Crypto Wallet Development: Enhance your Business Value with Blockchain-Powered Wallets

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

A crypto wallet development is a process where a crypto wallet is created that allows the users to receive and store cryptocurrencies. The token wallet address shifts from one wallet to another when it is transferred. Crypto wallet development has increased to an extent because of the rise of cryptocurrencies. A crypto wallet is generally categorized into custodial and non-custodial wallets. A custodial wallet is managed by any central authority while a non-custodial wallet is managed by the wallet holder itself. You can choose the type of wallet and create it accordingly. So, get insight knowledge of the crypto wallet and develop it according to your business requirements. Icoclone helps you to develop an exemplary crypto wallet that is well suits your crypto business.

Types of Crypto Wallet Development Services

Bitcoin Wallet Development

Bitcoin Wallet Development

Bitcoin wallet has become a new trend in blockchain technology and holds specific values. Bitcoin wallet is more popular as it is known by most of the people in the crypto ecosystem. The Bitcoin wallet we develop comes along with advanced features that enhance its security that supports all other cryptocurrencies.

Mobile Wallet Development

Mobile Wallet Development

This type of wallet is widely preferred by most people across the globe. Mobile wallets offer high-end functionality for the users and they can be accessed using the mobile phone itself. It is highly secure and suitable for making any remote transactions and payments. The mobile wallet we develop is compatible with both ios and android platforms.

Web Wallet Development

Web Wallet Development

Web wallets are accessed only through the internet. Web wallet can be stored as a browser extension and accessed using it. With our web wallet, your users can store their cryptocurrencies safely.

Multi-Currency Wallet Development

Multi-Currency Wallet Development

A multi-currency wallet supports and accepts all sorts of cryptocurrencies. This wallet also offers single-currency and multi-currency support. We develop a first-class multi-currency wallet for your business.

NFT Wallet Development

NFT Wallet Development

As its name itself explains these wallets are used for storing and accessing non-fungible tokens securely. Our NFT wallet development comes with best-in-class features and it is very easy to use.

DeFi Wallet Development

DeFi Wallet Development

DeFi wallets are used for storing and accessing any Defi-based applications. Our Defi wallet development comes along with first-class features and functionalities that will suit your crypto business.

Web3 Wallet Development

Web3 Wallet Development

Web3 wallet comes with a series of benefits like storing Defi tokens, trading NFTs, and crypto token development on various blockchains. Your users can store and access your Dapps using this wallet.

hardware wallet development

Hardware wallet development

Hardware wallets can be accessed like a physical device similar to a USB. We offer first-class hardware wallets for your business requirements.

White-label Crypto Wallet Development

A white-label crypto wallet is a tailor-made software that comes with all in-need and exemplary features in it. Using this white-label wallet software, you can develop your crypto wallet in a very short period and in a cost-effective manner. We at Icoclone offer a first-class white-label crypto wallet software development service that helps to create a crypto wallet promptly. We have greater experience in developing crypto wallets. Our developers analyze and create crypto wallets according to the client's requirements. Most of the awestruck features come along with our white-label wallet software development.

White-label Crypto Wallet Development

Premium Features of White-label Crypto Wallet

Multi-blockchain Support

Multi-blockchain support

It promotes seamless integration of crypto tokens and coins, improves speed, and offers simplicity, and security for all your crypto wallet apps.

Buy/Sell Cryptocurrencies

Buy/sell cryptocurrencies

Anyone can easily buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies with the help of your crypto wallet.

QR code scanner

QR code scanner

A crypto wallet can be accessed by scanning the code of wallet addresses of the other wallet rather than collecting all information of the crypto wallet.

Multi-platform compatibility

Multi-platform compatibility

The crypto wallet we create is supported by various OS platforms. Besides, the wallet offers flexible infrastructure and compatibility.

User-friendly Interface

User-friendly interface

The wallet has an exemplary interface that can be accessed by any user and is highly useful for cryptocurrency traders.

Push notifications

Push notifications

Users will be immediately notified about the price of the new cryptocurrencies that are to be introduced, their success and failure, other queries, etc.

