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Hiring is not at all easy. But, when you are hiring software developers, it is even tricky. To hire a software development team, you want to make sure each developer are proficient in their field has the right personality to fit your company culture and coexist with others, and meets a ton of other requirements.  

What is the hottest topic in technology right now? It’s cryptocurrency, and for a lot of startups and entrepreneurs are closely alike is monitoring the value of digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ether every single day—and Blockchain is the technology that makes all of this possible.    

Whilst most blockchain startups are associate the technology with digital currencies, Harvard Business Review writers Don and Alex Tapscott dispute that the impact of Blockchain programming goes far beyond financial services.   

ICO Fund Raised in 2018 – Icodata.io stats are most accurate ICO cumulative funding stats anywhere on the web.  

Total raised: $7,381,445,669

Number of ICOS: 1199

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Blockchain technology might be a secure proven methodology. It’s a primary application – cryptocurrency – in undoubtedly a better and dirt cheap way of making funding platform than your systematic fiat currency and self-executing contracts in smart contracts’ applications, this might be true for all.

Today! All the digital businesses are depending upon the software behind them. So, you have decided to go for custom software. Essentially, blockchain based software development isn’t easy to process.

 “And, hiring blockchain experts as well as data scientists is much costlier than hiring software developers.”

Hire a dedicated team of ICO developers for a startup:

Although there are tons of CO software development companies existing, all of their services are not the same. Indeed, blockchain Technology Company can prove to be the biggest checkpoint in your software project if you’re not careful enough about selecting it.

Continue reading as we declare 8 tips to keep in mind when looking for a blockchain developer for your custom software project:

  1. Look in the Right Place
  2. Get Referrals from people
  3. Discuss source code
  4. Check the company portfolio
  5. Focus on deliver Time
  6. Clarify about the application ownership
  7. Consider security and safety issues
  8. Clarify about after-development support

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It’s a really complicated process to develop your own ICO and you need the help of an expert for that. So, if you are planning for ICO, just choose the best one for your project. There are uncountable ICO software development companies in the industry and they are particularly potent and helpful to develop your own ICO with standard processing.