How to Find a Right ICO Development Company for your business?


Crowdfunding is the best way to raise your funds quickly in the crypto industry. Crypto fundraising is more popular in recent years. When it comes to new ICO blockchain projects, startups can kick start their business easily. Here ICO websites are the reason behind the fundraising. But you need to notice that the ICO fundraising process is not easy. So far many ICO projects have failed in the market. Also, it is facing some hack threats in the past due to a lack of regulation. 

But in the year 2017, the interest in ICO is drastically increased. So many startups and entrepreneurs started to raise their funds through their ICO projects. However, Around $6.2 billion was raised from 875 ICO blockchain projects. Also, between December 2017 and January 2018, the price of each digital currency raised to the highest peak in the market. 

If you are looking to raise funds by launching your own ICO, the best thing to do is to hire the best ICO development company. So that they will guide you through everything from legalization, development, and deployment. This might boost your chances of success and stability in the market. But many ICO development companies are offering ICO development services. In this blog, we are going to take a look at what is ICO all about with its benefits. Also, the key aspects to look into before choosing the best ICO development company. 

What is the ICO Development?

ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering and it is a crowdfunding mechanism to raise the funds for your business. ICO came into the market mainly for startups and business class people to raise their funds. It is one of the good crowdfunding strategies and token sales platforms. Because there are other crowdfunding models in the market. Such as IEO and STO. in ICO, the investors are responsible to pay the assets in terms of any crypto or fiat currencies. Experts in the crypto space say that ICO is an ideal way of funding a new token or cryptocurrency in the crypto ecosystem. 

Some people in the industry say that ICO is far similar to IPO(Initial Public Offering). But in ICO, it doesn’t have any real-time assets to back them. Also, they are generally considered as traditional securities. The biggest problem in Initial Coin Offering is they are not monitored properly. Also, most of the ICO projects face failure due to improper marketing by the token issuer. When coming to tokens, ICO supports only utility tokens. So only utility tokens will be sold on the initial coin offering website.

Due to improper optimization and regulation, there are many fraudulent activities and cyber-attacks that happened on the ICO website. Most of the investors identified there are lots of fake ICO projects. So many business people and investors lost their funds. If you want to develop an ICO website you need to choose the best ICO development company that offers top-notch ICO development service. So that you can raise your funds and you can earn a profitable income within a short period. 

Now, let us see…

Essential Factors to consider before choosing the ICO development company

We have compiled a few essential factors to find out the right ICO development company for your business benefit.

  • Check the history of the company:

First, you need to check and analyze the history and background of the company. Because most of the people will not check the background of the company before they are buying the product. We are not saying that the company will not be great. But if your investment is potentially high. Then it is better to check the background of the company. Also, you can check the trust earned by the company from their reputed clients. The reputed ICO development company will definitely have a history of their clients showcasing their quality of work in the previous projects. Thus for finding the best ICO development company, the history of the company must be the first step that you should undertake. This will ensure a flawless ICO development to launch your own ICO.

  • Choose a Company with a good business strategy:

Check the list of ICO projects completed by that company. Then check whether that company provides all details to contact. Then check the technologies and frameworks used by that company to create an ICO website. The next main thing you need to see on the company website is the client’s section. Because most of the ICO development companies add the name of their reputed clients to make their company website more trustable. So checking these criteria will be the perfect strategy while choosing the best ICO development company.

  • Check the Quality of Service and Customer support:

When you are searching for the best ICO Software Development Company that renders top-notch services for their clients. Then the company must be readily available to assist with some processes. Such as the setup, installation, and deployment process. So the quality of service plays a significant role when choosing an ICO development company. The quality outcomes will help you to gain an immense income and lead your business to success. Additionally, the ICO Development Company should provide 24*7 effective technical and customer support. If clients face any issues with the product, then the company should be able to instantly resolve them through the internet.

