How to Create a Security Token with Ready-made STO Script?

How to start a Security Token with Ready-made STO script

In recent years, blockchain technology is one of the most complex and advanced technologies at this time. It helps to develop crypto assets such as utility token and security tokens. These crypto tokens extend a massive turn on the financial industry. Now you might have a doubt Why startups and business class people should step inside the Blockchain market and create their security token?. The reason is security tokens are entirely reliable and secure. 

Initial Coin Offerings have lost their value in the market in recent days. So STO’s have gained popularity among startups to raise their funds using a crowdfunding strategy. There are also other crowdfunding models in the crypto market. But most of the business class people started to build their STO websites by using the powerful STO script. Also, they began to develop their security token. 

Business people and startups created their security tokens by choosing the top-notch security token development services which are offered by Icoclone. Now you might have a question in your mind: what is a security token?. How can I launch a security token?. In this blog, let us figure out what is a security token and how to create a security token. 

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What is a Security Token?

Security Tokens are the unique virtual assets that are ruling this digital world. These security tokens are considered to be completely secure since they pass the Howey test. Also, they are built in compliance with the country’s regulations. Security Tokens usually derive value from real-time assets. There are some real-time assets backed in security tokens, such as real estate, bonds, or any other real-time assets. Recently, these security tokens have earned the trust of potential investors in various projects. 

Security tokens entirely used in STO’s. If you are new to, this you will have a question: what is an STO?. A Security Token Offerings is an alternate crowdfunding mechanism of ICO. Here entrepreneurs, startups, or business people sell their newly released tokens against tangible assets. This crowdfunding model acts as a secure investment channel. Also, it protects investor’s funds from scams and cyber attacks. 

Depending on the country, the regulations and conditions may vary. In the United States, they have Regulation A+, Regulation D, and Regulation S as the jurisdictions. Likewise, most of the crypto-friendly countries will have their own set of rules and regulations. Moreover, it is essential to know the various types of security tokens that are available in the crypto industry. Currently, there are three significant security token types in the crypto marketplace. They are

  • Debt token 
  • Equity token
  • Asset token

I hope you have some ideas about security tokens. So now, let us see how to create our own security token.

Notable Steps to Create Your Own Security Token:

Fund the polymath Metamask account

Before creating your own security token, a Metamask account must be created and funded. You can download and install a Metamask extension on any of your web browsers. Then fund some Ethereum on your Metamask account.

Create your account

On the polymath website, there will be an option for creating the account. Click “Create Account” and add your information. Such as name, email id, and other required details. Also, you must accept their privacy policy before starting your account in polymath. For the further process, you need to sign in to your Metamask account. This stage will synchronize your email address with your wallet. So this stage will help you to easily access the wallet from your Metamask account.

Register your Token symbol

First, you need to decide the unique and impressive name for your token. The name you have kept will be completely used in the crypto marketplace. Also, the name you have chosen for your token will hit the market. It is more essential to think of a label that accurately matches your business name. Once a label has been decided, click “Reserve Token Symbol” in your account. This action prevents another token issuer from choosing the same name. Also, it avoids duplication of your security token name. 

After the name and symbol have been reserved, the security token issuer is given a 15-days. Within 15 days, the issuer should consult advisors, lawyers, and other stakeholders to make sure whether they are satisfied. If those members are completely satisfied, then you can confirm and submit the reservation.

Select Top-notch Security Token providers

In this step, you need to select the outstanding security token provider with the best outcomes. Also, they must travel on your crypto journey and must provide 24*7 technical and customer support. This step is very essential because there is a need to select your marketing team, legal professionals, and preferred advisory team. 

The best thing about choosing an expert security token provider is they are well-experienced in developing security token offering websites using STO script. Therefore, they can guide you on what works. Also, how to launch a security token in a hassle-free manner. If you choose Icoclone, we will help you to create a unique security token powerful STO script. Our team of experts is always here to serve you and provide instant solutions. So choosing the best security token development company is a crucial part of launching a security token.

Create your Security Token:

After selecting the finest security token provider, With a professional expert team by your side. Then it is the right time to include additional information about your security token and business. You can also include any additional desirable features for your security token offerings. If you already have capped STO, then only a limited number of security tokens can be sold to various users at a fixed price. When the tokens hit the limit, then no more security tokens can be sold. You should also include some details in STO. such as 

  1. Starting and Ending date of your STO
  2. Supported payment methods
  3. The rate of tokens valuation

Once all details are given, now it is a perfect time to launch your STO. You will receive a display box or a message showing “STO configured correctly”. At this point, you must select your preferred security token exchange platform.

Market the STO Aggressively to Investors

This is the final step for taking your STO to all crypto investors. Many marketing field people recommend that business class people should use a landing page. Also, a social media account to reach as many people as possible. You must note that the Security token exchange you select.  Because it determines the reach and rate of success of your security tokens. Now you have a question

Where can I get the Best Security Token Development Service?

You can get the most excellent security token development services from Icoclone. Icoclone is an outstanding Security token Development company. We have broad experience in security token issuance. We help businesses as well as their Clients issue security tokens that are audited. We have successfully offered 60+ STO scripts to our international clients at the desired time. If you are planning to create a security token, then buy our first-quality STO script software. So that you can launch your security token within a few days at a reasonable price. 

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