DeFi Wallet Development Guide For Newbies


Before decades everyone thought that decentralization is impossible to enter into day-to-day life. But, today they have made an impact in every stream. In that sense, cryptocurrencies that run under blockchain technology are also decentralized. Cryptocurrencies have been adapted only for their decentralized nature where no one will manage the crypto transactions.  To secure those cryptocurrencies, an individual needs a crypto wallet. 

As our physical wallets are used to store fiat currencies, similarly crypto wallets hold the cryptocurrencies. There are a vast variety of crypto wallets as they are differentiated by their working functionalities. As investments in cryptocurrencies have been increasing, the development of crypto wallets has also been increasing. In that sense, to safeguard cryptocurrencies many prefer a DeFi wallet

In recent years, they are playing a major role in the crypto market by offering various features and benefits. If you are keen on knowing Defi wallet in detail. I will give assurance that this blog will help you to get clarification on Defi wallets, how to create Defi wallet?, the best Defi wallets, and the future of Defi wallets. 

Shall we get into the topic? 

What is DeFi Wallet?

DeFi wallet is a decentralized or non-custodial wallet, in which the cryptocurrencies are maintained by the user itself. The Defi wallets use encryption methods to secure your crypto coins, crypto tokens, and NFTs. These types of wallets are highly used in Defi marketplaces, Defi games, and others. 

It is crucial to secure the private and public keys to access the Defi wallet. For your simple understanding, the private key comprises 12 random words that act as a seed phrase. Once the seed phrase of the wallet is lost, it cannot be recovered. The public key is simply the wallet address that is used by the sender to transfer the cryptocurrencies to another wallet. Based on the storage accessibility, the Defi wallets are used in two modes: 

Hot wallets

Hot wallets can be used with internet accessibility. They can be used in three different applications as mobile apps, browser extensions, and desktop wallets. 

Eg: meta mask, trust wallet, etc. 

Cold wallets

Cold wallet don’t need internet access. It can be used as paper and physical hardware devices like USB sticks. 

Eg: ledger and Trezor are popular cold wallets. 

Based on your choice, you can choose any of these Defi wallets. Due to their specialized features, the demand for using Defi wallets is high among investors. So, a lot of startups prefer to develop Defi wallets to reap huge profits and fulfill the investor’s needs. Currently, many Defi wallets are popular in the crypto market. Let’s see some of the best Defi wallets in detail. 

Which is the Best DeFi wallet in the Crypto Market?

Here, I have illustrated the top Defi wallets and explained their specialized features. 

Metamask Wallet 

One of the popular Defi wallets that are preferred widely by investors is Metamask. This Defi wallet has been introduced in the market in 2017 by ConsenSys. But, after the boom of Defi platforms, it has made an impact in 2020. 

Metamask supports various blockchains and their crypto tokens. Metamask is available as a mobile app, desktop wallet, and browser extension. Additionally, it also helps to store NFTs and it can be accessed in the NFT marketplace. 

Coinbase Wallet

Coin base wallet is also a popular Defi wallet after Metamask. Coinbase Wallet is introduced in 2018. Presently, 20 million cryptopreneurs are using this wallet. Like Metamask, this wallet is also available as a browser extension and mobile app that supports Android and ios. The coin base wallet supports all EVM-compatible tokens for transactions. Not only this, but it also allows users to store Bitcoin, litecoin, ripple, and many more.  

Trust Wallet 

Trust Wallet is one of the open-source Defi wallets supporting more than 65 blockchains. This wallet is officially owned by Binance, one of the popular exchange platforms. This wallet also supports storing non-fungible tokens and it has a separate column to search NFT for user’s convenience. 

Other than these Defi wallets, Exodus, math, and Alpha wallet is also popular among investors. If you have also decided to create Defi wallet for crypto business purposes, then you must be aware of the Defi wallet development process. So, let’s see the process in detail.

How to Create DeFi Wallet?

As a potential startup, you may seek to create a unique Defi wallet, and for that, you have to consider certain factors. The first factor in developing a crypto Defi wallet is to choose the application mode. You have to choose whether to develop a hot wallet or a cold wallet. After choosing these factors, you can either choose a freelancer or a Defi wallet development company to create a unique Defi wallet. 

When you choose a freelancer, the possibility of getting the desired result will be low. So, I suggest you choose a Defi wallet development company. By approaching a Defi Wallet Development Company, the time to create the Defi wallet is less and it can be done at an affordable cost. The customizations in your wallets will be done in a hassle-free manner. If you have decided to create your Defi wallet from a wallet development company, you can develop it from scratch or adapt white-label software.

While you choose to create Defi wallet from scratch, it takes almost one year to complete the development process and it is also energy-consuming. Additionally, the cost to create Defi wallet from scratch will be high. So, newbies and entrepreneurs prefer to develop a Defi wallet using white-label software. White-label wallet software is pre-built software where customizations can be made easily. Many additional features like security, visual styles, and designs are also provided with the white-label software. 

One of the unique advantages of choosing a white-label wallet software is to save time. Within a few days, the Defi wallet can be developed and tested to solve the bugs or errors. If you are a potential startup who wants to create your own wallet and shine in the crypto industry, then you must be aware of the essential features of Defi wallets. Let’s dive into the features of Defi wallets. 

Key Features of DeFi Wallet

The must-have features that are essential in developing a crypto Defi wallet include, 

  • Improved security 
  • Privacy and Anonymous 
  • Higher transaction speed 
  • Transparency 
  • Conversion of cryptocurrencies 
  • Customization
  • Market Analysis 

As per your business needs and requirements, additional features can be added and can be customized. In the creation process, the above-mentioned features are to be included mandatorily. On considering these features, crypto Defi wallets are mostly preferred by startups. Investors also choose Defi wallets for various reasons. The wide reasons for choosing a Defi wallet have been listed below. 

Why do Startups Prefer a DeFi wallet?

We always choose a product or a service for its unique benefits, right? Here are the major benefits of creating a Defi wallet. 

Transparency – Defi wallets are highly transparent, as no middlemen are there to manage or maintain the cryptocurrencies. The Cryptocurrency transactions are easily managed by the user itself.

Security & Privacy – High-enriched security features come along with the crypto Defi wallet. Additionally, the privacy for Defi wallet usage is also high.

Control over the assets – No middlemen are involved in the transactions and the maintenance of cryptos. So, the control over the cryptocurrencies is with the users.  

Low Cost – Compared with other wallets, Defi wallets are created and accessed at a low cost. Due to this reason, many startups are seeking to create Defi wallet. 

User-Friendly – The working process of Defi wallets is easily understood by everyone. The transaction speed is also high so that the cryptocurrencies are sent and received easily. 

These are the main reasons why people are choosing Defi wallets. As Defi wallets are providing a lot of benefits for users, startups have chosen Defi wallet development as their crypto business idea. 

Future of DeFi wallet

Every stream has now adapted Defi, as it has a lot more advantages. In that sense, it has also entered the crypto world and made new revolutions every day. Nowadays, any form of asset can be tokenized in the crypto market. Already it has made an impact in music, gaming, finance, art, and collectibles. As Defi has become an important part of the crypto market, the need for Defi wallets has also increased and also gained huge attention from both investors and startups. 

In the future, by creating a Defi wallet, startups can reap more profits from various revenue streams than the profits that are yielded now. This will pave the way for many cryptopreneurs to create crypto Defi wallets with various features.

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