Security token offering vs Initial coin offering: Everything you need to know!


Security Token Offering has been the strategy dominating the headlines of Blockchain news for recent years. People nowadays give importance to Security with predominant hacks and scams prevailing in the environment. In general, STO’s are the legalized version of ICO’s.

The crypto fundraising method is turning from utility to security tokens. Security Token Offering offers a solution for startups seeking to tap into a new investor pool. Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) was the victim behind their own success!

As cryptocurrencies have taken the world to the next stage, innovative startups have raised millions of dollars through ICO. There were scams reported with Initial Coin Offerings which quickly caught the eye of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This is when utility tokens began as an important consideration. And then emerged the solution sec security token offering.

Well, the next seven minutes you will be having a clear perception of security token offering

What is the STO security token offering?

STO’s are cryptographic tokens that are completely compliant to security laws giving taken holders a stake in the issuing entity. Security Token owners leverage with huge benefits such as profit-sharing, voting rights, and the ability to trade their holdings on exchanges.   

With the infrastructure to support the security tokens is still built out, security token offering services remain to be a promising solution for startups to get into investing and reap profits.

Moreover, traders consider this as a hyper-efficient trading system which can bring forth laurels to your business. But the thing is until it overcomes all the issues associated with ICO platforms!

Security Token Offering vs Initial Coin Offering

If you are planning to Launch your Security token offering, then it is imperative that you know the primary difference between security token offering vs initial coin offering these couple of strategies.

STO’s were actually introduced by Polymath with the mission to become the Ethereum for security token development.

Well, before initiating STO launch services, you need to know how an STO dashboard actually looks!

An effective dashboard consists of encompassed features such as:

  • The Dashboard is enabled with an Admin Panel which will help you to deal with Smart Contracts.
  • Note the potential set of clients in the industry and give them the access right away from their records.
  • Next comes the Know Your Client system integrated! The dashboard should be designed in a manner that meets the needs of the clientele.
  • Segregate the database such that it enables the clients rundown dependent on the criteria needed.
  • The dashboard should have the capability to integrate the website.

Acting before the Appropriate time!

Initial Coin Offerings were stuck between a rock and hard place. This has been the jumping the cut factor for security token development

Since the ICO market is still paralyzed with fear from potential regulatory crackdowns, it should pump the brakes on STO script rollouts, ensuring STO offers are legitimate, impeccably designed to take advantage of blockchain strategy, and 100 percent legally compliant.  

Enter the security token offering list:

In most of the ways, security token offering sec remains to be a gifted solution by offering a plethora of benefits to the users. The crucial one is, it resolves the issues associated with ICO.

Conducting an STO development solution will incur serious upfront legal expenses in the hundreds of thousands, or else millions of dollars. What’s more than this? Traders were looking for a solution to preside over your token issuance which came true!

So, what are the types of Security tokens?

As we have already discussed, a Security Token is a digital representation of some kind of security. So these assets actually can be equity, debt or some other derivative. Added, there might also be some other alternative assets represented by the token such as a bar of gold, land, etc.

The most common securities are those which represent the equity of a company. Equity tokens represent a voting right class of shares or non-voting.

Investment in security tokens is the anticipation of future returns in the form of dividends, equitable participation in the income of the company. As the company grows, the token may appreciate it accordingly.

The token can represent fund interests or shares, providing the right to receive fund returns to its holders. This is why it is commonly termed as the tokenized fund.

A Security Token could usually represent a debt. The company issues a certificate of debt with which traders can expect to receive a return in the form of interest.

How to do security token offering?

Launching Security Token Offerings is not going to be tedious. If you want to know how to do security token offering ,you primarily need to focus on the following set of steps:


Whatever the business you initiate, the primary thing is to be prepared with everything. You need to consider a few points such as:

  • Forming the Backbone project team.
  • Selecting the type of token.
  • Calculating the total amount.
  • Development of Marketing Campaigns.
  • Formation of Technical Documentation.
  • Company Registration.


