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The summer of this year has already brought ICO to a higher extent! There is a reason why ICO’s are growing in popularity! In the place of ICO, people attempted to replace it with other words that sounded less dangerous, but people picked up on that too.

The initiation of cryptocurrency was humble and bitcoin was the only one which introduced peer to peer network. Ethereum one of the cryptocurrency was the main driving force behind ICOs.

What is a token?

The word ‘token’ popped up and it meant that the coins were not only a type of currency anymore!

This is were ICO came into existence!

What is ICO? Will it help my business?

ICO – Initial Coin Offering services is one of the types of funding by making use of cryptocurrencies.

There are different types of tokens associated such as:
  • Utility Token : Utility Tokens are often referred to as app coins or user tokens which provides users with complete access to a product or service. Once you buy them with ico platform, you will have them available for purchasing their product or service.
  • Security Token : The main purpose of the security token is to act as stock after the initial coin offering software has ended.
  • Currency Token : Currency tokens are actually real cryptocurrencies whose purpose is to use them to buy and sell things on the internet. One more interesting thing is decentralization. This is why people refer to them as digital fiat currencies.
  • Reward Token : Otherwise called a Reputation token in ico platform is to reward someone on the platforms that use blockchain technology and tokens.But the thing is, it is not still popular among investors since they don’t have any real value.
  • Asset Token : This token is already in use but has not seen popularity compared to other tokens. Asset tokens, as the name suggests represents the value of the real-world asset or product which makes them easier to buy a share of that asset.

Here are the benefits of ICO:

ico launch services have seen advancements over the few years. Though people argue on the downside of initial coin offering services here are a few benefits which need to be taken into account!

  • Liquidity : One thing which makes crypto enthusiasts back out is the lack of Liquidity. With ICO’s not only investors have high liquidity, but also the secondary market!
  • Decentralization : ICO can be available to everyone especially when the ico platform accepts the cryptocurrencies.
  • Openness : Not only do ico allow anyone to invest, but even contributors can also invest in the initial coin offering software.
  • Variation in cost: When it has become a need to use ico to fund any project which means that tokens can greatly vary from startup to startup.
  • Lower Competition : Many of the projects still struggle to find fund through traditional methods, particularly when they lack any reason or other. This may happen due to the location of the type of offering especially in nonprofits. The simplistic funding procedures of ICOs allow possibly any project to acquire funding.

So how is ico launch services now?

If you are hunting for the biggest trend in the crypto industry right now, ICO will be one of the top factors!

The amount of money that ICO’s have raised over the past couple of years will shake you!

In 2017, ICO’s raised a total of $5.6 billion! In the last 4.5 months, it has increased to $6.3 billion in 2018 alone!!

Wondering? After seeing all these stats it really makes sense why people are slowly marching towards ICO’s!

2019 will be a year of a comeback with three primary P’s!

  • Product :  The ICO product which you build should be working and aimed at meeting the needs of your target audience. WIthout product functioning properly and satisfying the target investors needs, it may result in downfall!
  • Purpose : In order to be successful in the ICO market, your ICO should have a well-defined purpose. This is the primary factor behind any success.
  • Protocol : In the world of cryptocurrency and ICO’s, for every product that launched there is a readymade product which will be available in the market to compete.The chance of such competition births the need for protocols. Protocols actually represent your brand identities such as brand logo, websites, visuals, etc!

Where can I get my ICO development?

Probably now you would know the importance of ICO in the crypto industry! If you are hunting for a ICO businesses, you can hire us right away!!

We, Icoclone ico software development company proffer wide-range of services by delivering flawless solutions around.

Look out our feature-rich services:

  • Token creation ( security, utility ) on ethereum, steller protocol.
  • Writing smart contracts.
  • Whitepaper documentation.
  • Third-party necessary API integration for marketing.
  • Personalized ICO landing page customization.
  • Accurate token sales reporting data.
  • Pre-sales & Post-sales core functionalities.
  • End-to-End development support.
  • Dedicated Project manager to meet easy deadlines.

Now get your software delivered straightforth with our high-end ico developer !!

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