Create an Exemplary ICO Dashboard with ICO Dashboard script

Create an Exemplary ICO Dashboard with ICO Dashboard script

In this digital era, everyone is moving towards digitization. Also, many businesses showing their presence on online platforms. But when it comes to ICO, trust is more important for the investors and the users. As we know, ICO is one of the great crowdfunding models. It helps the startups to raise the funds quickly. Also, it is one of the effective ways to get potential investments and fundings for your business.

But many startups faced some obstacles. One of the biggest obstacles is, to launch the best ICO platform that offers secured token sales for users. To overcome the drawbacks, you need to use the premium ICO dashboard script. But it should be highly customizable and also must be able to perform secure transactions. 

If you aren’t aware of the ICO dashboard script, then this blog would definitely help you. In this blog, let us discuss what is ICO dashboard with its types. Also, we will see how to develop a robust ICO dashboard with its ideal features. Before seeing the ICO dashboard, let us begin with…

What is the ICO Dashboard Script? 

ICO dashboard script is the tailor-made script that comes with all existing features and plugins of the ICO dashboard. This ready-made script allows you to launch a stunning ICO dashboard immediately. Also, it supports all kinds of ICO tokens to perform secure token sales. By using this ICO dashboard script, you can easily customize the dashboard as per your taste. Also, it includes the powerful ICO admin dashboard and investor dashboard with cutting-edge features. Now, let us see…

What is an ICO Dashboard?

The ICO dashboard is a kind of automated platform. It helps you in launching your own ICO website. One of the best parts of the ICO dashboard is, you can get automated marketing techniques. Also, you can integrate features that take your ICO platform to the next level. It is a package that is completely designed to fulfill all your business needs. Some exciting features are integrated into the ICO dashboard. Such as notification facility, creation of the wallet, and more. 

In other words, it is a simple platform that helps startups and enterprises to make use of all the functionalities required. Also, it does not stop by providing exciting features and functionalities. But it also helps you in resolving issues related to the ICO website. This ICO dashboard gives a lot of essential information for the users in an easily understandable way. So, dashboards play a major role to launch a successful ICO.  

For any kind of ICO website, you need to integrate two types of ICO dashboards. Such as the ICO investor dashboard and ICO admin dashboard.

  • ICO Investor Dashboard

ICO investor dashboard helps you to meet all the expectations without losing or wasting your money and time. By using this investor dashboard, you can completely focus on investor’s needs. Also, you can ensure some paramount factors. Such as approachability, limpidity, and accessibility among investors. 

  • ICO Admin Dashboard

An admin dashboard can help the users to get more details about some credentials. The ICO admin dashboard contains three panels. Such as the account details panel, the licensing panel, and the administrator’s panel. Each panel gives essential information that is included in the section. Also, here the administrator can have a complete overview of all the activities of the ICO dashboard. Also, the admin can customize complete control over the information that the investors visibility. Now, let us look at…

How to Develop a Stunning ICO Dashboard?

To develop a stunning and robust ICO dashboard, you need to consider some essential things. Here we list some paramount factors to consider for developing a robust ICO dashboard. 

