Readymade ICO website script supporting lending, staking, air dropping


Whenever we ask individuals, entrepreneurs, startups about the main benefit they get from ICO website , I typically get the same answer: It saves time to get enough funded for their unique idea.

And without a doubt, ICO is one of the best business trend in current demand. ICOclone offers a technical solution that fully automates the entire ICO process and fundraising for the project. You get cryptocurrencies and investors get tokens. The deepest and complete integration has been made with Ethereum.

The time needed to launch the platform 1 day.


  • Fully customizable interface (theme, fonts, colors, logo, domain, registration form)
  • Token creation with ERC20 standard
  • A reliable and tested smart contract. Customization of the smart contract can be ordered.
  • Dashboard that able to see how many investors have encouraged to your ICO, how much money is currently collected and what crypto-currencies were donated.
  • API for data transfer to the site or elsewhere
  • Website supported into 10 languages
  • Bonus system
  • Referral program
  • Configured easy payment solutions
  • Strong security solutions
  • Fully customize and deploy cold storage wallets
  • Integration with lending, staking, airdropping, bounty campaign
  • Possibility of depositing money through a bank personally

Don’t waste your money and time on developing a complex system. You’ll get benefits with a demo version of the platform for ICO.

ICOclone is one of the first who has launched a “turnkey” solution for building ICO website much quicker. For additional information, please call or whatsapp: +91-9790097510.