How to launch an ICO? Simple guidelines for startups!


In this digital era, every crypto enthusiast will have a dream of starting a crypto business and making profits in them. There are several crypto business ideas right now, but only a few business models can make you rich and popular in the global crypto marketplace. One such revenue-generating business model is the crypto crowd sale platform. There are different crowd sale platforms for cryptocurrencies but among them, ICO is the prominent crowdfunding model in the marketplace.

One can raise funds for their crypto projects easily through this ICO platform. Popular Journal declared Initial coin offerings (ICOs) to be the New Road to Startup Riches. By launching an ICO website, one can make a huge amount of money and get started with their own Crypto business easily. If you are a startup reading this, then there are chances that you are considering getting in on the action. Currently, there are many ICO projects such as a popular ICO project – Ethereum token which was created by Vitalik Buterin and managed to raise almost $200,000 in contributions. Your ICO project will need a significant amount of time and a dedicated ICO development team to raise substantial funds.

Just a small disclaimer before we proceed, launching a successful ICO website from scratch is going to be more expensive. It takes approximately more than $40k to launch an ICO campaign with all essential components. But if you use the premium ICO script software, then you can cost-effectively launch an ICO platform within a few days. The expenses can vary depending on your ICO project and its goals.

This article covers a broad set of considerations you will require to address when launching an ICO for starting your crypto business. It focuses on strict legislation compliance, trust, transparency, credibility, and long-term development. Since they are essential to the long-term success of a project.  

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What is ICO?

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering which is one of the easiest crypto crowdfunding models in the crypto space to raise funds quickly and effectively. ICO is a kind of modern way to fund crypto projects. ICO is the crowd sale platform where people will sell their newly released crypto tokens and crypto coins to various users across the globe. The ICO ecosystem is pretty similar to the traditional one with shares and has exactly the same purpose — raise some money to grow the business. In the traditional system, we would use fiat currencies for raising funds. But in the ICO platform, we would use cryptocurrencies for buying the newly launched crypto tokens and coins. 

Since the introduction of the ICO concept, more than $600 million has been raised through the initial coin offering a variety of startup ideas utilizing blockchain technology. ICO projects are extremely popular in the crypto space because they fulfill one of the fundamental promises of Bitcoin. They allow startups and speculators to receive investments via Blockchain technology. Blockchain is an emerging technology that acts as a security and it is completely decentralized manner. So there will be no intervention of third-party financial institutions.  

As of now, many people are using feature-rich ICO script software for creating their ICO websites. ICO script is ready-made software that comes with all the important features and APIs. by using this ICO script, you can launch an ICO website instantly as per your business necessities within a few days. Already many startups used premium ICO scripts for building their own ICO platform and they are shinning in the crypto industry right now. That’s why there is a great demand for the best ICO script software in the global crypto marketplace.

List of Top ICO Projects

There are many ICO projects right now but only a few are the best and attracted many users. Here is the list of the top ICO projects that are prevailing in the cryptocurrency industry.

  1. NXT
  2. IOTA
  3. NEO
  4. Ethereum
  5. Spectrecoin
  6. Stratis 
  7. ARK
  8. Lisk
  9. Digix DAO
  10. QTUM

These are the popular ICO projects that generated a huge amount of revenue in the crypto industry.

Types of Initial Coin Offerings

If you are planning to launch a new ICO platform, then you need to know different types of Initial Coin Offerings that are existing in the crypto space. As of now, there are two types of ICOs. such as 

  • Private ICOs

As the name suggests, the Private Initial Coin Offering means that you can engage only a limited number of crypto investors to raise funds for your project. Besides, you can select the amount of minimum investment required to participate in your ICO website.

  • Public ICOs

Another major type of ICO is Public Initial Coin Offering and it will be far similar to IPO. it aims to attract institutional crypto investors and the general public. But the private ICOs are more practical than public ICOs and it is due to regulatory considerations.

How Does ICO Work?