Security Features of White-label Crypto Wallet Development

Hazard protection

Hazard protection:

The ultra-security features included in the crypto wallet protect from any other cyber attacks, mobile and web attacks, and also from other malicious activities.

Email Authentication

Email authentication:

Email authentication can be included with your crypto wallet to send password verification to the respective users which acts as a password-based security factor.

Wallet backup

Wallet backup:

The information stored in the crypto wallet can be easily recovered or a backup is available in case of any threats and glitches.

Key management server

Key management server:

This KMS factor helps to protect the cryptographic keys and keeps your crypto wallet safe in the crypto space.

Two-factor verification

Two-factor verification:

This feature of a crypto wallet comes with two-step verification. The first one is a private key i.e password and the other includes a 12-word seed phrase which will be sent to the respectable phrase.

Session log-out

Session log-out:

Wallets can be developed along with a session logout feature in case of too much usage or case of misuse. It offers high protection for your crypto wallet and prevents security threats.

Beneficial Factors of Choosing Our Crypto Wallet Development Service

We offer an exemplary white-label crypto wallet development service by deeply analyzing and reaping the great outcomes that lead to complete success!

Highly scalable

Highly scalable and secured infrastructure

Hassle-free Management of cryptos

Hassle-free management of cryptocurrencies

Easy transactions

Easy transactions

Can be connected

Can be connected to all crypto exchanges

independent app

Ideal for use as an independent app

Instant deployment

Instant deployment within 7 days

Self-evident interface

Self-evident interface

Impeccable performance

Impeccable performance on mobile and web servers

Our Crypto Wallet Development Process

We follow certain innovative steps and processes to get started in the crypto wallet development journey



Here, we’ll gather and analyze all the users’ requirements. Then, we’ll come up with a unique idea and then develop a roadmap for the whole crypto wallet development process.



Our team performs market analysis and creates a design for your crypto wallet uniquely.

Building a crypto wallet

Building a crypto wallet:

After designing a wallet, we’ll start prototyping and coding your crypto wallet. We integrate the APIs in your crypto wallet development.

Testing and deployment

Testing and deployment:

After developing a crypto wallet, the UI/UX will be tested to fix any bugs and glitches happening in the deployment phase.

Support and maintenance

Support and maintenance:

We make sure that the crypto wallet is perfectly working even after the crypto wallet delivery. Our support team will be always ready to fix the issues faced after development.

Why Choose Icoclone for your Crypto Wallet Development?

Icoclone is a renowned crypto wallet app development company in the crypto space. We excel in offering cryptocurrency wallet development services incorporated with most of the outstanding features in a crypto wallet. Our white-label cryptocurrency wallet has a customizable interface that attracts your target audience. We have a skilled and well-experienced team of blockchain developers who’ll guide you from the beginning to the deployment process.

We are highly dedicated to offering the product as expected by the clients. You can customize any features based on your business requirements. We develop your crypto wallet based on your desired technology stream. We offer a high-feature incorporated cryptocurrency wallet development service that will not become outdated even in the future. Contact Icoclone right away! We will provide a 100% success rate in your white-label cryptocurrency wallet development.

Why choose icoclone for crypto wallet development services

Technology Stack

technology stack


Cryptocurrency wallet development is a process of creating a crypto wallet in a cost and time-efficient way. After developing your crypto wallet, deployment can be done in minutes. The features to be included in a crypto wallet have to be analyzed and included.

A public and private key will be given for a crypto wallet. A private key is required for unlocking a crypto wallet and a public key is a crypto wallet’s address. By aligning the receiver’s public key, one can send and receive the cryptocurrencies.

We cannot accurately predict the time required for developing a crypto wallet. It might vary based on the clientele requirements and the complexity of the project. Some other factors include the type of wallet, features, etc.

There is no accurate cost for developing a crypto wallet. Various factors play a major role in fixing the crypto wallet development cost.

Hot wallets are online wallets and cold wallets are offline wallets. Hot wallets can be accessed only if the internet was there. Cold wallets can be accessed even without the internet.

The steps mentioned here have to be followed for starting a crypto wallet business. They are idea generation, prototyping, developing, testing, deployment, and post-deployment.

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