Readymade ICO website script supporting lending, staking, airdropping!


Whenever we ask individuals, entrepreneurs, startups about the main benefit they get from the ICO website, I typically get the same answer: It saves time to get enough funded for their unique idea.

And without a doubt, ICO is one of the best business trends in current demand. ICOclone offers a technical solution that fully automates the entire ICO process and fundraising for the project. You get cryptocurrencies and investors get tokens. The deepest and complete integration has been made with Ethereum.

The time needed to launch the platform 1 day with our best in class ICO Website Script in the market.


  • Fully customizable interface with ICO Dashboard Script

At Icoclone, we deliver a completely tailor-made interface with an exciting set of features such as customizable theme, fonts which you can set according to your preference, as well as the registration form.

We combine all these high-end features in our ICO Dashboard script. Since our script is built on technical architecture, you can easily customize them according to your choice.

  • Token creation with ERC20 standard

We create cutting-edge cryptocurrency tokens which are completely unique from others to remain ahead of the competition. As a startup or an enterprise, you can give an exceptional name, logo & design for your token. Additionally, we provide all the stand-alone features in the cryptocurrency token with our ICO Website Script.

  • Customizable Smart Contract for your needs

Our smart contracts are completely reliable and tested from our end. Hence, you can customize them in accordance with your unique requirements. Moreover, they are secured with top-notch security protocols to avoid fraudulent activities from hackers. 

  • An Intuitive dashboard 

With our ICO Dashboard Script, you can see how many investors have encouraged your ICO, how much money is currently collected and what crypto-currencies were donated. Our Dashboard consists of all sets of feature-packed solutions. 

  • API for data transfer to the site or elsewhere

We provide ICO Website Script with API with which you can data transfer to the website or anywhere whenever required.

  • Website supported into 10 languages

With our ICO Website Script, you can build ICO website which supports multiple languages. It includes English, Chinese, French, etc. Therefore, it will be a hassle-free process for your investors since they can choose their desired language and perform instant trading.

  • Bonus system

We have introduced the Bonus system in our ICO Website Script with which you can provide to your investors. 

  • Referral program

To enhance liquidity, we have integrated referral programs in our Readymade ICO Website Script. With this, you can gain potential investors for your ICO platform.

  • Configured easy payment solutions

Your investors can now leverage worry-free payment solutions with which they can make their payments instantly. 

  • Strong security solutions

Security is always our priority concern. We integrate high-end security protocols in our Technical Architecture to bring in a powerful and robust product.

  • Fully customize and deploy cold storage wallets

As Hardware Wallets are encountering scams and fraudulent activities every day, we create cryptocurrency wallets which can be completely customizable. Thus, to enable offline access to wallets, we build cold storage wallets for this cause. 

  • Integration with lending, staking, airdropping, bounty campaign

ICO Marketing is also a part of our ICO Creation Strategy. Thus, we launch Bounty Campaigns, in this case, to figure out if there are any errors to be resolved with the ICO Script written in PHP.

  • Possibility of depositing money through a bank personally

Your investors now have the possibility of depositing the money through banks with our best ICO Script in the market. 

Don’t waste your money and time on developing a complex system. You’ll get benefits with a demo version of the platform for ICO.

ICOclone is one of the first who has launched a “turnkey” solution for building the ICO website much quicker. For additional information, please call or Whatsapp +91-9790097510.

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We are the group of blockchain developers who deals with ICO development software to build ICO platform ( Initial Coin Offering website designing, coding, and publication of business).We extend our services on complete blockchain business software solution and mainly to all your ICO business needs for it strives to give its customers the best ICO platform within a very short.

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