How to start an ICO that brings in high dividends? Simple ICO process!


Remember, there are many ways to raise funds via ICO. A few for your perspective :

  • Angel / Family & friends round
  • Venture Capital
  • IPO – initial public offering

If you are looking to raise funds through an ICO, you want to raise correctly which means considering a wide range of strategical points & execution points. According to the ICO platform, you can consider numerous choices if you planned to raise a million dollars.

In the current survey that represents September month 2017 alone over 2,000 ICOs were launched globally.

The various market factors you need to consider such as business competition, cutting through the noise, time, etc., while planning to launch ICO services – will cost you more than months ago. And moving forward the price will probably continue to increase.

One thing, we would like to say the “ ICO platform” is not fit for all business needs. It depends on the project which you are planning to launch. There are different types of Blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Stellar, NEO, etc.

So, connect with blockchain ICO experts and see if ICO is really the best option for you or any other ways to raise funds right?

Here’s what you’ll need to consider!

How to start an ICO?

  • Product development & advisory

Initially, we gather the unique requirements from the clients and shoot out the queries if required. We people at Icoclone, check for the jurisdictions in the desired country. Once they are figured out, we draft the plans required in developing the product. 

  • Design ICO platform with blockchain technology migration

We start designing and developing the ICO platform on the blockchain. Regardless of the blockchain platform such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, Stellar, they create ICO platforms with innovative approaches. 

  • Legal & KYC/ AML compliance advisory

Since cryptos aren’t regulated all over the world, it is important to check for legal compliance. Each country has its own jurisdictions. We people at Icoclone check for these guidelines and develop the ICO platform according to them. 

In addition to this, it is crucial to integrate Know Your Customer and AML modules. These modules are intended to eliminate future disputes with investors.

  • Whitepaper design & writing a draft

We draft White paper services which include sections like Roadmap, the team involved, the details of the Company, the product, target audience, the solution, Token Value & Distribution, Use of Funds, Legal Disclaimer, etc.

  • Smart Contract & ICO Coin / ICO Token Development

We develop Smart Contracts that are in compliance with the client’s requirements. These smart contracts are extremely secure, robust where the buy and sell orders can be done instantly.  

  • ICO Pre-Sales Management

Once we are done with creating Initial Coin Offerings, we start introducing the tokens to the global audience. We perform Pre-sales to the investors in a well-attractive way to gain the potential amount of profits.

  • ICO Community & Investor Relations

It is important to let your ICO Community know about your Initial Coin Offering. There are communities like Bitcointalk, Cryptocurrencytalk, Altcointalk, etc where you can promote your ICO. In addition to this, it is also good to have investors relations to sell your ICO tokens instantly!

  • Bounty campaign management

You can now run Bounty campaigns and Airdrop programs for your ICO campaign. These campaigns are in accordance with the clients. 

  • Escrow advisory

Escrow systems we build are completely secure to handle and process the transactions. 

  • Security audits

We quickly perform security audits by implementing mechanisms such as Two-factor authentication, HTTPS Authentication, Data Encryption, etc. 

These are the premier steps you need to follow to create an ICO and launch them for your crypto business. 


There are different companies that can help you with different aspects of this. You can reach out ICO development company to integrate some of these components (specifically ideation/strategy development/technology analysis / ICO execution).

There are a lot of startup ideas araises on every day in this crypto space who are interested in moving great ideas forward. Find the best team that you want to connect with, and find a price point that works for you.

Get in touch with us if you need to start an ICO!

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