You need to be registered with the Security Exchange Commission to kick-start your work. Initially, find out the regulations with STO.

Platform Selection

In the question of how to create an STO, the next step is to ensure a good infrastructure that compiles all the rules and regulations. Such a platform can also be created by you, but you can go with cheaper and easier White-Label Solutions to make your work done!


Now the selected team begins to announce the project to the public, by telling the idea with the help of whitepaper, road map, etc. These documents actually help the developers to decide on what the project and gives a clear picture!

Private Sale

At the event at the stage of Private Sales, the project team expands the membership and is looking for big partners such that their names get associated with the press releases. If you look at security token offering Canada this has attracted both the investors and the organizations mutually!

Pre Sale

  • This is yet another sale of limited tokens. The money collected during the Pre Sale is directed mainly to development and marketing campaigns.
  • Moreover, Pre Sales is being involved in several stages.

Main Sale

The sale of the remaining part is allocated to this stage. The money collected at this stage is used for development, the salary of the team, and the deployment of the project.

Once the Main Sale is completed, the tokens fall on cryptocurrency exchanges unless restrictions are actually imposed on their resale for a certain amount of time.

Why opt STO’s instead of Standard ICO’s?

With Utility Token, the buyer does not own anything with the real-world asset. However, with the security token offering process, the buyer owns the share of whatever the token represents. In other words, the security token is similar to normal security in digital form, making it easier to trade.

Growth in STO software is likely for several reasons. Right off the bat, young companies that wish to raise the capital will be in need of tokens with features pertaining to existing traditional securities, such as equity stakes and dividends, because investors’ demand for such features is naturally higher.

Given is the choice of investing between in a utility token with no equity stake and no right to share the company shares or investing in a security token that does not have such rights!

Secondly, regulators will not ignore the growth in the ICO fundraising market. Some of the more forward-looking regulators will likely be more proactive, especially if one of their mandates is to protect retail investors.  

STO provides higher security for investors as it complies with regulations making ICO’s more legit in the world of the crypto industry. This actually minimizes the possibility of fraud and is less liable to legal issues.

Polymath security token offering was among the first companies to advocate the notion of STO’s in the crypto capital.

Security token offerings list can prevent common problems such as crypto pump and dump schemes. Moreover, it can provide greater security, confidence, reassurance, etc.

So, what will be the future of Security Token Offering?

The Security Exchange Commission has begun to take focus on the cryptocurrency market. STO’s combine the features of IPO and ICO and is stated to be rich already. Moreover, this platform is not of many costs and time as compared to IPO and ICO in terms of security and authenticity.

Later on, with more reception of Blockchain, we may see these guidelines maneuvering down. Yet, it will be on the whole correct to state that STO is the ‘Initial public offering of the crypto section.’ The preferred standpoint that security tokens have over stocks is that they can be exchanged whenever 24×7.

To speak about the benefits of security token offering white paper there is a couple of things associated:

  • Easy, Cheap and Quick Settlement

With STO, trades can be executed within seconds, compared to traditional assessments which could take several days to complete. For example, settlements in the stock market usually take two days after the deal is closed and several parties are involved, which can make the process much complex!

Through Blockchain Technology, Settlements can be done in minutes with a more simplified process.

  • Fractional Ownership

Stocks can be viewed as fractional ownership of a company. Real Estate, Fine art, and private equity can be divided into small units through tokenizing these assets. This will, in turn, allow investors to invest thereby enhancing the liquidity of assets.

Wrapping Up

Security tokens give a bridge between the standard finance market, the working capital companies and therefore the rising blockchain technology. though utility tokens presently dominate the ICO market, their utility is proscribed. In most of the ICOs, utility token homeowners cannot use it on the far side of the specified platforms. Security tokens give an elementary resolution to the present.

The flexibility of security tokens to supply simple liquidity to its investors create them the most popular alternative for institutional players, whether or not they are available underneath the restrictive oversight.

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