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The ICO (Initial Coin Offering) platform works similarly to the bank’s securities like Treasury Bonds, etc. But the fact is that Bank’s securities cannot be bought easily like the token purchase from an ICO firm. ICO is a token crowdfunding platform in which people buy tokens for the investment they have contributed. They earn profits after a considerable amount of time for the purchase they have made. Icoclone provides a unique solution when it comes to ICO development company. The entire process is fully automated. You will be getting crypto coins for the investments made by the investors. Icoclone provides an instant script base with the desired features that you need to add.

Some of the in-built features of the ICO Website Script provided by Icoclone

Icoclone provides the entire guidance to craft an amazing platform for ICO. ICO is one of the best platforms that you can get into the crypto world. Let us see some of the features provided by Icoclone:

Customized ICO Dashboard Script

Icoclone comes up with a fully customized Dashboard with all the requirements a user needs to acquire. The Admin Dashboard is created with the trade map. Also, other such information like the number of users, available coins and the coins that are sold, and the remaining number of coins in the wallet, etc. Icoclone offers necessary solutions for providing tokens for the two most priority cryptos – Bitcoin and Ethereum. Coming to the User Dashboard, the token holdings, are the purchased amount of tokens that the user holds. Also, the referral bonus section that you have gained through referring your friend.

You can also add some more creative add-ons to your dashboard and we are open to installing your idea into your ICO website for sure.

Create your crypto token with ERC20 standards

Customers and users will flood your ICO site only if you have created a reliable and easy-to-use token creation platform, right? And that is the reason behind the usage of the ERC20 standard. ERC20 makes token creation easy for deployment. They are smart contracts that are executed in a decentralized manner on a virtual machine. Henceforth, the transactions will be fast and efficient. You can provide your unique name, logo, and outstanding design for the token. Apparently, we can guide you in creating an exceptional token so that you can earn more profits in the crypto business.

Professional Trust Building Using Smart Contracts

Trust Building is one of the prime areas where you have to focus to hold your users to the trading process. Smart contracts are automated computer systems that are signed between parties for transactions involving crypto-tokens. In that sense, the smart contracts that we provide are trustworthy, and tightly secured with all sorts of security parameters. You can customize the smart contract based on your company ideology or standards and modulate it accordingly. From our side, launching our smart contracts are effective, reliable, and secured with blockchain-enabled technology.

Data Storage

The data that are involved in the ICO site that we provide are completely stored as blocks using blockchain technology. So there is no chance of misuse or misinterpretation of the information as it is impossible to alter the data entered into the blockchain. You can retrieve the data whenever you want. You can even allow your users to receive information regarding their investments. Also, the records are stored in the ledger and properly maintained. So, there are zero chances that your information will be missed out or mixed up with other private blocks.

API based Data transfer

API contains a set of protocols and routines that sets a preface for the conduction of your site. They are the conductors of the software applications in which the applications interact based upon the interface that you create. We, at Icoclone, provide solutions for your site using our unique program interface. We can alter the operations based on your desire. Data transfer can be done anywhere and from everywhere to anyone using our API. One more interesting fact is that The API we provide is done with the HMAC method using the updated algorithm on demand. We can also provide you the API for data transfer using your desired algorithm.

Multiple Language support

The ICO Website script that we provide will be supporting more than 10 languages and you can create an ICO script with multiple language support. You can also add languages to the interface and remove unwanted ones as you like, but our script can provide as many desired languages you need to add along with the inbuilt interface languages. If you want to widen the business worldwide, then you need to have more than 10 language interface for your ICO site. Because it will have a positive effect on your business and you can stand out from the crowd.

Bonus and Airdrops

Who would not like a bonus or gift for their contribution? Yes, we provide a script with a bonus category in which you can provide the investors with additional tokens or investment discounts from time to time. Also, you can provide airdrops to the users of your ICO site based on the investments they made. Like, you can provide free tokens when they have reached more than a minimum level of investment holding or so. We, at Icoclone, are concerned not only with providing a website script but also a level of customer satisfaction and growth.


Icoclone provides an inbuilt Referral program interface with the website script. By this, you can attract more investors to your ICO platform. This will increase your website base that will further increase the number of potential investors to your site in the future. You can also make some desirable changes in the referral program based on your ideology.

Instant payments

The payments for the transaction involving the purchase of tokens can be made easy and efficient using our hassle-free payment solutions. The payments can be made instantly in which we have created a script in which the site can accept payments of various cryptocurrencies or even through credit card or bank transfer payments. So, you need not worry about any payment interruptions.

Security and Encryption

The script we provide is secure to the core and encrypted so that your communication will not be misused or out-shown. Despite the usage of blockchain technology, We provide extended Anti-DDoS protection to conduct a regular flow of service. In terms of usage, we provide 2-factor authentication measures to secure the account from being hacked or cyberbullied.
Even if you think that your account is being misused, you can report and recover your account instantly.

Cold Storage Wallets

We use cold storage wallets as they are the safest measure compared the hot wallets. Hot wallets are online wallets and they are less trusted. But cold wallets are offline wallets and they cannot be hacked or looted.

Price control of your tokens

Yes, of course, you can determine your pricing for your tokens, but the main intention behind the usage of price control of tokens is that our ICO script provides the options of either manual or automated token pricing controls. You can choose either of them for determining the pricing of your tokens when you sell it to the investor.

These are some of the features that you can induct into your ICO website script.

To conclude, Icoclone is a one-stop solution for your ICO Website script needs. We offer preferable UI, Token pricing control, Bonus systems, Payment Solutions, and API. Coming to security, we offer 2F authentication, anti-DDoS, and blockchain. Summing up, Icoclone provides you with the entire solution and guidance to start a successful ICO site quicker, more efficiently, and cozier.

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