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The blockchain industry has been growing very fast!  Everything will be in hand of the future but still, this ICO seems promising for a good return on investment.

In the past few months, you’ve likely heard about initial coin offering (ICO) fundraising, as some startups have experienced a significant amount of funding this way.   

An ICO (initial coin offering) is a relatively new way by which a company raises money for its process.  Could ICOs replace new venture capital?

Yes! Absolutely right!

ICO appears to be a successful startup journey alternative. It is part of a fundraising effort to help the ICO-offering startup gain financial stability to execute the realization of its product or service.   

Emerging technologies are exciting and bring innovation and new opportunities across the globe. They change our life by altering the way we think and operate on a daily basis.

Technological innovation can impact a lot more than our daily lives. In fact, it can disrupt entire industries and change the way we do business.

As new technologies are developed, affected industries are forced to adapt or be replaced. The newest technology that is quickly becoming the next major disruption is blockchain technology.

The blockchain is a digital ledger system used for securely proof of transactions.  It impacts the way business is done across the globe. Some companies are already using emerging ledger technology in Everyday business operations.  

Here 10 industries are using blockchain to drive business values right now!

  1. Banking Industry
  2. Apartment Rentals/ Real Estate
  3. Healthcare Industry
  4. Music Industry
  5. Finance/ Insurance
  6. The Startup Industry
  7. The Video Industry
  8. The Game Industry
  9. The Education Industry
  10. Supply chain management, etc.

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