  • Have a strong decision in the Marketing plan:

While developing an ICO, it is a kind of difficult task. Marketing the ICO also involves a thorough understanding. Also, you should have a strong marketing plan. Your ICO marketing is also one of the most essential elements to launch a successful ICO. Thus, rather than just looking at the technical side, you should also focus on the marketing progress of your ICO development company. After the legalization of ICO, the number of scams has reduced. But it increased the intensity of competition. So your marketing plans and efforts must be designed that tackle the tough competition in the crypto space.

  • Check out the Laws of the country:

The company should have complete knowledge of the legal laws related to the ICO development service. Also, they should know the major country’s jurisdictions. The US was the first country to legalize ICO development. In fact, the US government has built laws to control the flow of ICO tokens to reduce ICO scams. Also, China has completely banned the sale of ICO tokens. But in India, the sale of ICO tokens is completely banned. but there is no ban on ICO development services. So check the laws of the country before choosing the ICO development company.

  • Adoption of Blockchain Technology:

In recent years, Blockchain technology has reached a greater height in many perspectives. When it comes to ICO development Projects, it is essential to implement advanced blockchain in it. While choosing an ICO Development Company, you need to consider whether their developers have a great experience in blockchain technology.

  • Hire an Experienced team of Developers from the Firm:

The company that offers ICO development services must have in-depth experienced developers in the blockchain. To develop a profit-yielding ICO, it is essential to have an experienced team of blockchain developers. But they should have a complete understanding of the technology, market trends, and other essential features. With the increasing demand for ICO developers, many imposters are claiming themselves as ICO developers. Thus, you need to analyze and choose the right set of developers to develop an ICO.  so this will help you to make a stable and successful ICO. 

  • Check Feedback and Reviews:

Finally, you need to check out the reviews and feedback of their reputed clients. Also, cross-check other popular website reviews and rating sections. Checking reviews will always give hands in choosing the right ICO development company. Because some customers may put adverse reviews and feedback. But they don’t publish those comments and reviews. If the flow of review is found unique, then it may be an original one. Sometimes multiple comments will look the same. So those reviews are completely false. Contacting their reputed clients and reviewers through email or by phone is advisable. 

Benefits of ICO Development:

  1. Any startups or entrepreneurs can raise their funds with the proper white paper project.
  2. Anyone can launch their own ICO website and does not need to be well-financed to get started
  3. Launching cost is low. so it is easy for startups and entrepreneurs.
  4. The entire installation and deployment process is simple compared to other crowdfunding models
  5. High liquidity in a short period and anyone can easily participate.
  6. Investors can have full control of their funds
  7. This crowdfunding model has multiple fundraising programs. Such as private sales, public sales, and airdrops. So this program allows some users to get tokens for free.
  8. No government intervention

What is the best ICO Software Development company in the market?

When it comes to the best ICO development company, Icoclone will always be in the top position. Because we are one of the pioneers of the ICO launch services. When people search for trusted and reputed ICO development companies in the market. They finally end up with the Icoclone. It is due to the reliable services that we offer to our global clients. Also, our years of experience in developing secured ICO websites is high compared to other companies in the market. As we are having a great number of years of experience in ICO development. We know some of the best strategies involved in developing a perfect and successful ICO website. 

Icoclone is recognized as the top-notch ICO development company in the market. We offer customizable ICO script software and website launch services for ICO. We excel in offering the ICO script with impeccable outcomes. Our ICO script comes up with cutting-edge features and advanced technologies. Such as KYC/AML, digital payment gateway, and more. We also provide the best mobile app development services that support all major platforms. Such as Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Customer support is more essential for any kind of product. We have a dedicated expert team to provide 24/7 technical and customer support to our clients.

Why Hire our ICO Developers?

To develop a successful ICO, you need an experienced team of ICO developers. Because they have more coding knowledge about blockchain and ICO development. Icoclone has skillful and in-depth experienced ICO developers to complete the client’s project within the given time frame. Our developers have so far delivered 60+ ICO projects to our global clients successfully. Hiring our experienced team of developers will help you in developing a perfect and stunning ICO website. Because our developers can easily solve and rectify bugs or issues instantly. Also, our developers will effectively give 24/7 technical support. 

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