NFT Wallet Development – Create an NFT Wallet to Enter the Crypto Industry

NFT Wallet Development

For the past few years, there is a huge craze for non-fungible tokens. In simpler words, NFTs are revolutionizing the digital world. It laid a new foundation in the lives of many artists and entrepreneurs. The reason for its popularity is because of the characteristics and functionalities. 

Speaking of NFT, non-fungible tokens are unique tokens where each token has its characteristics. Any of the digital assets like digital art, painting, music files, videos, etc can be converted into an NFT and sold in NFT marketplaces. Primarily, artworks and paintings are created as NFTs and hefty profits were made through them. The sole purpose of an  NFT wallet is for storing non-fungible tokens securely. In this article, we shall discuss everything about NFT wallet development, how to create an NFT wallet, the cost to create an NFT wallet, etc.

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What is an NFT Wallet?

An NFT wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that is compatible with all types of cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, USDT, etc but also helps to store non-fungible tokens in a highly secured manner. The NFT wallets have integrations with all the top most NFT marketplaces for managing and trading NFTs. 

An NFT wallet is software that is protected using a 12-word phrase, password or using touch authentication. These are considered private keys for accessing an NFT crypto wallet. An NFT wallet is highly required for storing all your newly created non-fungible tokens.

Fiat currencies are accessed through an ATM but the storing authority will be the bank. Similarly, NFT wallets are used to access NFTs that are stored in the blockchain. Hence, an NFT wallet is developed with a public key and a private key.

With this, we shall discuss some of the popular NFT wallets in the crypto space.

Popular NFT Wallets On The Crypto Market

The most popular NFT wallets in the crypto ecosystem are,

  • Metamask
  • Trust wallet
  • Enjin
  • Alpha wallet
  • Math wallet, etc. 

These are some of the renowned NFT wallets prevailing in the crypto marketplace. 

Here, we list the types of NFT wallets.

Web Wallets

Web wallets are available in a browser as a website that helps in managing and storing NFTs. The benefit of accessing the web wallet is its accessibility on any computer.

Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets are like an application that can be accessed using a mobile. This is considered an ideal wallet as they are perfect for daily use. It is always safer than all other wallets.

Desktop Wallets

These wallets are accessible only on the desktop. The desktop wallet comes as an inbuilt application and private keys are used for unlocking it. 

These are the most common types of NFT wallets available in the crypto space. To know about the creation of NFT wallets. Here is the following.

NFT Wallet Development

As we all know, NFT wallets are the most trending ones and it remains a buzzword among the people in the crypto ecosystem. Considering this factors, we at Icoclone offer first-class NFT wallet development in the crypto space. There are certain reasons behind the creation of the NFT wallet. They are as follows,

NFTs are always in demand

Since the inception of NFTs, there is a growing demand for NFT and NFT wallet creation. Crypto experts predict that there will always be an increasing demand for NFTs in the following years. Hence, you can create an NFT wallet for making hefty returns in the crypto ecosystem.

Increase in transactions

Many statistical reports say that the creation of NFTs has been increasing every day. Many artists are converting their artworks into NFTs and selling them for millions of dollars every day. So, NFT wallet creation is highly helpful for entrepreneurs who wish to generate high revenue for their crypto business.

Now, you might be eager to know the steps for developing an NFT wallet. Here is the following.

How To Create An NFT Wallet?

The following are the steps that should be followed to develop an NFT wallet. 

Competitor Analysis

Before initiating any sort of business, you should perform competitor analysis and analyze your target audience. It will give you an exemplary idea that will offer solutions to all the problems out there. By picking a unique idea, you can stand at the top among your competitors.

Choosing the Technology Stack

Picking an efficient technology platform is highly challenging for startups. If you’re choosing the best technology for developing your NFT wallet, then it’ll stand out from the crowd and it attracts many people. Before that, you should also fix the features that should be incorporated into your NFT wallet.

  • Swift international transactions
  • Robust security features
  • Simple Login/signup features
  • Advanced searching features

Choosing a renowned NFT wallet development company

This is the crucial phase of your NFT wallet development. Developing an NFT wallet on your own may lead to some issues. So, connecting with a reputed Crypto wallet development company will be an ideal choice for you to create an NFT wallet.

Select the Type of wallet

The major types of NFT wallets are mentioned above. So, you can choose any of the types based on your business requirements. A piece of additional information is that you can create a mobile wallet as per your business needs and convenience.

Choose the design of the NFT wallet

In this stage, you should fix the design and template of your NFT wallet. The design you fix for the NFT wallet should be quite impressive among people. 

NFT Wallet Development and Testing

Pick a trending technology stack for developing your NFT wallet, initiate a code, and incorporate all the details of your NFT wallet. Then, beta testing should be executed. After fixing the errors, your NFT wallet will be ready for deployment.

NFT Wallet Deployment

Once the testing gets completed, the NFT wallets will be deployed. These are the mandatory steps that should be followed for creating an NFT wallet. 

NFT Wallet Development

Now, we shall discuss the exemplary features that should be incorporated into the NFT wallet.

Must-have Features of NFT Wallet Development

Features play a crucial role in developing any type of product. The mandatory features to be included in the NFT wallet are included below.

Improved Payment Security

As we know, the transactions made in crypto networks are highly safe as they are stored and handled in the blockchain. So, there will be no possibility of intermediaries and scams.

Anonymity and Privacy

The algorithmic techniques that are used for storing information in the blockchain are highly encrypted and safe. It secures the data from unauthorized access and stealing. It is highly impossible to the occurrence of scams in NFT wallets.

Faster Transactions Processing

The intermediary transaction takes a long period to reach the particular user. But, using an NFT wallet, transactions can be securely done at a greater speed.


The data that is stored in the NFT wallet is highly transparent and traceable. So, it is highly safe and secure to check the working process. 

We shall discuss the benefits offered by developing NFT wallets.

Benefits Of NFT Wallet Development

The following are the benefits of NFT token development. 

Storing Asset Information

Not only non-fungible tokens, but your users can also store other crypto tokens in your NFT wallet app. These wallets avoid scams and maintain the information securely.

Managing Tokens

If many NFTs are transacted within an interval, then tokens should be maintained properly. NFT wallets offer the benefit of managing non-fungible token transactions without any hassle.

Global Accessibility

As NFT wallets are web-based products and are accessible through the internet, they can be accessed from anywhere across the globe. 

Protected Private Key

If a private key is allotted for a crypto wallet, it should be safeguarded and kept secret. 

These are the benefits of creating an NFT wallet. With this, we shall discuss the developing cost of an NFT wallet.

Cost To Create An NFT Wallet

While discussing the cost to create an NFT wallet, it changes based on your business requirements. We cannot predict the exact development cost for developing an NFT wallet. The cost to create an NFT wallet is influenced by the following factors mentioned below,

  • Characteristics of an NFT wallet
  • The complexity of the NFT wallet
  • Design of the NFT wallet
  • Token handling capacity

These are the factors that play a crucial role in deciding the development cost. But, there is an approximate cost to create an NFT wallet. The cost of developing an NFT wallet may start from $8000. Mostly, the NFT wallet creation comes along with the non-fungible token creation as a package. So, the complete package of NFT wallet creation will range from $10,000 to $20,000. However, the development cost we mentioned might vary as per your business needs. 

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