An Overview of ICO Development Services: What You Need to Know

In the revolutionary cryptocurrency world, startups and entrepreneurs look forward to gaining considerable profits.  In that sense, one of the best ways to raise funds for your crypto project is possible only through crowdfunding approaches. Various crowdfunding methods include ICO, STO, IEO, IDO, and many more. In that,  ICO is considered one of the best-ever methods of crypto crowdfunding. After the boom of ICOs in 2017, startups across Nook and Corner used this method to raise funds for their crypto business. Startups are mainly adapting this method to introduce their tokens to crypto investors. 

You might think that creating an ICO is easy, but the development process of the ICO is a bit complicated process. To develop an ICO, one needs high technical knowledge and awareness of the crypto market. As a startup, do you have an idea to launch an ICO project perfectly? Then, choose the best ICO development company that provides you the ICO development services at premium quality. 

Are you curious to know about ICO-related services? Don’t worry, go through this blog to get an idea about ICO development services and their wide benefits in a detailed manner. 

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What are ICO Development Services? 

As said earlier, Initial token offerings (ICO) have become an important stream in the crypto market to introduce new tokens to the crypto world. To launch an ICO in the competitive crypto market, you need a development company who are well-versed in providing ICO development services. They offer startups a huge set of ICO development services. They are listed below.


  • White Paper Development 
  • Crypto wallet development
  • Smart contract development 
  • ICO Token Development 
  • ICO Website Development 

These are the essential ICO services provided by an ICO development company. They have a professional set of developers in who offer high-quality development services based on the goals and requirements of the project. Let’s dive into the development services to get more clarification. 

White Paper Development 

 Every ICO project needs a whitepaper where all the details of the ICO project are illustrated for the understanding of the investor. To get your ICO whitepaper with a professional touch, the ICO development company offers this whitepaper development service for startups and entrepreneurs. The information regarding the roadmap, Tokenomics, pre-sale and post-sale, and development company’s information must be written clearly to understand easily. 

Whitepaper development is a crucial part of the initial coin offering as it conveys the whole project to the investor. So, choose the best ICO service provider to draft the whitepaper effectively. 

Crypto Wallet Development

The next important thing in launching an ICO project is to develop a crypto wallet. In the ICO project, newly created tokens are distributed to the investors in exchange for funds. To safeguard the tokens, one needs a crypto wallet. Crypto wallet development comes with many add-on features to maintain security. ICO development company offers startups a premium crypto wallet to store the tokens. 

Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts are digital contracts between the buyer and the seller. It has a pre-designed set of rules and conditions to execute a particular operation. The smart contracts are executed once all the required conditions are met. These smart contracts are considered to be one of the effective tools in creating tokens for ICO projects. The smart contract development service is provided efficiently. These smart contracts are developed as per the business needs of the startups. 

ICO Token Development

Crypto tokens are an important part of an ICO project. The utility tokens are created and distributed to the investors by the ICO development company to raise the estimated funds. As a startup, you must choose the blockchain network, token standard, total supply, minting & burning details, and decimal value. As per the crypto project needs, customization can be done in the token. Once the tokens are created, then they are tested and ready for deployment. 

The ICO software development company offers you a pool of professional developers for creating the tokens. The errors or bugs that are identified in the tokens will be rectified during the testing process itself. After the deployment of the tokens, they are released for token sale events. 

ICO Website Development

After the tokens are created, the tokens will be sold on an ICO website. For that, a startup must have a separate website with an attractive and customizable investor dashboard and admin dashboard. In the investor dashboard, the roadmap, whitepaper, token sale event details, and the level of estimated funds are given for the investor’s reference. On the other hand, in the admin dashboard, real-time analytics, token transfer history, and user deposit history are displayed for the admin. 

The initial token offering website acts as a communication tool between the startup and the investor. Be sure that your ICO website is easy to navigate and secure. The creation process of the ICO website involves two different methods. They can be developed from scratch or else simply ICO script can be adapted. While developing an ICO website from scratch, it takes almost a year to complete and it is also expensive. So, it is better to choose the best ICO script from the ICO development company. As ICO scripts are pre-designed software, it will be easy to develop your ICO website. The additional benefit of picking an ICO script is, that they are customizable. On these websites, the pre-sale and post-sale of the tokens take place. Through these websites, the current state of the project can be known easily. 

The above-mentioned are the ICO development services that are provided by the ICO development company. If you are a startup, you can choose any of the services based on your choices. Picking an ICO development service provider is beneficial in many ways. We shall discuss those in detail. 

Benefits of Choosing an ICO Development Service Provider

Benefits of ICO Development

For successfully launching the ICO, choosing an ICO development service provider is considered one of the best ways.  


By choosing a well-versed ICO development service provider, the cost to launch the ICO will be very low. Already, the development company will have a professional set of developers where your expectations can be met easily. Without advanced technology, ICOs can be executed at an affordable cost. 

Expertise in the Field

ICO development companies will have a decade of experience in offering ICO-related services. Their previous portfolios help startups choose the best development company for their ICO project. With their experience, they help newbies and also guide them to solve complex problems.

Instant Deployment 

Finding the best ICO software development company can save you money and time. With the help of an ICO service provider, the ICOs can be launched within a short period. Your token creation and website development can be done instantly as per your business needs. 

Ensures Trust

By approaching an ICO development service company, the chances for any kind of scam are zero. If you are a newbie who is eager to enter the crypto space, then an ICO development company ensures trust for developing ICO in a hassle-free manner. 

24*7 Availability

The ICO service provider helps startups and entrepreneurs solve any kind of complexity while developing tokens or ICO websites. As per the business choice of the startup, the development company sorts any kind of technical issue or errors. They provide you with 24/7 availability to solve problems. 


The ICO development services that are provided by the development companies can be customized for business needs. The token standard, token type, and ICO script are customizable for your choice. 

So, these are the wide range of benefits that are provided by the ICO development company which offers ICO-related services. Choose the best ICO software development company to gain these benefits for launching your ICOs. 

Why Choose Icoclone for Getting ICO Development Services? 

I hope that you have a clear idea about the ICO development services that ICO development companies provide. The ICO-related services can be differentiated as per the norms and rules of the ICO development service provider. As per your business choice and requirements, you can choose any of the development services. After all these, are you still confused about selecting a renowned ICO development company? Don’t worry, Here is the optimal solution. 

Icoclone is a leading ICO development company that prominently offers ICO development services. We help newbies and entrepreneurs launch successful ICOs with dedication. Icoclone has a pool of experienced developers with 8+ years of experience. We offer ICO development services like drafting a whitepaper, wallet creation, tokens that can be developed in various blockchains, and ICO website development. Enriched ICO script that comes with an attractive and customizable investor and admin dashboard. Other than these we provide smart contract creation and STO scripts with highly elegant features.

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