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Initial Coin Offerings are the popular fundraising strategy to uprise the business. In the year 2017, ICOs managed to raise around $5.6 billion by the startups. Most of the entrepreneurs were successful in 2017 & 2018 with the ICOs. The trend is still uprising every day and one can instantly launch an ICO platform by hiring the right set of ICO developer

ICO Website Developer: Here are the things you need to check for:

  • Skillset of ICO Website Developer

When it comes to technical knowledge, an ICO Website developer should remain skillful in the following set of basic aspects:

  • OOPS
  • Multi-Threading
  • Socket Programming

In addition to this, the ICO website developer must be well-versed in Blockchain Technology. As ICOs are created on popular Blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Stellar, NEO, it is important that the developer should know about this. Here are some Blockchain concepts one should know:

  • Distributed Ledger Technology
  • Immutability
  • Consensus
  • Smart Contracts
  • Crypto Tokens
  • Public Blockchain
  • Permissioned Blockchain

Additionally, cryptography is also important here. The ICO Website developer should know about encryption and decryption techniques. Here are some of the security algorithms:

  1. Secure Hashing Algorithm
  2. Encryption & Decryption
  3. Public Key and Private Key
  • Expertise required

The previous set of experiences the ICO Website Developer plays a crucial role. It would be beneficial if the person ahs desired experience in Blockchain ICO development. Know how long they have been in this business. 

You can check for their achievements and awards of the ICO website developer. You should also look at whether they deliver licensed products with ICO.

  • Brands worked with

You can look for the previous brands they have worked with. Make sure the launched ICO platform is supported across various industries such as Healthcare, Finance, Banking, Agriculture, Supply Chain Management, etc. It would be profitable if they have worked for enterprise networks for the ICO platforms. 

  • Tools handled to develop the product

Apart from the technical aspects, you need to check for the tools they handle to develop the product. Most of the ICO Website developer makes use of the following set of tools:

  • JIRA
  • Slack
  • Confluence
  • Pivotal Tracker
  • Portfolio of Blockchain

If they have the previous set of expertise in the industry, you can check for the portfolio and case studies on Blockchain solutions and services. Check for the reviews and Client ratings of the products they have delivered. You can check whether they have worked with the public or permissioned Blockchain for the products. 

Where to find a professional ICO Website Developer?

We people at Icoclone have a rich set of experience in ICO Launch platform development. We have delivered around 50+ ICO software to the global clients which are in accordance with their requirements. These business requirements from enterprise-level firms are given greater importance and are rendered with #1 priority.                  


The company offers a wide range of hacking-resistant ICO website development services for individuals and startups as well to raise enough funds.

Icoclone has designed a script package that enables enthusiasts to own an ICO website and to sell tokens in real-time. With ICO script, you can quickly reach your business investors.

Since we offer secure ICO script software, it acts as the best technical solution to launch an ICO and distribution system of crypto tokens to hold and protect assets on the crypto wallet and everything to run ICO, ICOCLONE plans to make those solutions as open as possible to enable enthusiasts as entrepreneurs.

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