Top 10 Crypto Business Ideas in the Trend

crypto business ideas

Over the recent few years, we’ve been striving towards technological growth, and everything around us is becoming digitized. We have moved from making fiat transactions to UPI-based transactions. Within a year, UPI transactions had hit many crores and that is the power of digital technologies.

The major technologies that have reached almost all people are Artificial intelligence(AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain technology, etc. Among these technologies, the crypto industry is very popular. Now, you might be eager to know about cryptocurrencies. 

Cryptocurrencies are created and maintained in a secured ledger i.e. blockchain. Cryptocurrencies offer greater benefits for their creators and also for the users. Many startups and entrepreneurs have initiated their crypto businesses with the aid of cryptocurrencies. There are hefty crypto business ideas prevailing in the crypto space. You can pick any blockchain business idea to kickstart your business promptly.

Now you may get confused about “How do I start the best crypto business?”

All of your unanswered questions can be found in this article. Here, you will get the Top blockchain business ideas for 2022

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Top Crypto Business Ideas in Trend

Here, I shall list some of the best blockchain business ideas for initiating a business.

  1. NFT Creation / NFT Marketplace Development
  2. Crypto Exchange Development
  3. Crypto Payment Gateway Development
  4. DeFi Exchange Development
  5. Crypto Crowdfunding Platform Development
  6. Decentralized Fundraising Platform
  7. Crypto Cybersecurity
  8. Crypto Wallet Development
  9. Sell Goods for Cryptocurrencies
  10. Dapp Development

NFT Creation / NFT Marketplace Development

NFT( non-fungible tokens) are crypto tokens that have unique values and characteristics. They cannot be interchanged or swapped with any other tokens and are non-divisible. Because of their awestruck features, NFTs induced many new artists and entrepreneurs to convert their digital collectibles into NFTs.

Non-fungible token creation offers multiple benefits like digital asset management, providing full ownership over real-world assets, online gaming, etc. Hence, non-fungible token creation acts as one of the great cryptocurrency business ideas

Then discussing NFT marketplace development, it is the place where NFTs can be bought, sold, or traded seamlessly. All the NFT marketplaces run with the aid of blockchains like Ethereum, Tron, BNB chain, polygon, etc. The demand for NFT marketplace development is very high as NFT creation is more popular. You can reap more revenue by developing an NFT marketplace as a crypto startup business in the following ways. They are by charging,

  • Minting fee
  • Listing fee
  • NFT trading fee
  • Staking fee
  • Bidding fee

Crypto Exchange Development

Creating a crypto exchange is the best cryptocurrency business idea to initiate your business. A crypto exchange platform is a place where any cryptocurrencies can be bought, sold, and traded easily. Generally, crypto exchanges are categorized into centralized and decentralized exchanges in the crypto space. 

Now, we shall discuss those two exchanges in detail. 

Centralized Exchange

As the name itself explains that it is centralized, cryptocurrencies can be traded only with the involvement of middlemen. Here, any new cryptocurrencies can be bought with fiat money or you can buy crypto with crypto. Here, the assets will be in control under the exchange until the transaction gets completed.

Now, we will list some revenue-generating ways via creating a centralized exchange.

  • A commission fee will be charged for every single transaction.
  • Every startup that has created a crypto token will approach your exchange for listing their tokens. So, you can charge a listing fee for those startups.
  • You will be the admin of your exchange and can monitor all the transactions that take place in the exchange.
  • Also, you can collect a separate fee for crypto withdrawal, fiat withdrawal, or deposit.

This is all about centralized exchange development.

Decentralized Exchange

A decentralized exchange is a vice-versa of a centralized exchange where there will be no third-party intervention. Here, all the transactions can be carried out in a peer-to-peer manner. In DEX, blockchain acts as a distributive ledger for handling transactions.                                                                                            

Now, we shall discuss revenue-generating ideas by creating a decentralized exchange.

  • A good range of commissions and brokerage can be earned by creating a decentralized crypto exchange.
  • Transaction fees can be charged for every transaction that takes place through a smart contract.

This is all about decentralized exchange development. Because of offering various benefits, crypto exchange development is considered the best cryptocurrency startup idea.

Crypto Payment Gateway Development

A crypto payment gateway is a platform where cryptocurrencies will be accepted as payments. It holds the responsibility for the transactions that take place from one wallet to another. As discussed in the beginning, digital transaction methods are widespread and gained the utmost popularity among people. Similarly, many business people are trying to accept crypto as their payment method. 