  1. First, your ICO dashboard needs to support multiple cryptocurrencies. When there is a wide range of cryptocurrencies accepted. Then the participants will be high. The primary aim of ICO is to maximize the investor-participation. So if your ICO dashboard supports multiple currencies. Then there is a good chance to raise funds globally in a quick manner.                                                 
  2. The ICO dashboard should support multiple languages. Because ICO brings investors from various locations. So they might prefer different languages. If your ICO dashboard can support multiple languages. So it helps the investors to easily understand and they might invest in your ICO.                                                                                                                                                         
  3. The ICO websites may not fall under the regulatory requirements like the SEC. But completing the KYC/AML formalities will be a good idea. If your ICO dashboard can facilitate the KYC/AML formalities. Then it would attract and grab plenty of investors to your ICO. Also, requesting these pieces of information from investors will add credibility to your ICO.                                                         
  4. You know that all investors might not be good at the technical part. Thus, the user interface should be amicable and easy for even new investors. Also, you must remember that even a great ICO might face failure due to the user interface of the ICO dashboard. So to get an innovative and effective design for your ICO dashboard, you need to connect with the best ICO development company. So, get the top-notch design of the ICO dashboard from a professional ICO development company                                  
  5. To improve security, the authentication procedure has to be simple and usable. So using two-factor authentication would enhance the security in the ICO dashboard. So this feature will help to protect all the details of the investor with regards to the ICO.              
  6. The investor needs to note all the paramount changes that happen in the ICO. so having a trigger email option in an ICO dashboard will be a good option. From this, investors will have an idea about all the things that are happening in the ICO. Also, Every user loves bonuses in the ICO dashboard. So your investors are not an exception. You can create customized bonus programs based on the number of tokens they bought which might be in demand for you.                                                                  
  7. Your ICO dashboard should provide real-time statistics. Such as current token value, the history of tokens, the timeline for the end of crowd sales, and other more. For the ICO admin dashboard, the admin login credentials must be strictly protected by two-factor authentication. The admin must be able to control the contents that go on the ICO dashboard. Those contents include the news feed and the real-time information that are visible to the investors.                                                                                                       
  8. You need to perform marketing activities like airdropping of tokens to influencers. Also, you need to offer effective 24/7 customer support. So that investors can clarify their doubts in a hassle-free manner.

By following these essential factors, you can develop an exemplary ICO dashboard. If you are planning to create an ICO dashboard with bug-free ICO dashboard software. Then you need to integrate some crucial features in both the investor’s dashboard and ICO admin dashboard. So now, let us look at them…

Peculiar Features of ICO Dashboard script

As we know, features play a vital role in all kinds of platforms. Likewise, integrating the progressive features in the ICO dashboard script might help you to grab more investors from all parts of the world. Here we list the essential features of both the ICO investor dashboard and ICO admin dashboard.

ICO Investor Dashboard Features

  1. Token purchase
  2. Investor Review
  3. One-touch information
  4. Multi-language support
  5. Multi-cryptocurrency support
  6. Current exchange rates
  7. Airdrop  and bonus Programs
  8. Wallet Integration
  9. Community Management
  10. Referral Programs
  11. Two-factor Authentication
  12. Manual & Automated KYC Process
  13. Investor contract execution

ICO Admin Dashboard features

  1. Custom smart contract
  2. Detailed reporting and analytics
  3. Custom funding plan
  4. Admin permission management
  5. Investor management
  6. Detailed logging and monitoring
  7. Concierge service
  8. Community management
  9. Bank transfer & management
  10. Pending transaction monitoring
  11. Timeline management
  12. Whitelisting
  13. Lock-in period management
  14. Investor contract management

By integrating these features in the ICO dashboard script, you can develop a perfect and stunning ICO dashboard.

Benefits of using Best ICO Dashboard Script 

  1. You can easily customize the desired features of the ICO admin dashboard and investors dashboard
  2. By using this ready-made ICO dashboard script, you can create a robust ICO dashboard within a few days.
  3. It supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies
  4. The cost of developing the ICO dashboard will be less
  5. The whole installation and deployment process will be simple and ease
  6. High liquidity in a short time
  7. You can get an ideal user-interface. So it might attract many investors
  8. Investors can have full control over their funds
  9. No intervention of government or central authority
  10. It has high-end security systems to eliminate hacking and other malware activities. 

Where Can I Get the Best ICO Dashboard Script?

If you want to develop a unique ICO dashboard and looking for a platform that can assist you in everything. Then you must go for the best ICO dashboard script. Because it is a ready-made script that is completely developed, tested, and ready for deployment. Also, contains all the customizable options with advanced features. But you need to get the best ICO dashboard software from a professional ICO development company. One such professional company is Icoclone.

Icoclone is the trustworthy and the leading ICO development company in the industry. As the name suggests, we excel in offering all sorts of ICO and STO launch services. We provide the 100% customizable and premium ICO dashboard script with integrating progressive features. Not only this but also we are master in providing the premier ICO script and STO script. We have a team of experts to offer amicable 24/7 customer support through the internet. Many startups and entrepreneurs have gained ample amounts of profits by utilizing our ICO dashboard software. Want to be one of them?. we are happy to collaborate with you!

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