Top 5 STO Development Companies in 2023

Top 5 STO Development Companies in 2023

We all know that an Initial coin offering, usually called ICO, is a well-known crowdfunding model in the Blockchain & crypto industry. As some of the businesses had made use of the loophole and played a shady game which led to the lack of confidence in ICO among the traders and investors. That is where the Security Token Offering (STO) rises gradually. It is guarded by blockchain technology.

As we know, a security token offering (STO) is an innovative crowdfunding model for raising funds. STO is a security token sale platform where one can use digital currencies to buy security tokens. This crowdfunding strategy helps budding startups and entrepreneurs to quickly raise the funds securely and effectively. Nowadays, security token offering development services are emerging as a new trend in the crypto business. 

Various business verticals and entrepreneurs believe that utilizing the best security token offering software development is the prominent way to raise funds. If you are a person looking for the best security token offering development software, then you need to choose the best provider for STO development. Through this blog, let us see the top 5 security token offering development companies in the crypto market 2023 to empower your STO business.

Before seeing the top 5 security token offering service providers, let us see… 

Prominent Security Token Offering Services in the Market

Here is the list of popular security token offering services that are prevailing in the marketplace.

  1. Security token creation
  2. STO white paper development
  3. Token issuance portal
  4. STO website development
  5. Tokenized asset offering development   

Let us see the above-mentioned security token offering services with a short description

Security Token Creation

Developing a security token is a crucial part of the STO fundraising process. Thus, security token development is one of the essential services in STO development. In general, security tokens are completely developed in compliance with the SEC guidelines and the country’s regulations. Three types of tokens can be developed under the security token creation.

1) Reserved-asset tokens

2) Debt Tokens

3) Equity Tokens

STO Whitepaper Development

STO Whitepaper development is an important part of the STO development process. This service helps you to provide a proposal with a high level of authenticity and attract investors. This white paper document brings reliability into your blockchain project and gives a better outlook for the investor.

Token Issuance Portal

By using this service, you can create user-friendly STO portals. So that you can conduct security token crowd sales easily. Along with the futuristic investor’s dashboard, you can manage certain details. Such as investor’s details, KYC/AML, and other fundraising details. 

STO Website Development

An intuitive website helps you to enable the token sale and encourage investors to get started quickly. An STO landing page is exclusively developed for security token sales. It consists of various details like team details, tokenomics, STO launch date, Roadmap, and more. 

Tokenized Asset Platform Development

Crypto asset-backed tokens will give your project a different outlook. With these crypto tokens, you can present your proposal to a huge set of audience easily.

These are the best and most popular security token offering services provided by most of the STO development companies. As of now, there are many STO service providers in the marketplace. But only a few providers excel in offering the best security token offering services. So now, let us see…

Best 5 Security Token Offering Service Providers

Here is the list of the top 5 STO development service providers who are prevailing in the crypto industry.


Icoclone is the leading STO development company in the crypto industry. Being a leading STO development company, we excel in all sorts of security token offering services with the utmost perfection. Our STO projects have raised millions of dollars as funds. Also, we have successfully completed nearly 60+ STO projects with a 100% success rate. We offer the best-quality STO script which helps to launch an STO website within a few days. Also, we enable additional security features along with the inbuilt security options in our STO script. So that you can customize your STO script as per your business requirements. Desirable features that we enable in our STO script are mentioned below. 

  • Investor dashboard
  • Security token wallet app for android and ios
  • Virtual wallet integration
  • Buy tokens
  • Profile settings
  • Customized User Interface
  • Investor management
  • Transaction dashboard
  • History of transactions
  • Referral program
  • KYC/AML 

We enable these peculiar features in our STO development. We also integrate the latest security features to neglect cyberbullying and other malware activities. Icoclone has in-depth experienced and skillful developers to develop and deliver a secure security token offering website within the desired time. We also specialized in developing a function-rich security token wallet mobile app for the web, android, and IOS. 

Apart from STO development service, we also excel in offering IEO launch services and ICO launch services with the perfect outcomes. Our STO development service helped many young startups and entrepreneurs to raise the funds effectively. Our reliable security token offering development services include

  • Security token creation
  • STO white paper development
  • Security token wallet app development for ios, web, and android
  • Token issuance portal
  • STO website development
  • Tokenized asset platform development

So utilize these security token offering services to develop a secure and perfect STO website for your business.

ICO App Factory

ICO app factory is one of the well-known STO development service offering companies in the industry. They are rich expertise in providing the best security token offering services to their clients. They provide STO services on four different stages. Such as the preparation stage, Pre-STO, security token development, Launch STO, and Post STO. They help their clients to get extreme perks from launching an STO website. They have a professional and experienced team who can develop and customize as per the client’s needs. They guide the client throughout the STO development process and help them to set up a security token offering platform based on the business requirements.

Colan Infotech

Colan infotech, one of the ideal security token offering service providers in the marketplace. They offer top-notch security token offering services. Also, they will alter their services based on client requirements. They have a dedicated and experienced team in hand who can customize the STO development process efficiently. Apart from the STO development services, they offer other blockchain solutions like web designing, Smart contract development, ICO development, and other services. They charge affordable fees for all sorts of security token offering services. Their punctuality, integrity, transparency, and technology process made many business people approach them.


Cubycode is the first-class STO development company in the blockchain industry. They are one of the best security token offering service providers in the crypto market. They so far helped many international clients to build their own STO website without any hassle. They excel in offering both ICO & STO development services for different enterprises across all industries. They have a well-experienced and dedicated team of Blockchain developers to develop and deliver the top-notch security token offering website at the most competitive pricing. Their developer team can be hired on two model basis. Such as hourly or full-time basis for customized services. Their service includes STO token wallet app development and smart contracts development across different platforms.

Platinum is a first-class STO development company and they are prominent across the globe. They are experts in offering all sorts of crowdfunding modules to their clients. Such as STO development, ICO development, and IEO development. They have years of experience in cryptocurrency, blockchain, and financial services. They provide all the premium STO launch services including marketing, global PR, and consulting. This company has an experienced team of blockchain developers and experts for assisting their clients with the crowdfunding strategy and deploying it successfully.

Wrapping up

We have listed the top 5 security token offering service providers in 2023. Launching an STO platform is one of the great businesses that involve a decent amount of investment with a great dividend. If you are planning to build an STO platform, then choose the best and right STO development service provider from the above-mentioned list. Being an early bird in the blockchain industry is necessary. So, this is the right & best time to launch your security token offering website and earn a lucrative amount of profits.

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