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Security Token Offering has been the most popular fundraising strategy for crypto startups. Most experts believe that STO is the eventual mechanism of raising assets inside a blockchain industry. Moreover, crypto exchange giants like Coinbase and Binance have enabled their traders to trade security tokens. With our STO Launch services, you can develop your own user-friendly STO Dashboard instantly!

Importance of STO Dashboard

STO Dashboard is the platform where the startups can list their STO Tokens. We people at Icoclone realize the importance of STO Dashboard and develop a robust and effective Security Token Offering Dashboard with our STO Launch Services. 

Integration of Smart Contract

The STO investor dashboard comes with an administration panel that enables one to make and deal with your smart contracts. So there’s no compelling reason to employ an additional ability since this activity can be effectively done by means of the dashboard even by a non-proficient. 

White list the Users

With our STO Launch Services, you can create an STO Dashboard where you can make a list of steadfast clients and give them access to specific capacities straightforwardly from their record.

KYC Integration

The Know-Your-Client system is the mandatory requirement one expects for each STO. Hence, we offer an adaptable KYC solution that will meet the particular needs of your venture.

Check for the location and find the desired Users

While the Security Token Offerings have advanced necessities for the givers, particularly with regards to the nation of living arrangement, geolocation proves to be useful to verify the venture from different issues.

As it were, you can set up the regulations of a token deal in every nation. The geolocation of every client will be characterized when he makes a record, in this manner, you will just have those givers you need, contingent upon the lawful parts of your venture.

Various modes of Payment

We have included a since quite a while ago foreseen choice of paying for the tokens specifically from a financial balance. The tokens are being saved for a specific supplier in a minute when he gets them with his fiat cash. At the point when the exchange is affirmed, the individual gets his tokens. One can pay with fiat or cryptocurrencies in the STO Dashboard.

Section Your Database

The dashboard enables you to effortlessly section the clients’ rundown dependent on the criteria you need. This can be useful when various members turn out to be too high to even think about managing them physically.

Automatic Token Departure

Usually for STOs to set a token confine stage. Given that, we give our clients a choice of programmed token departure after the finish of a confining term. To pull back tokens, a client needs to approve his identity as well as pass the system of manual affirmation of the exchange which is finished by an organization’s legitimate.

Analyze the Advanced STO Analytics

A client can see the reports all in all Security Token Offering or on a specific period. It is additionally conceivable to envision the outcomes when contrasting them with the past period.

STO Website Integration

A portion of the dashboard highlights can be implanted into the site by methods for treat records and APIs. For instance, you can choose the rate of access for each gathering of clients dependent on their treat documents, with the goal that the individuals who are prohibited from purchasing tokens wouldn’t see such a catch on their adaptation of the site interface.

These are a portion of the highlights that make our solution emerge. We unequivocally trust that a strong Security Token Offering (STO) dashboard is now a large portion of the fight, that is the reason it is huge to pick carefully. STO dashboard will lay the ground for your venture’s prosperity, both legitimately and in fact.


We at ICOCLONE deliver premier STO launch services by presenting a unique STO Investor Dashboard which is developed in accordance with the Client’s requirements and SEC Guidelines. We have so far offered 50+ successful projects to clients across the globe! 

Our STO Launch services can help you to achieve your crowdfunding dream into reality!

Looking to create your own STO Dashboard at a minimal expense? Talk to our experts right away for an instant solution!

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