The key principle of ICO is to raise funds by using blockchain to distribute crypto tokens. The ICO platform involves financial input from crypto investors who get the ICO crypto tokens in return. But their interests should be aligned with the ICO strategy. After launching an Initial Coin Offering, your crypto tokens can be traded in any exchange for other crypto-assets like bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, or whatever. With this in mind, if you are interested to launch an ICO, there are some important steps to consider before going creating an ICO platform.

Essential Steps to Launching an ICO Platform

Launching an ICO will be an easy task if you use premium ICO script software. Here we list some of the ideal tips that you need to consider before launching your own ICO platform.

  • Back-End Infrastructure

Right off the bat, you need to check for the following steps before you get started:

  • Data Processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Designing
  • Quality Control
  • Development

Make sure you have relevant answers for all these categories and get started with launching an ICO.

  • Timeline / Roadmap

Timeline is going to be the major factor involved in launching an Initial Coin Offering. Come up with a requirement that tackles it. Next comes the roadmap. This explains to you the different steps involved in launching an ICO right from Business requirement gathering to deployment.

  • Find out the IC0-Friendly Countries

We outline solidly 8 big countries that we’ve identified being the friendliest towards ICOs and crypto startups. Read on for a quick look at the nations that have the most cryptocurrency-friendly regulatory systems.

  • Jersey                                                
  • Spain
  • Belarus
  • The Cayman Islands
  • Luxembourg
  • Switzerland
  • Singapore
  • Malta.

These are the countries that you can look out to launch ICO that have the most lenient laws when it comes to ICOs. Countries allowing ICOs with Future Regulations. As many countries begin to understand its potential, they are looking for approaches to legitimize virtual cash and compose ICOs astutely so as not to fall behind in worldwide development. To pick the correct nation for an ICO launch, we should examine different countries and their administrative strategies toward ICOs.

  • Whitepaper

Whitepaper plays a great role in launching an ICO project. Drafting a White paper involves different strategies. Such as Project Requirements, the Motto of the Project, the ICO development team Involved, etc.

  • Create a Crypto Token

This is the most important stage for starting your ICO business. You need to create a superfine crypto token for your business in order to raise the funds for your projects. Crypto tokens can be easily created by utilizing the open-source blockchain platform. Currently, there are three popular blockchain platforms that you can use for crypto token creation. Such as Binance smart chain, Tron, and Ethereum. You can choose any of these blockchain platforms for creating a crypto token. We at Icoclone will help you to develop a feature-packed crypto token as per your business needs at an affordable cost.

  • Marketing / Advertisement

You must introduce your Initial Coin Offering project to your target audience. This can provide a huge impact on your project and help you in gaining a huge amount of funds easily. 

  • Token countdown

Start selling your tokens to the global audience within the specified time and get the desired amount of profits you are expecting. 

  • Technical Team

Maintain a Technical team to solve the issues on the technical part if any.

  • Strong Advisory Board

Since not every country has legalized ICOs, you must have a strong board to handle them.

Why you should have an ICO Website?

Because more than 2.4 billion people use the internet every day. So by not having an ICO website, you will be missing out on a big opportunity for your business. Time to release your ICO website! It’s your time! Launch your own ICO website and increase your capital. You can create an ICO website easily and find out your potential customers online. We at Icoclone deliver a valuable ICO platform with extraordinary features. We first design thoroughly comprehend the goal, capital, and time frame of business investors.

Must-have Features of ICO Development

Here we list some of the essential components that you need to integrate while developing and launching an ICO platform.

  1. Multi-crypto support
  2. Investor dashboard 
  3. Token pricing control
  4. Admin panel 
  5. MLM program
  6. Bonus system 
  7. Custom UI/UX
  8. Tight-end security systems

Why Choose Icoclone For Launching an ICO?

Icoclone is one of the leading ICO development companies and we have launched many turnkey solutions for crypto startups. We offer the best and top-notch technical solution that fully automates the entire ICO process and fundraising for the project. So far we have delivered 100+ successful ICO projects to our international clients across the globe. We provide end-to-end ICO launch services for all cryptocurrency startups and entrepreneurs who are willing to raise funds. We are one of the most popular ICO development service providers for building a stunning ICO website at a budget-friendly price. We offer bug-free ICO script software with ideal features which is easy to navigate, inexpensive, and totally customizable.

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