range of investors. Apart from this, a whitepaper document brings reliability to your STO project and gives the trust & best outlook for the investor.

  • Token Issuance Portal

By using our Token issuance postal service, you can create stunning and user-friendly STO portals. Also, you can securely conduct security token crowd sales. With the futuristic STO investor’s dashboard, you can easily manage some important details. Such as investor’s details, KYC details, and other details.

  • STO Website Development

An intuitive and flourishing STO website helps you to enable the token sale and attract a huge number of investors to get started quickly. We offer a mind-blowing STO landing page that is exclusively developed for security token sales. The STO website consists of different details. Such as support team details, tokenomics, fundraising date, vision, mission, and other required details. 

  • Tokenized Asset Platform Development

Asset-backed crypto tokens will give your blockchain project a distinct outlook. With these asset-backed tokens, you can present your proposal to a huge number of the targeted audience quickly and easily.

These are the ideal solutions we offer in our STO launch services. Besides, there are lots of benefits to STO launch services for startups and entrepreneurs. Now, let us look at…

How to Launch an STO Platform For Business?

If you are planning to create a flourishing STO platform for raising the funds, then you need to get a feature-packed STO script software. This would help you launch an STO platform based on your business needs within a few days. Even Though you use the STO script, you need to follow some essential steps. Here we list some important steps for creating a robust STO platform for your business.

  • Have a well-planned Business Requirement

Come up with an outstanding STO business concept and ensure your plan is unique & stands out from the crowd.

  • Check for the Legal Compliance

To know how to launch a Successful STO Platform, then you need to consider the legal guidelines of the country which you are planning to raise your funds. Because every country has its own set of rules & regulations. So you need to check the legal compliance of the country very carefully. For example, when it comes to the US, there are three types of regulations for STO. such as Regulation D, Regulation A+, and Regulation S.

  • Draft your STO Whitepaper

The whitepaper is the key document for your STO project. Your whitepaper must include all the important details of your project. Such as the primary motto of this project, the Security token development team involved, the current market of security tokens, the roadmap, and more. In general, STO white paper will have a part of explaining the legal side of your STO project called Legal Disclaimer. So that your investors can easily understand your project through the whitepaper.

  • Having Legal Advisory

As we know that, launching an STO platform is not an easy one. It requires extra-legal compliance to complete the security token offering development process. The STO legal advisors will help you to ensure the project complies with all the jurisdictions and regulations.

  • Hire a Top-rated STO Development Company

The next important thing to create a successful STO platform, you need to hire a professional STO Development Company. One such professional development firm for STO development is Icoclone. Icoclone has a rich set of experience in offering the best-in-class STO Development services and premium STO script software with the latest features. Besides, we have successfully delivered 50+ crypto crowdfunding projects to our global clients. Our outstanding STO Script Software comes with the following set of benefits.

  • Accept Fiat and cryptocurrencies
  • Investors from all over the world can participate
  • Legally Compliant Tokens
  • Top-notch security wallets
  • Asset Fractionalization
  • KYC/AML Solutions
  • Investor Contract Management

These are the benefits that you can get from our eminent STO launch service.

  • Create a Security Token

To raise funds, you need to create a fully functional security token. For creating a security token, you need to choose the type of security token that suits your business needs. As previously said there are three types of security tokens, so select the right type and launch your security token with the help of an experienced Security token development team. 

  • Create an STO website

STO website is the platform where the security token sale takes place. The STO website is designed for crypto investors. So they can register and participate in the security token sale event. 

  • Start Marketing your STO

The final step is you need to market your STO website to your targeted crypto audience. You can make use of the latest marketing strategies to promote your security token and STO platform. Such as Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Paid Advertising, and Video Marketing, and you can promote your token in popular blockchain-based channels.

By following these above-mentioned steps, you can easily launch a perfect and successful STO platform in a hassle-free way.

Why Choose Icoclone For STO Launch Service?

Icoclone is the leading and well-known STO development company in the global blockchain marketplace. Being a leading firm, we excel in offering feature-packed STO script software with extraordinary features at affordable rates. We at ICOCLONE provide world-class STO launch services by presenting a unique STO Investor Dashboard which is completely developed under Clientele requirements and SEC Guidelines. So far we have successfully offered 50+ crypto-token crowdfunding projects to our international clients across the globe. We have a pool of well-experienced blockchain developers for developing a secure STO platform and a separate team for providing customer and technical support on a 24/7 basis.

Our STO Launch services will help you to make your crypto crowdfunding dream into reality!

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