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Initial coin offering, usually called ICO has been a well-known term in the Blockchain & crypto industry, Along with this, at present, the demand for security token offering (STO) is rising up gradually.

As we all know, a security token offering (STO) is a relatively new way of raising funds for a startup.

Blockchain is one of the most promising technologies of your business. It assistance crypto assets such as security token offering that present a tremendous opportunity to transform the financial services marketplace.

Nowadays, “STO (security token offering)” is speedily becoming the new trend of the cryptocurrency world. Security token offering is rapidly proving them to be a very effective way of raising a large amount of capital, as well as cheaper.

All business people and entrepreneurs being said many believe that “Security token offering (STOs)” is the epitome way to raise funds.

Features of STO (Security token offering):

  • Equity
  • Dividends
  • Voting rights
  • Profit share rights
  • Increase in Liquidity
  • Secure Wallet
  • Global Capital Investment
  • Greater Market Efficiency.

List of Security Token Offering services:

We people at Icoclone STO development company, deliver the following set of security token offering services to our global clients.

  1. Security Token Creation

Developing a top-notch token is a crucial part of the fundraising process. We people understand the importance of token development and deliver the solutions accordingly. Our security tokens are created in compliance with the SEC Guidelines and the country’s regulations to make it remain profitable.

We primarily deliver three types of security tokens to the clients:

  • Reserved-asset tokens

An Asset-backed crypto token is built on a blockchain platform that is associated with a tangible or intangible object of a certain value. 

  • Debt Tokens

Debt tokens are equivalent to the short-term loan on the interest rate on the amount loaned to a company. The debt tokens include the following set of benefits:

  1. Fractionalization
  2. Dividends
  3. Market Size
  • Equity Tokens

Equity Tokens are the type of tokens which represent the state ownership of an Asset like company stock or debt. 

2. STO Whitepaper Development

Whitepapers are an important part of the development process. We deliver cutting-edge Whitepaper services which comprise different stages of development. They give you a proposal with a high level of authenticity and make it appealing and attract investors. This document brings reliability into your project and gives a better outlook for the investor.

3. Token Issuance Portal

We create userfriendly STO portals, where one can conduct token crowd sales. Along with the futuristic investor’s dashboard, you can manage the investor’s details, KYC/AML, and other fundraising details. 

4. STO Website Development

We provide an intuitive website to enable the token sale and encourage investors to get started quickly. A landing page is developed exclusively for Security Token Offering which consists of details such as team details, tokenomics, STO launch date, Roadmap, etc. 

5. Tokenized Asset Offering Development

Asset-backed tokens give the project a different outlook, it evolves confidence and faith it the investors. With these tokens, you can present your proposal to a greater set of audience which will accept it without any doubts.

6. Multi-currency Funding

Although most STOs allow funding through Ethereum, we support the investment with multiple currencies. Investors can buy tokens through fiat currencies such as Euro or US dollars, or with other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.

7. KYC Verification

KYC’s play a major role in avoiding disputes and issues. As most of the countries haven’t regulated ICOs, it is important to implement “Know Your Customer” (KYC). For an STO, performing a KYC process is mandatory to verify the accredited and qualified investor status.  

Process of our Security Token Offering Services:

  • Requirement Gathering

We initially gather the business requirements from the clients and shoot out the queries if any.

  • Ideation

Once they are collected, we come up with a unique idea that can be beneficial for our clients. We also check for jurisdictions in the respective country.

  • Designing

We start designing the desired STO Website by defining the roadmap, smart contract rules, and the right Blockchain like Ethereum, Stellar, etc.

  • Pre-STO Launch

Developing STO Whitepaper which attracts the investor’s attention. In addition to this, registering early investors and start processing the KYC modules.

  • Developing

Developing Smart Contract and dividends structure issuance as applicable and in accordance with the requirements.

  • Testing

The developed product is separately tested for every single module. Bugs and issues are fixed instantly if found any.

  • Deployment

Finally, the product is deployed to the clients as per the duration is given. 

Why Choose ICOCLONE for Security Token Offering?

If you are looking to find the best STO services, then I would like to suggest the best STO Development Company for your business requirements. We provide the best STO services for our customers based on their needs. We are one of the pioneers in the STO development industry.

  • Experienced Developers
  • Knowledge of all platforms
  • Good Communication
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Maintenances & Support
  • 24*7 Support Services

We develop the tokens that can be built on your own blockchain enabling the transactions to be faster and secure.  

The team of experts serves a multitude of purposes. We offer STO development services are the nominal price. Here you get to choose your development partners to help you on the STO journey. Build your dream team by choosing the right Advisory and Legal Team, KYC/AML providers and your consulting team.

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