Crypto-based transactions are considered highly safe and secure. Hence, creating a crypto payment gateway will be the best crypto business idea as all the transactions are stored and maintained in the blockchain. You can reap huge returns by developing a crypto payment gateway platform. Transaction fees, account framing fees, and subscription fees are the ways of generating revenue using a crypto payment gateway development.

DeFi Exchange Development

Defi is currently a trending best blockchain startup idea in the crypto space. It is a big stream in the blockchain space. Many entrepreneurs are developing decentralized applications and DeFi exchanges. The core reason behind their popularity is, it acts as a high revenue-generating cryptocurrency business idea and the demand in the market. Pancakeswap, Bakeryswap, and Uniswap are some of the popular Defi exchanges prevailing in the crypto sector.

Crypto Crowdfunding Platform Development

If you are familiar with the crypto sector, you might have heard the term “crowdfunding”. Crypto Crowdfunding is a popular fundraising method that is followed by many startups and entrepreneurs for raising funds. All the crypto crowdfunding methods are completely decentralized i.e. they run over the blockchain and are carried out by creating crypto tokens. Now, we shall discuss the types of crypto crowdfunding as follows.

ICO( Initial Coin Offering)

ICO is the most popular crypto fundraising method that emerged in the crypto space. Many startups have initiated their business with ICO and earned hefty funds. Any individual can collect funds in a hassle-free manner using an ICO. We at Icoclone offer you a first-class ICO script for immediate ICO launch.

STO( Security Token Offering)

Security token offering is also a popular crypto crowdfunding method. Here, funds are raised with security tokens. Security tokens are created by backing the value of some real-time assets like bonds and real estate. Not only the backing of assets but getting approval from the SEC is also highly mandatory for launching an STO. if you are interested in launching an STO website instantly as per your business needs, then leveraging our STO script is the optimal solution.

IEO( Initial Exchange Offering)

In the initial exchange offering, fundraising responsibility will be taken by the exchange owner. In layman’s terms, you can provide your newly created crypto tokens and whitepaper to the exchange and they’ll raise funds behalf of you. The exchange will collect some commission from the fundraising startup and offer them the raised funds.

These are the types of crypto crowdfunding methods. It is a unique crypto business idea for startups who wish to initiate a new business. To develop the best crypto crowdfunding platform, you can approach a renowned Crypto Crowdfunding Platform Development company in the crypto ecosystem.

Decentralized Fundraising Platform

A decentralized fundraising platform is also similar to other crypto crowdfunding platforms but here, funds can be raised in a peer-to-peer manner. Decentralized fundraising is becoming more popular because of the high transparency it offers. No intermediaries will be there while raising funds. So, developing a decentralized fundraising platform will be a great cryptocurrency business idea to carry out in the current situation.

Crypto Cybersecurity

As all crypto transactions take place on the blockchain, security has to be maintained at its core. If any data gets hacked or deleted, then the whole process will lead to failure. So, cybersecurity is highly important for maintaining higher-end security. Similarly, crypto cybersecurity is mandatory for storing and maintaining all crypto transactions. Therefore, crypto cybersecurity is one of the trending cryptocurrency business ideas now.

Crypto Wallet Development

A crypto wallet is similar to the real-time wallet that we use for storing fiat currency. It is used for storing and maintaining cryptocurrencies. A crypto wallet will be provided with a private and public key for accessing it. A public key is the address of a crypto wallet whereas a private key is like a password for unlocking a crypto wallet. 

There are different types of crypto wallets available in the crypto marketplace like desktop wallets, mobile wallets, and web wallets. You can choose any of these types and create a crypto wallet as per your business requirements. You can generate revenue by charging transaction fees and gas fees through crypto wallet development. Hence, wallet development is a popular crypto startup idea that can be chosen for initiating a business. 

Sell Goods for Cryptocurrencies

If you’re an entrepreneur who is running a small business similar to cottage industries, you can accept cryptocurrencies as payment. You can sell your goods for cryptos instead of fiat money. Those cryptos can be traded in some popular exchanges and many profits can be earned through it. This is also an excellent crypto business idea and you can generate high revenue with it.

Dapp Development

Dapp is a decentralized application that runs on a p2p blockchain network. It is similar to the regular apps that are accessed on mobile phones. The data accessed in Dapps are end-to-end encrypted using cryptographic techniques. Dapp development offers numerous benefits like high immutability, offers greater security, no censorship, etc. So, choose Dapp development as your cryptocurrency business idea for your business and earn greater profits.

These are the high-revenue generating crypto business ideas that can be adopted for initiating a business. To get profited, you should choose the best business idea that suits you and develop it accordingly. If you wish to develop those platforms professionally, then you have to approach a reputed crypto development company in the crypto space. 

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